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[RCT] Fantasy Village

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Let me just start by saying YES! I do still play the original RCT and I'm just as in love with it as I was the very first time I played it over a decade ago (has it been 12 years?)


I like to keep my coasters small, and I do not associate them with any manufacturer, I simply use whatever type has the elements I want.


Fantasy Village is all about a beautiful atmosphere filled with world class attractions, top notch food, and a memorable experience for the entire family!


To reach a wider audience the company plans to build 2 parks on the opposite sides of the country. Though they will be so far apart, the experience, atmosphere, and quality will remain the same.


Both parks will feature 9 amazing roller coasters that simulate a wide variety of scenarios such as a vampire terrorizing a village, to a mine train that has gone out of control, or the high speed thrill of a bobsled carving the slope.


Let's take a little look...



The Main Entry for Fantasy Village - West (FVW)



The Junior Log Coaster



The Layout of a Small Looping Coaster for FVE



And finally some of the Entry work for FVE


Comments, Concerns, Criticism, and Hate mail all welcome!


Thanks for reading...

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One very nice looking Junior Coaster. Going to be neat to see what you do with the B&M.


So nice to have a standard RCT park going on here at TPR.


If you need old any programs for RCT just ask and I will have a look around in my PC. I have lots of them.

(patches, pingers, unlock all parks, all kinds of trainers, water ride speed up...)

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I made more progress at Fantasy Village - West and now I would like to show you.



More detailed entry to FVW. Notice a little hint of a Major roller coaster in the corner.



Just past the Roller Coaster (Saw Mill Log Run) is a very small "Crystal Pond." The pond was once larger, but has decreased in size by new park developments.



Crystal Pond and Cycle Railway are classic attractions that have been there since the grand opening. Yet, another hint of more roller coasters in the corner.


The Twist (Scrambled Eggs) ride is called Moonshine Madness. The Swinging Ship ride is called River Rocker, where the goal is to rock the ship hard enough to get it in the river!


The company was happy with the small looping coaster they installed at FVE so they decided to work with the same manufacturer (Not B&M) for another. The goal was to make an intense multi-inversion coaster that would include a one of a kind element that would attract millions to ride! The Dragon was born...



Dragon's unique double in-line spiral attracts those on the midway!



The compact heavily themed layout of Dragon is a favorite for park visitors!



Head Chopper right into Dragon's signature element.


The Story...


You are the Dragon captured in the dungeon, and this is your struggle to escape! As you climb the lift hill you escape the castle only to be pulled back and attacked in a heart pumping roller coaster ride! As you make your final efforts of escape your the enemies try to burn you in a pool of acid! Can the Dragon be freed? Ride it and find out!



Here is a preview of another major coaster to come for FVW :)


Thank you all for the comments! It is nice to read that people still appreciate the OG RCT!

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Can't find a single thing in any of those pictures I don't like. The park is so detailed and yet not hard to look at. Something that is hard to accomplish in the old RCT.


Looking forward to seeing more of the Suspended Coaster that is just hinted at in some of the pictures.

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^^ I was wondering if you were going to have trouble with the quests in that area, guest are so dumb in RCT and not much better in RCT2.


Glacier Mountain is a great use of the Rocket Cars. In all the years I played the game I don't think I ever tried that. Vampire looks as awesome as I thought it would. Thanks for the better shot of it.


Great Park!

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Thank you guys for the comments! I wasn't too happy with the ride in the beginning, but Glacier Mountain Bobsleds has grown on me and is here to stay.


Here is an overview of FVW and most of it's completed attractions.



6 out of 9 Rollercoasters already in place! Several more rides/water rides, and attractions to come!


Now on to FVE! Attendance is much higher at this park even with only half the attractions!



FVE has their own version of the Dragon and just like the other one, it is the most popular attraction at the park!



This version of the Dragon is much larger, has a higher capacity (3 trains,) and features an L-Shape layout.



Dragon's first inversions are back to back vertical loops! This version of the Dragon actually has quiet a few spots of airtime too.



The MCBR is hidden in a castle where trains are nearly completely stopped in darkness. The darkness continues as you fall down a small drop into the Dragon's Signature, Inversions over acid!



This time were going triple!



The ride does a small series of tight turns to complete the ride!



The other looping coaster is in place. I've been doing a lot of work on FVW so please excuse the under developed look. ;)



Tale of a Swamp Monster 4D - Is all the excitement of a 3D experience, + added effects that make this family attraction a hit with everyone!


The 4D show is pretty much FVP's version of Shrek!


Thanks for reading!

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Sorry for the lack of updates Here is another small one from Fantasy Village West.






The first half of Dungeon's layout is all dips and hills.



The ride was named Dungeon for it's enclosed track style and it's underground return.



After the transfer riders will experience a steeper than expected drop into the underground followed by a surprise dip!



Following the heartline roll the ride has one more surprise dip before returning to the station.


And that is the Dungeon.

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This is a great example of how you don't need to have HUGE coasters to make an exciting park.


While I 100% agree with this comment and prefer smaller compact rides, there is a coaster at FVW that highly disagrees!



This thing is a real Monster!

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