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[RCT] Fantasy Village

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^&^^ Thank you guys very much. I am excited to continue the Franchise and hopefully finish these parks. To help keep me on task, I had to further expand the franchise to keep my own interest in Fantasy Village going strong.


Though I have never pin pointed their locations, you guys have all been under the assumption that Fantasy Village East and West are U.S.A. parks right?... Good, because U.S.A. parks they are intended to be. Well now it is time to get out your passport because we are heading to Europe!




Fantasy Village - Europe



The entrance to the NEW Fantasy Village park.



Another angle of the entrance and a hint of another Inverted Wild Mouse.



A pretty Unique coaster featuring suspenseful roller coaster terror and dark ride elements.



Another angle of the rollercoaster known as "Dark Castle."


Fantasy Village - Europe will feature some of the Franchise' favorite rides such as The Gauntlet, Dragon, and Vampire. The park will also introduce their own breed of terror such as the part dark ride, part rollercoaster known as "Dark Castle."


The new park is several acres smaller than the U.S.A. parks but promises to deliver that same quality and experience that Fantasy Village is known for.

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Thank you guys very much for the comments. I have prepared an update for all 3 Fantasy Village parks.


Fantasy Village - West (FVW)



Phantom - A Family Coaster that Haunts an Old Cemetery. Designed for families with young children ready for bigger thrills.



Phantom is located close to Monster Of The Dark Forest in the North East corner of the park.


Fantasy Village - East (FVE)



This Phantom turned out be a bit larger. The park really wanted to do a launch coaster, and the ride turned out to be a huge success with younger and older families.


Fantasy Village - Europe (FVEu)


I mentioned in my last post that this park is much smaller than the other two parks, so when it came down to designing the rides, space was my main concern. When I started working on the Dragon I wanted something smaller but not inferior to the other designs. I think the finished product turned out to a Unique addition to the Dragon series.


Check it out...



The Station and Queue for Dragon.



The train rolls out of the station backwards and drops into a castle façade.



The train rushes through two Heartline Rolls over Acid BACKWARDS!



Falling down the second hill the ride rolls through a straight section then heads into to a half loop until it runs out of energy. Riders in the back of the train experience a moment of hangtime before the train rolls down. Passing through the straight section again the train is launched up the hill.



The train passes though the heartline rolls again and back into the façade where the train is launched a second time.



The train continues back up hill and rushes past the station.



Past the station the ride continues to pick up speed on a third launch in a long narrow tunnel.



At the end of the tunnel the train speeds up a giant half loop only to once again run out of energy at the top (Now front row riders get the hangtime.) The train rolls back down and into the tunnel until it stops back in the station.

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Fantasy Village East


The park is really starting to take "shape"



South East Corner - Park Entrance



North East Corner



South West Corner



Middle and North East Corner



Cody's Castle - Awesome roof top maze, Indoor Bumpercars, Ice Cream, Cotton Candy and more sweets.



Dragon still has the prettiest MCBR in the world.



The area around The Gauntlet is finally getting worked on.



Dynamite Blast - A tower ride that blast riders out of a mine high into the sky!


Hope you enjoy.


A Small Log Flume across from The Gauntlet.

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For some reason, I absolutely adore evrything in this park. I'm not even a fan of LL and I love this. It has the classic play-the-game-Chris-Sawyer-wanted-it-to-be-played feel, but better than most parks with the same feel. I love this, cant wait to see a finished product.

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^,^^,^^^, & ^^^^ Thank you guys very much! It's comments like these that keep me working on the project. Unfortunately I recently added a second job so it will be hard to find time to play the game, but the project will move forward.



Here is look at the Dark Castle coaster featured at FVEuro.



And here is a look at the rollercoaster in it's place.



& Another angle.



I was so happy with the finished product, I had to clone it for another park. This version is slightly altered to offer a longer MCBR (Compare red & blue) Even though RCT1 does not feature block brakes.



Here is the ride in place at FVE



Another angle.



And Another...



And lets take a look at the stats.


Dark Castle is a rollercoaster inspired by dark rides. It's all about horror, suspense, claustrophobia, darkness, and sudden drops and direction changes. The coaster car feature 6 across seating so all riders have chance to experience the theme throughout the ride, as well as offering all riders the same suspense on the holding brake finally.


Thank you for reading, hope you guys enjoy it.

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Fantasy Village Parks is once again expanding!


FVW - Original Fantasy Village on the West Coast, United States of America


FVE - East Coast, United States of America


FVEuro - Germany


& Introducing


FVJ - Japan


Here is the proposed layout for the "Mini-Mega" style coaster for Fantasy Village - Japan.



The Gauntlet - Fantasy Village Japan


Though I do not associate with real life manufactures, the design for the Gauntlet was inspired by the "What If?" of B&M's version of a "Mega-Lite."


Fantasy Village Japan will be about the same size as my North American parks and will feature the same amount of coasters (11.)


I've been tossing around ideas for a 5th park, but so far haven't done any work for it. I really hope I don't start the 5th park, because the 4 parks I have are more than enough work for me at this time.


If I had to guess the percentage of completion, I would say...


FVW - 60%

FVE - 65%

FVEuro - 70%

FVJ - 15%

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^Thank you, thank you very much. Lately I've been investing most of my efforts into FVE. At this rate I'm pretty sure it will be the first completed park in the series.


Let's take a little look...



There it is! That is all the land left for FVE to develop. Hopefully I can fit my last 2 planned coasters and a handful of flats as well.


I've had the park's coasters picked out since before I started working on the park, and I've stuck to that list pretty religiously. My last 2 coasters were decided a long time ago, but out of curiosity I was wondering what you guys would have done for the last 2 coasters?


Keep in mind that the park has not been associated with any timeline, so your choices could be anything from totally high-tech to classical. There are a lot of rides in this park that I have yet to share on here, but to help lets take a look at the park's existing coaster collection.



The Gauntlet - Compact looping coaster that "challenges" riders to brave up to two inverting helix.



Saw Mill Log Run - Small family/kiddie coaster that takes riders on a wild ride through an out of control Saw Mill.



CliffHanger - Dangling high in the sky riders fly through tight turns, steep drops, and sudden direction changes all while hanging under the ride's track.



Dragon - Spread your wings and make your escape as the Dragon takes you on a wild journey over camelback hills, vertical loops, and acid covered triple barrelrolls.



Vampire - The need to feed is strong on this wild ride! Stalk your prey as a Vampire flying over the villages, forests, and rivers!



Dark Castle - Horror and Suspense are just a few added elements that make this rollercoaster one of the most unique ride experiences in the world!



Phantom - A family launch coaster that forever haunts a cemetery. The Phantom accelerates at high speeds through graveyards and underground passages.



Monster Of The Dark Forest - Riders on this wooden beast will travel deep into the forest at extreme speeds where every element is a surprise and the experience seems to never end!



Blizzard - This "cool" coaster will take families on a one of kind bobsled experience through a snowed-in forest and icy mountain glaciers.


I am very interested in to see what 2 coaster types you guys think would compliment this park coaster collection.


Thank you for reading and hopefully participating!

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^^ When I was first playing around with ideas for the Fantasy Village chain, my original idea was that both parks would feature smaller family coasters and one giant intense super coaster. These coasters were to be (B&M Style) Invert coasters that featured massive inversions and giant layouts hidden in a forest away from the rest of the park. These rides were to be named... Monster Of The Dark Forest. Well I dropped that concept in favor for the giant wooden coasters the parks have now.


^ Ever since Loopy Landscapes (Or maybe it was Corkscrew Follies) was released I've built my flyers with the lift inverted. A couple years ago I finally rode a Vekoma Flyer (Firehawk @ Kings Island) and my only complaint was that I was staring straight at the sun while going up the lift. Maybe, I will be posting one of my designs on here soon.

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^Thank you very much! Here is an update on how the parks are progressing.



Fantasy Village West - 10 out of 11 coasters in place and a lot of work to do!



Fantasy Village East - 10 out of 11 coasters in place and a little more work to do.



Fantasy Village Europe - 6 out of 7 coasters in place.



Fantasy Village Japan - 2 out of 11 coasters in place and way too much work to do!


You stay classy TPR

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^I am very tempted to put all effort into FVE, but as of right now I'm trying to get caught up with FVW. Even though the ride has been around for months, it's time to show off the Vampire.


Fantasy Village West



Vampire's entrance and station building.



The queue.



The first drop.



Layout action.



continued layout action.



2nd lift hill.



Dropping down to the river.



Constant direction changes.



Returning to the station.



Take the Tunnel!



The overview.

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I was going to post this before Thanksgiving, but things just got crazy and stayed crazy for days!


Time to take a look at the next Vampire in the series.


Fantasy Village East



Vampire entrance and station building.



The first half of the ride is rather small.



The first helix runs tight along a retaining wall.



Though not too tall, the ride does find places to take some big dips.



Even goes through a little (Big Bad Wold Inspired) village.



The second lift takes riders much higher.



Spiraling down to the river, the ride really picks up speed now!



The second half of the ride is a high speed rush back to the station.











Layout shot.


So far this has been my favorite layout in the entire Fantasy Village series. I don't know what it is, but I just love the way this ride turned out.

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