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Why Do My Eyes Tear Up When I Think of CP?

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Two and a half days until I'm gone. I can't wait! No, seriously, I literally cannot wait.


Don't you love that feeling when you're, say, going to IOA at 7 A.M. and you wake up at 5:30 and say "Holy shit, I'm going to IOA!"

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I had that feeling when i went to Cedar Point 2001. It was like a few years from when I was last there and I was first seeing Cedar Point on almost every Discovery channel show (coaster related). Then I couldnt sleep the whole night. Then when I got there, i was like so excited that I kept jumping up and down!


Ever since, i have been going like 1-3 times a year.

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My suggestion is "Go with the flow". Most of the rides are closed during rain (heck, I rode WT front seat while it was sprinkling, and it felt like sleet :shock: ). If the rides close, grab a bite to eat or see a show. I laughed as I ate at Game Day Grille, watching everyone else on the midway panic. Heh, heh...


Also, they've recently gotten rid of Freeway passes for the remainder of the season. But, they've lowered admission by about $15 for adult one-day tickets, and even more discounted on the senior and junior tix.

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Maybe you tear up because it's sad how much better TTD is that KK!


When I first went to CP (this summer), I was rather excited to leave Albuquerque. The ride there is too long and I fell asleep. The best part of the drive (from Cleveland) is when you arrive in Sandusky and you're looking for TTD. It is amazing that you can see it over tall trees that far away! It was rather exciting when we were driving by Millennium Force (made a video) and you have to look straight up! When I arraived, TTD was (of course) broken down! When we got in the park, we got in line for Magnum. Before we got to the line, however, TTD ran a test run. So...we got out of line and went over to TTD (which surpising as it may sound, was the opposite of crouded. But we went in early June so you can screw seeing things like that) and got right on! It was the best ride ever! Mostly because my track record only consisted of about 25 steel coasters, mostly from SFMM. It will remain on the top of my list for years to come, though!


The trip to CP is by far the best I have ever been on! It is sad to leave! I'm just planning to go back anyway. I wish I lived closer, though!

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(heck, I rode WT front seat while it was sprinkling, and it felt like sleet :shock: )


If you think that was bad, I rode TTD in heavy rain. It felt like getting shot by a million tiny paintballs close range.


TTD was open in the rain? I thought they never opened TTD even if there was a drop of rain.


I got to ride TTD last week, and it started to rain soon after. They shut it down.


But back to the subj, Cedar Point will make you rather excited, especially if you're never been or don't go too often. I went for the first time last week and I was like a kid in a candy store. I did everything in one day.


Leaving CP made me sad, but i'll be back same time next year! Well maybe earlier to avoid those August crowds.


IOA doesn't excite me. It was "alright". It's no CP, that's for sure. Now I gotta get to Tampa so I can ride Sheikra.

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