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The Official TPR 2010 Europe Trip Thread

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I have this horrible cold/flu thing, and have been coughing so much that I've actually injured my ribs. Watching this did not help, as I was laughing so hard I choked.


These videos are amazing. The gun one might be the funniest video ever. Piers totally needs his own TV show.


I hope there are more of these!



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Awesome videos! Funny stuff.


Silly question (since I'm new to the site), is that Piers' real voice or is he just putting on an accent because he's drunk in Germany?


I love that Ghost Train! I have a soft spot for cheesy carnival dark rides.


BTW- I think Robb has a man-crush on Piers

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LOL jesus h baldheaded...Piers, Robb, all who were in the video, thank you a thousand times for this. I was in the middle of final retakes and overdubs on the new project, and tempers were short (dillhole guitarist forgot the beer..again, etc) so I popped this on, just 'cause. The rest of the dorks in the studio were dying, and I gotta be honest, Piers: I did comedy and improv for years and very few people make me genuinely laugh. Sober, drunk, whatever, you are one of a kind. Thanks for being you, dude.


[if anyone hears phantom screams on the wind, the Stratocaster dillhole forgot the beer again..i didnt do it]




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