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Exclusive Tiger Time!

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A few weeks back during the Bay Area Bash, My friend and I struck up a conversation with Captain Lee about how cool it would be to play around with the animals. Being the cool guy he is, he gave us his contact information and told us to let him know when we would be back. After a few exchanges of emails we set today as the day we would head down to the park to meet up with him. We arrived at the park around 11 and met up with the Cap'n at the Tiger exhibit. Little did we know or expect that we would have the best day at the park ever! Captain Lee set us up with VIP seats for the Killer Whale show, right on the front stage no less than 5 feet from the whales! After the show came the best part of the day, Exclusive Tiger Time with the parks newest additions Mischa and Maksim. We were escorted to the nursery and spent almost an hour just interacting and playing with the two cutest tiger cubs. I want to thank Captain Lee for letting us have this amazing experience! Discovery Kingdom continues to get better and better thanks to people like Lee and his efforts, I look forward to going back. On to the pics:


Getting ready for the Shouka show poolside.


We could almost touch them.


This is Merlin, he and Shouka are BFF


DK is famous for their Diving Cats.


These are some big cats, we need something more "our size"


This is Mischa, she decided to use my foot as a pillow.


Yeah, I can say I held a Tiger.


The girls.


She actually broke skin on Cap'n Lee, purely on accident though. They don't know their own strength yet. She gave me a little scratch, but i'm OK. Besides when people ask I can just say "it was that darn tiger", that's awesome!


Lee explained the vocalizations the cats would make and how we could "talk" back to them. Big cats cannot pur but they can roar, small cats can pur but not roar. Learning is fun.


This is Maksim. At almost three months his paw was almost as big as my hand.


Just like a future ACE members, Mischa spotted the food and was done playing.


Alright guys, back to bed. Captain Lee gets to take these guys home at night, he doesn't recommend it for people not named Captain.


Not to leave out the coasters...Kong though Medusa's lift and the trees. That is all.

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Captain Lee really is a nice guy. I've emailed him a few times and had a great experience with him when I won a VIP contest at the park back in April. He's really generous and a great overall person.


Heh, every Six Flags park should have one of these guys... too bad you don't find many people like him. Glad you enjoyed the park! I got to sit in that spot for the Shouka show as part of my VIP experience, except, it was raining on the day I was there - BRRR!!!!



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Is this experience available for all guests that purchase a VIP Package at the park? Or was this only for you because you knew someone that worked at the park?


My significant other is VERY interested in these types of things and I'd love to take her there on a trip to have the same experience you had!


Very cool! Thanks in advance for any answers!

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I Must clarify, This is not something that is available to the public or even something you can win. This happened because Bay Area Bash happened (thanks TPR!). While heading back to Tony Hawk for the challenge we stopped Lee and asked if he needed help with the baby tigers, almost as a joke. To our surprise he was cool with it, but just not on that day cause it was getting late. After a few weeks of emails and getting times situated, we're both very busy people, we finally got our times situated and made it happen. We were very lucky to get to do this, those cats are not going to be small for long. They grow almost a pound a day right now and it will not be long before they will be just too risky for untrained people like myself to be around them. I really owe this all to Lee and I can't thank him enough. If you are not friends with him on Facebook I recommend doing it now.


Cat in my Lap

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Great post! We really enjoyed SFDK when we visited a couple of years back, and I remember spending a fair amount of time watching in awe of the staff guys that were hanging out inside the cage with the big tigers, playing and feeding them from baby bottles. Great that you were able to have such an intimate and special side experience.

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That is pretty cool that you found a place in the US that will let you do that! The only places we have been able to are overseas, where as long as you got the money, they dont really care....like in....


Africa! This was not that bad at only 30 Rand each


And Thailand.This was at Tiger Kingdom in Chang Mai


Notice my wife does not have on the orange scarf anymore, the guy there said the big tiger might rip it off!


You can see the Thai people in the background wondering why this crazy Farang wanted to go in with the adults!!!

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