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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Ewww... not a fan of coasters with inconsistent color schemes... even if they do get rid of the white why not just make it green? Besides that it looks pretty fun, but this sorta reminds me of Dominator how the largest loop is painted, but its not too far from the main scheme. This is just weird, and it would be somewhat acceptable if it was just the loop green, but the corkscrew=not a fan of the yellow.

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gadv.com has some pictures of GL's theming. It looks like they have an airplane on a runway, and some cool signage. I can't wait to see what other kind of theming we'll get.


(Scroll down to Rolling Toro's post)


Great to see the jet found it's way back into the park! I never actually saw Mach 1 Adventure but the theming for it looked pretty extensive, including the plane sitting in front of the hanger

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Hey Guys! We are taking the trip down to GADV this Saturday from Boston. I wanted to know what kind of crowd I should expect? Being that it's only May, will it still be packed? What kind of wait times for Eltoro & Nitro should we expect. We want to make sure we leave ourselves enough time to get everything in.

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I REALLY like how the Green Lantern entrance plaza is looking (for a Six Flags park atleast)! Atleast this will kind of "balance" the superhero feel of the area with Superman right next to it. Plus, besides the trees and shrubs, the theming even looks pretty good in the plaza as well. Although I never rode Chang at SFKK I think this is a great replacement for GASM, and something that they GP will absolutely love. Just my opinion....

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Today was Media Day for Six Flags Great Adventure's Green Lantern. Although is has been raining in the area on and off for 72 hours, the sun came out this morning.


About 200 media guests listened to Kristin Siebeneicher (Park's PR Manager) and John Fitzgerald (Park President) open up the coaster with the help of The Green Lantern. Luckily The Green Lantern is a corps of people, so no one complained that this was that the real Green Lantern.


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. On to the pictures.


FYI - If you're having trouble loading all the pics, try this link: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=35&linkid=10389



Free swag consisted of movie posters and this Special Edition Comic Book.


First Page of the fact sheet for all of media types, if anyone really wants to see the second page let me know.


and most importantly: The Green Lantern Oath


Here is the man we are here to see.


After the media ate free food


we recited the Green Lantern Oath, smoke and streamers appeared and people ran to the coasters.


I didn't run, that would make my pictures even blurrier.


I walked to take pictures


of all the storyboards


in the queue


So that you won't have


to use Google


to learn the origin of


this guy


before riding


the coaster.


We start with the necessary lift hill. Necessary unless you are a launched coaster or a Boomerang, or Thunderbolt at Kennywood or .... you get the idea.


I tweaked my back getting this exclusive shot of the lift hill.


After the train comes down the first hill


it heads into the controversial yellow loop de loop.


at the top of the loop de loop you can only pray that Green Lantern can help you survive.


Phew!!! Everyone survived the dreaded yellow loop de loop. Thank you Hal Jordan!


The very stressful transition from yellow to green track.


Here's the Dive Loop


from another angle


the less controversial loop de loop


After the fifth train of the day, there was no line except for the first row during Media Day.


Zooming past Hal Jordan's plane.


See, it's really his plane.


a view from the coaster entrance


a view from the restricted Media Day entrance


I thought it odd that the Media Day wrist bands were yellow, but who cares.


Technical glitch: the speakers in the station did not work.


Green Lantern souvenirs


Nose Cone


I like the way the corkscrew looks from this angle.


There were 6 ride ops checking restraints but train were still stacking whenever there were more than eight riders. No one listens to instructions.


Go ride!


On a completely unrelated note


I had to buy a new car last month.


One more photo since someone mentioned last week that they are happy it's not a parking lot coaster, this is what it looks like under the lift hill. But who cares, still my second favorite stand-up after Riddler's Revenge.

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A group of friends and I are planning to go to the park sometime early next week (mon.-wed.). Has the park been crowded lately with all of the class field trips? It's also been raining here basically all week and it's supposed to continue into next week with scattered thunderstorms. I'm obviously going to keep checking the forecast since I know the long range predictions aren't that accurate. But will GAdv close down the entire park early i there's inclement weather? I know SFNE does that

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