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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Come kick off Haunt XI by helping Kings Dominion SHATTER the World Record for Largest Gathering of People as.....VAMPIRES!!


What is with trying to "shatter" all these stupid records lately? Easter Egg coloring, applying sunscreen...even last week in my hometown, they had a "break the record for number of people dressed like Lucille Ball" event because it is Lucy's birthplace.


Since when did the US & Cedar Fair parks become Malaysia?


Edit: Sorry for the pointless rant...had a bad day and needed to vent!

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Yeah, my friends always freak out because there's only lap bars. But that makes it more fun!


I'd call them lapbars and ankle restraints.


I'm sure if they noticed what the ankle restrains are there for they'd be less...GP-ish. To them if there isn't "that thing that goes over your head"...it's a lap bar.

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They have the foot restraints to keep you in more secure. Plus the lap bars are better, do any of you remember how bad FOF was when it had OTSR?


It wasn't as bad as JJ with OTSR's,I find the lapbars to be a rather tight fit these days myself but I havn't been on FOF lately due to the insane wait times what with I305 so close by.

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^i305 should be 1 train operation, but it still should only be 5-15 minutes. FoF will have a queue just outside the door, which is about 15-20 minutes. Volcano will be anywhere from 15-35 minutes. Dominator will be a walk on after 3pm.

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The website looks great, but I have some likes and dislikes.



-Intimidator 305's picture is still animated in its picture.

-One train on Rebel Yell is still going backwards in its picture.

-Flight of Fear still has shoulder harnesses in its picture.

-Not all rides had the "view more" tab with more information about the ride.

-Beserker's picture is not at Kings Dominion, unless Canada's Wonderland and California's Great Adventure all have the same background and got the picture just like Kings Dominions.

-No Halloween Haunt XI website.

-No 2012 attraction teaser.

-No webcam videos of rides.



-The Crypt, El Dorado, Anaconda, Dodgem, and Backlot Stunt Coaster's new ride photo.

-They have Thunder Raceway and Action Theater listed on the website.

-The new main screen.

-The picture at the top when you click on "rides and attractions".

-On the information for the "Sunshine" store finally says Peanuts instead of Nickelodeon.

-Sign up for a newsletter through your email.

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^ A thought of a Windseeker has come up numerous times. The Dinosaurs Alive! rumor is also floating around out there.


Absolutely nothing has been said from the park besides "We will be announcing our 2012 product soon!".


So far no new info on 2012 yet & no signs of construction either.

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