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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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I may be going to KD Thursday. What time should I go? Are the lines better earlier or later in the day? What rides have the longest lines and can they be avoided? im only going for part of the day so I need to plan out my day.

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If you want to get everything done in a few hours, you can head straight for Volcano (slowest-moving line, and it builds FAST), then I305 and Flight of Fear. Then hit Anaconda and Italian Job while you're back there, and head over to Rebel Yell, Hurler, and Grizzly. Avalanche doesn't open until 1130am, I believe, and Ricochet kind of sucks. And definitely get there right at opening. Hope that helps!


(I still always head to I305 first to ride in the front seat - if you do that, get straight over to Volcano!)

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The day is fast approaching - going to KD for the very first time ever on Tuesday. How are the lines typically throughout the day? If I'm there at opening, I'm heading straight for i305 and Volcano.


Also, the weather forecast is saying scattered thunderstorms/showers. I can't cancel my hotel reservation at this point so hopefully it only drizzles a little or is overcast and scares the crowds away...le sigh.

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Typically, we rarely close rides down for more then an hour (for rain). Lightning is the real culprit (as you probably already know). You should be fine, unless it decides to hurricane in Doswell like last week.


Lines should be fine. My advice: Head straight to Volcano, Flight of Fear and Intimidator 305. After those, head to Anaconda (grab some asperin! ) By then, Backlot and Avalanche should be open. Hit those, then head to Shockwave, Rebel Yell (Only one side ) Ricochet and Hurler. With all the disappointment out of the way, hit up Grizzly and loop around to Dominator! All that should be left is Ghoster Coaster and Taxi Jam!

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Ok, just got back from Kings Dominion! So when I got to the park at opening my brother and I made a dash for Volcano, and guess what!? We got to ride it front row with no one but us un the train! Then we rode it once more, and headed to Intimidator 305! we got to ride it in the second to last row. HOLY CRUD! It was more intense then it was last year, I lost vision for about three seconds! CRAZY! Still my favorite coaster! After that we went to Anaconda, and lets just say it wasn't a B&M... Then we went to Flight of Fear and had a blast! Then we ate some lunch, and headed to Backlot Stunt Coaster, and rode it twice. Next stop was Shockwave, the repaint was looking fine! Rebel Yell was next as my first wooden coaster! Man that thing was fun! Not as rickety as I thought it would be! Ricochet was soon after that, and I beleive I lost my gum on that one. Then my brother and I went to Intimidator and put in one more ride in the very back row! After that we went to Dominator and rode twice, it was a walk on. Then let the park. It was the best day of the summer so far for me!


Ride Count:

Intimidator 305 x2

Volcano: The Blast Coaster x2

Dominator x2

Flight of Fear x1

Anaconda x1

Shockwave x1

Backlot Stunt Coaster x2

Ricochet x1

Rebel Yell x1

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We'll be lucky if we get a windseeker along with the rumored DA,which I'd rather see as "DD" (Dinosaurs dead) LOL!!!


I hope we get the rumored Windseeker! I'm with you on Dinosaurs Alive though, I'm not too excited for it...


Anyways, there is a new HAUNT XI advertisment on the new website using the new HAUNT logo and look, so maybe they haven't released the information yet because they are changing the site a bit.


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