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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 766: Haunt Has Risen from the Grave

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Went to the park yesterday afternoon and evening for the first time since Intimidator added the new softer restraints.


We got the park around 2, the weather was fantastic and the crowds were fairly light all day. We headed straight for Dominator after entering the park and got on in the back after only waiting a couple trains. Dominator seemed smoother than I remembered earlier in the season; it had a couple rough spots, but all in all I thought it was good.


Next we headed back to Avalance where we waited a few trains for a backseat ride. Following Avalanche we went for a ride on Intimidator. The wait was very short, just inside the station for every row except the front. We went for a ride in the back seat. The new restraints were fantastic. Definitely improves the ride experience significantly. Although the trim on the drop and airtime lacking second hill are still a bit of a let down, Intimidator is still an amazing ride especially with these new restraints.


We also got on Shockwave, Drop Tower, Grizzly, Flying Eagles, Rebel Yell, Backlot, Anaconda, FoF, another ride on Intimidator, and we ended the day with a front seat ride on Volcano (I highly recommend trying to get on Volocano right around sunset, beautiful views!)



All in all it was a great afternoon and evening. I'm excited to make at least one more trip down for the halloween events.

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It took me a while but here's my review of Intimidator.


I went to King's Dominion for East Coast Bash, and when we pull into the parking lot I just scan back and forth for the lift hill and when I saw it I was dumb-struck. It is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. The morning ERT was great, and when we got in line for Intimidator I was having second thoughts, considering that the second tallest thing I've been on is still 100 feet shorter than this. I decided I would ride it, which turned out to be one of my best decisions so far in my life, because this ride is insane!


I knew it would be awesome, but this took it to another level! When it's my turn next to ride I sit down and pull down the super comfortable restraint and am just staring up the lift hill. Then, over the speakers I hear "Gentlemen, start your engines!", and I grab the bars as tight as I can. Going up the lift is scary, you feel like you are going to fall back on your head because it is so steep. When we get to the top I prepared for my stomach to be sucked up into my mouth going down the drop, but it didn't happen, it was just really fun.


During the first turn the G-forces pushed me down into my seat, but I didn't grey out, which I honestly was kind of bummed about. We pull out of the turn and up the second hill where I actually got some airtime, and back down. Then we pull through another intense turn and into the first twistie. It was more intense than I had anticipated and surprised me a little. Through the next turn and up into some more airtime. The ending is great, airtime right into an awesome S-turn and into the brakerun.


It was amazing, I was blown away and literally left speechless. It is definately a number one for me and I don't see anything beating it any time soon.

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I went for opening night and have my reviews.


The only things we missed were Blue Ridge Bloodbath, Central Stalkway, and Feary Tales, plus nearly all of the shows.


Alien Outpost - Much better than previous years, had some nice scares. 6/10

Overlord's Resurrection - Fun to watch, but short. 6/10

Camp Killauee - Must do in the dark, be warned though, really long line. Nice scares. 7/10

The Asylum - Fun, seemed like a giant mirror maze with strobes. 6/10

The Harvest - Meh, scareactors are confined to one area. 5/10

Club Blood - Was not impressed with it, worst maze of the night. Far worse than previous years. 3/10

Toxic Plague - Frightening, especially for me with my phobia of bugs. Scareactors may cluster around you. 6/10

CarnEvil - By far the best scare zone, saw some AMAZING scares here. Great great great. 8/10

Slaughter House - Basically a gorefest, only really scary for those with weak stomachs or vegetarians. 5/10

Medieval Macabre - Still in my top 3, great scares here. 7/10

The Doll Factory - AMAZING, AWESOME, SPECTULAR. 9.5/10 (also, we got evacuated the second time we went through it)

The Ruins - Fun, much better than VooDoo Swamp. 6/10

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Finally made it to KD for the first time this year. Below is my take on Intimidator.


Quick general observations on the park.


Good and clean.

Not very busy on Sunday 9/26/10 but the Fair just started so that was to be expected. That being said what sucked was every ride was a 1 train op except Shockwave. This made wait times ridiculously long for no reason. Dominator 30 mins, Volcano 45+, Stunt Track 30, etc etc. All woodies had no wait times neither did FOF or Shockwave.


All rides including the woodies (except Grizzly) were running quite well. I was surprised at how little I got beat up on RY, Hurler, and Shockwave (still a crappy ride). Grizzly still beat me up badly so this may be my last ride on it (the back cannot handle it).


Overall things were pretty good and not too hot. Rain held off until we left around 5pm.


Intimidator - very little to no wait except for front car which was about 20 mins maybe. One train op but they were hustling.


Rode 4 times (once in front, once in the back and 2 in the middle).


Area -- very nicely done actually. It really helped the FOF area look more complete. I would have liked for a some additional expansion in the area to add a shop or 2, a restroom, and maybe a food stand but perhaps in the future this will happen. It also would have been nice if they took down the shops/food right in front of the FOF area. It would have opened things up a lot and made the are look less closed off but that's just my opinion.


The ride -- quite impressive actually. Very fun but by no means the best I have ever ridden IMHO. The restraints are great even if they do scrape your ears going into place but they are very comfy -- way better then the ones on Fahrenheit (old Intimidator restraints).


What i like - restraints, first big turn, 3rd hill, the headchopper, and the speed. That's about it. The main hill is completely killed off by the trims. They are on HARD REALLY HARD. On my rides the train gets thrown over the top nicely and then damn near comes to a dead stop by the trims. These are not trims, they are brakes. I am surprised how much they slowed the ride down.


The turn at the bottom is awesome. I love these low to ground high speed turns. Next hill was pitiful - nothing happened. The third hill was a great airtime hill and very enjoyable.


I did not like the twisties. While I did not experience any headbanging thanks to the restraints the harshness of the transitions are a little too much for me. I would have preferred a little more gradual change of direction.


Overall it is a very good ride. Not for everyone though. The trims really hurt the ride but I am not sure that 2nd half of the ride would be bearable at a faster speed. As is they were tough for me.


Does this mean I think the ride is crap, NO! Is the best around, NO! Is it top 5 or 10 ... yes.


After yesterday I would have to rank my rides as:


Millenium Force

El Toro



Griffon (yes it is too short but I really like this ride)



Thunderhead (Dolly World)


Apollo's Chariot



I think KD has a really nice signature ride for the park and they should be quite pleased with this addition. I will happily ride this every time I go there but I would not wait 2 hours for it. I am glad my home park got this over a standard hyper.


Thanks to CF and KD for a nice addition and for what was a nice experience yesterday (sans the 1 train ops unfortunately).



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Like Busch Gardens long or like long in a sense relative to Kings Dominion. I mean, the only line in that park I have ever seen get unbearable is Volcano which occurs on days of the week ending in y. Oh well, play it by ear I guess. I mostly just care about the HAUNT stuff in particular "The Doll Factory" and "Camp Killauee".

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^On Saturdays, I believe the Dominator line can stretch all the way back to Besrker....and expect full queues for Volcano. (I'm not sure about i305, I'm guessing it's full).


Good luck though, it'll be crowded!


Lines weren't too bad on my last visit,305 had a near empty queue but the same couldn't be said for Dominator with only two trains going...I had to skip backlot because the line was out to the midway & ricochet has been packed lately too.

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