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For anyone thats looking for hotel advice for the "Bash" I used Pricelines "name your own price" again this year. I got the Valencia Hyatt for $55 a night for two people. It came to $69 a night with the tax. Looks to be about 2 miles from MM. Last year I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn for about the same price. Nice upgrade in hotels for this year!

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^ I don't actually. This is something that is being put on by the park and I haven't been given too much information about it other than it will be a different menu from the lunch and they want to try to do something "special" for the group.



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Maybe this has been asked, but when will a confirmation be sent if you made a payment by mail? I was just curious because I sent mine last Friday and still haven't seen or heard anything. Should this be something to be worried about or is it just being held onto for the time being? Thanks

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^ I know it's your first time at the event, so I'll excuse for this just one time!


But please, READ THE FLYER as your question has already been answered in our FAQ section:


Q: What do I need to do to attend West Coast Bash 2010?

A: Fill out the form below and mail it in or you can register online at http://www.themeparkreview.com/store - click on “West Coast

Bash 2010.” Your event packets, tickets, and other information will be available the morning of the event.

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Just a tip from anyone who might be flying out of Newark on Continental who haven't booked a flight yet...


I just booked my flight, and found that it was about $60 cheaper to fly out at 7pm on Thursday night than Friday morning. Especially travelling with 3, that's more than $175 cheaper! We still come out ahead counting an extra night at a hotel and rental car, plus we get an extra day on vacation

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One other thing... I will have room for 1 person in the hotel room/rental car if anyone needs a room and transportation to make the trip work. You'd be looking at about $25/day for your share of the rental car and hotel room (plus gas once we're out there). PM me if you need it and I'm sure we can work something out.

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