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West Coast Bash 2010! Register Now! See Page 1

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West Coast Bash 2010 Update!


Hey everyone! First off, I want to let you all know that

West Coast Bash tickets are selling out FAST! If you

have not registered yet, we STRONGLY recommend registering NOW!

Click here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?categoryID=14


Knott's Berry Farm UPDATE! We have confirmed with the park

that as part of your West Coast Bash 2010 registration

you will receive a FREE GROUP PHOTO! We will arrange a time

at Knott's to take a group photo (probably just after lunch)

and the park will give you a coupon to get a copy of that

photo... FOR FREE!


Except some fun and surprises from Six Flags Magic Mountain

to be announced soon!


West Coast Bash 2010 Registration -


Six Flags Magic Mountain - Saturday, March 20th:

$37 - Season Pass Holders

$57 - Non Season Pass Holders


Knott's Berry Farm - Sunday, March 21st:

$30 - Season Pass Holder

$55 - Non-Season Pass Holder (Adults 12 and older)

$45 - Non-Season Pass Holder (Kids ages 3 to 11)


Register here:



This event WILL SELL OUT!


See you at West Coast Bash 2010!


--Robb Alvey



ps. Information about Bay Area Bash, May 15/16 at Six Flags

Discovery Kingdom and California's Great America coming soon!

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Robb, here are a couple questions from my mom;


1. If you have already signed up, can you change what things you paid for (like changing from no season pass to a season pass holder)? If not, there is no need to read the following question.


2. If I have a SFMM season pass, do I have to "redeem" it before the event?

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^ If you want to make changes just email me and we can figure that out.


You will be able to process your SFMM season pass voucher the morning of West Coast Bash. But it MUST be a voucher from SFMM. Vouchers from other Six Flags parks will not be accepted.



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My apologies for re-asking. I know I read it somewhere in this thread, but I can't seem to find it.


I know the first page/post says that you can upgrade the full price ticket later in the day, but then I thought there was a post somewhere that said Knott's will have their purchasing/processing season passes early... I just want to confirm which way so I do everything properly.


Is this correct?


Long story short, I do not currently have a CF Season Pass anywhere. I am considering buying a Platinum Pass for/at the event (living 3000 miles away from Knott's makes it inconvenient to get it beforehand). So I'm wondering if I have to go with the non-passholder ticket and then upgrade later in the day, or if I would be able to go with the passholder ticket and buy the platinum pass beforehand.


Just want to make sure I have all the i's dotted and t's crossed properly to attend but also doing so for as low-cost as possible (this is a budget-trip for me, unfortunately )


Edit: I already have my SFMM season pass renewed online and they mailed it to me, so that park isn't an issue.

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Are there restrictions on upgrading your WCB SFMM admission to a season pass based on your residence? The reason I ask is because it would be more cost effective for me to pay the non passholder ticket price, then upgrade that ticket to a season pass. That's as long as I won't have any trouble using a SFMM season pass at Discovery Kingdom, which is considerably closer to home.


I'm still trying to get a solid head count for our group and will register soon. Those that just can't decide here in the next few days will unfortunately have to be left out.

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I can tell you from experience that there are NOT any restrictions on residence for the pass upgrades.


In fact, I live in Eastern PA yet I've had a SFMM season pass since 2005 when I first attended West Coast Bash, upgraded the event ticket to a season pass, and then just renew online every year since then and they mail me the pass.


It's always the first park I go to every year, and I'm actually NOT disappointed and/or disgusted with the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the park like I am with all the SF parks in my neck of the woods (SFGAdv, SFA, and SFNE) so I like giving them the $$ for the season pass since I can use it anywhere anyway.

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Not sure what happened to my post last night - most of the actual message was missing (probably something on my end since the computer got a little funky and needed a reboot). So I deleted that one since it was useless, and now I'm posting my actual question...



I'm going to be registering for WCB tomorrow (when I have money, lol). I have 2 friends that might be going, but won't know by tomorrow. If I register tomorrow and next week my friends find out they can go, can I add 1 or 2 guests at that point (as long as there are tickets left) or should I wait and register all 3 at the same time?

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I am planning going to the second part of West Coast Bash in knotts. But quick question... How much is an upgrade to season pass after you buy the event ticket to west coast bash? I ask because I do actually want to up grade to season pass but I would like to attend the event and then upgrade during the day.

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^ If you want to make changes just email me and we can figure that out.


I sent an email about changing the T-shirt sizes for two of the people in my group a few days ago. If it's not too much trouble, would that be possible?

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Well, it looks like it will just be my oldest son and myself this year for WCB. I'm sure we'll still have an awesome time! I just registered and we'll definitely be interested in the Calico Mine ride walk-back tour and lots of other great times with TPR.

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