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TPR's Black Friday *FREE DVD DOWNLOAD* Giveaway!

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I tried yesterday several times to download it and I couldn't even get that far! It kept on timing out on me. I think everyone was trying to get it at once...lol... I guess that happens from time to time...I tried. Thank you Robb for the freebie, but I guess I was the one that lucked out since I could never actually get the download to load. I'll just have to keep out for the next one!

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Just wanted to add my thanks for a great freebe cheers!

For those who are having problems with the download, I would say try Firefox.

Mine failed 3 times with IE but worked first time with Firefox.

Thanks agian Rob for this, and all the hard work you put in.

Cheers! - Paul H

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Yes he did but I couldn't even place it. The site kept bogging out on me where I couldn't even get to that part. I logged out and back in and that didn't even work. Tried that several times. No worries

Weird. No one else has reported that they had this problem. We had 6,000 people download the video yesterday.


I'm not sure your problem was on TPR's end. Let me do some more research and see if I can figure this one out.


I mean, last night from about 8pm to Midnight PST the server was completely dead and giving me about 650 kb/sec.


Better luck next time...if we ever decide to do something like this again.


--Robb "And if not, the downloadable DVDs are only $3 each!" Alvey

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I started the download last night, woke up in the morning and it said it was complete. The file was 1.2 GB, not 1.3, but it worked nonetheless.


I used Safari (for windows) to download it, because I do all sorts of weird things in firefox and make it crash all the time.

When it downloaded it, the file's extension was not filename.mp4, it was filename.mp4.gz


Quicktime could not recognize the file until I deleted .gz from the extension, then, it worked great.


I'm not sure what the .gz is....probably a weird Safari thing.


None of this was a problem though, because I have the video now and it plays

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The file size is 1,306,834 bytes or about 1.3 gigs however depending on how you or your computer counts bytes it could also be 1,276,206 KB.


Basically I wrote about 1.3 gigs so that people would have a guage to know how big the file is. If you downloaded a file that was about 200 megs, it's not going to work, but if you have a file that's about 1.3 gigs, chances are you got the entire file.


--Robb "Just wanted to clear that up..." Alvey

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Finally got the link, but it took going to my work and applying there as Comcast, my provider at home, was blocking TPR all day due to excessive traffic going to TPR. Their system flagged TPR as a spammer and spyware target and blocked it.


Got this information today when TPR was back and working thru Comcast.


I love the DVD and would like to do something nasty to my local Comcast tech department, but don't know just how bad I want it to be...

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I'd just like to state for the record that I downloaded Vol. 3 about 11pm Friday night using IE 6 (a.k.a. Dino-Browser), and had absolutely no problems whatsoever!


If the download can work on that browser, it can work on anything.


Many thanks to Robb & Elissa for another great Black Friday freebie!

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