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  1. Totally agree Cinemamagique is great. I will be very sorry to see it go
  2. Ah thanks for the update. Sorry I didnt know that. For several reasons I have not made the trip up there this year sadly. As far as I know, they have never had closed days before in previous years, if this is all down to falling numbers following the Smiler incident, then it must have shaken peoples oppinion more than I thought.
  3. http://www.altontowers.com/useful-info/opening-times/ Does anyone know why Alton Towers is closed Tues 27th and Weds 28th September? Is it anything to do with the court hearing?
  4. Hi and welcome! If you dont mind being shaken about a bit, I think I would start with the two old woodies. Grand National and Big Dipper. Be ready for a rough ride on both, but there are no inversions for you to worry about. If you dont fancy those first, then start with one of the scenic rides like The River Caves or Wallace and Gromitt Have a great day.
  5. I agree. The Big One is a great coaster. Shame its shut so often due to windy weather, which Blackpool gets a lot of.
  6. If you dig a little deeper on the AT website, it says that Sonic Spinball will also remain closed for the time being. As has been previousy expected
  7. As a casual UK member who posts very rarely, I don't think I would get a benefit from the premium membership sorry. But for US members who would make full use of the benefits then its probably a great idea. I do understand that costs must be high and perhaps you need to do something, and hope you will be able to keep the site free for "casual" readers for a long time to come.
  8. Robb, are all the downloadable ones all about the same quality as the freebie one? If so that is great as they seem to burn back to DVD OK at good quality even o a large screen TV. If so I shall start collecting these to save on UK postage. Thanks - Paul H
  9. Just wanted to add my thanks for a great freebe cheers! For those who are having problems with the download, I would say try Firefox. Mine failed 3 times with IE but worked first time with Firefox. Thanks agian Rob for this, and all the hard work you put in. Cheers! - Paul H
  10. Fantastic Video Thanks! Reminded me of my trip to PortAventura last June. Keep em comin!
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