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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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^The problem with Rush is that it often gets quite a big queue during summer (60min+). Normally, I would say if you have never been on it, it is worth the wait, but seriously, this season, I would not wait over 15 minutes for it. You would get a better thrill from a decent sized pirate ship. At least Slammer is running well this season though.

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^ Yeah, they did, and it is great. I do wish S&S will improve the design and make it more reliable so more of these amazing rides can be made. It is one of the few rides that even experienced roller coaster enthusiasts can poo themselves on. You literally feel like you are going to die in so many ways. Nothing I have done gives as many negative G, I think I got a red out on the last backwards rotation.

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Had a great visit to Thorpe Park today, got quite a few rides in despite really heavy queues, Colossus was over 2 hours at one point!

Shame about DBGT not being open though, was really hoping it would be ready in time.


That's good. I am glad you enjoyed it and did you see anything going on in DBGT?

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^Not really anything to note, it seemed they we're doing some testing of the sound systems which i believe they've been doing a while already. Other than that i just saw staff mostly sat around in back stage areas rather than doing too much.

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I went. I saw. I waited (2:30). I was turned down.

I am quite sad that I went all that way and then it was closed even though throughout the day they insisted it would open, at increasingly later times until 3. Waited at the gate from 1:30 in hope of being one of the first people on. They opened the gates and let people finally into the queue with a large hype from the exited crowd, finally allowed to ride. We waited again in the queue pen for an hour in the heat with no staff telling us what was going on or even an announcement. Eventually the queue moved and people clapped only to be disappointed that they were just giving out re entry to the park for another day. Shame I don't need it because I have an Annual pass. I was very disappointed especially after waiting for this for months and following the Minds Wanted page. I thought today would be the day I could finally do it, but alas, no.

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Bear with it. By the end of the day, all the rides were working, even tough for half the day Colossus and Stealth were down. I would never visit the park though in August, it would be horrible.


Colossus broken down


The packed queue for DBGT, which never moved. This was as far as I got to riding.

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