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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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Thorpe Park issued the following statement this morning, announcing a delay in the opening of Derren Brown's Ghost Train.


After careful consideration we’re moving the opening date for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. This attraction is a completely new invention and we are making final tweaks to the remaining elements to get things absolutely perfect. We want you guys to have the full mind-blowing experience from the very first time you ride!


We will post the new opening date here as soon as we can, so check in with our social channels for updates. Please know that this decision was not taken lightly as we know some of you have booked tickets to ride in anticipation of the 6 May opening date, and the last thing we want to do is disappoint you. If your ticket falls on a date before ride opening then please e-mail customer.services@thorpe-park.co.uk and our team will help you out.

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^Shame that they've had to delay the opening, hoping that it's ready for when i go mid June though!


I feel sorry for Derren Brown more than Merlin/Thorpe or anyone at the park. Derren Brown is a man who produces shows with incredibly high standards of quality and production. From what I have seen of the shop and the ride exterior I personally dont believe they are at the standard I would expect from something with his name on it. Don't get me wrong the interior may blow my mind away and I will happily eat my words if it does but the sad reality is the delays will be related back to Derren not the park just due to the fact his name is plastered all over the thing.

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They don't "need" to do anything. I think they should just open it one day. Invite the press and that's that. They get a freebie day where not many people know it's open, to iron out the operational kinks, and whiny enthusiasts get to come on here and whine that they didn't get in the first batch.


Win, win!


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^Where have they said that? As far as i'm aware all they've said is that they'll communicate a new date as soon as they can.


It says on the website.


+++ NEW for 2016: Derren Brown's Ghost Train - Arriving May 2016 - Date Coming Soon+++
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It does amaze me how many people are desperate for an opening date. I would happily wait until next year if it ensured the ride was completed correctly and to a high standard. Yes I understand they did say an opening time and the ride was delayed but that happens with most construction projects in all walks of life.


Even with the ride closed at least they have opened the shop which has some pretty cool stuff such as this Derren Brown Fortune Teller!


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In non Derren related news, Rush has been running really badly this year. I know over winter they did some server maintenance work on it, which basically meant taking it to pieces. However, this year both arms don't even reach vertical, and this DOES affect the ride. Normally Rush and other S@S swings are really intense and have tonnes of airtime. I had none of this, and actually thought (I never thought I would say this) it was boring. Does anyone know if this was done deliberately to reduce costs or if it is being resolved, because I am sad that such a good ride is ruined.

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