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  1. Unfortunately, the way Merlin run things this was bound to happen. Similar situations have arisen before (spinball etc) but luckily nobody was hurt those times. Paying staff a bonus based on thru-put is asking for trouble and cut corners.
  2. Given the state of the ride, it's probably for the best. I remember going to the original bubbleworks on opening day, was something special. Shame they rebranded it and let it fall into such disarray.
  3. Now to be fair, didn't they have to e-break it as some muppet decided to stick his legs out?
  4. Hope this is just a temporary thing, Disney really shouldn't touch the classic rides other than maintaining them. Still a salty sea dog about the changes they made to Boy-scouts of the Caribbean.
  5. Personally I'd be boring and say POTC - but if we're talking about the ride itself rather than the theming/setting then Blackpool's Valhalla wins by a mile on the days they can afford to turn all the effects on. Can't think of any other flumes where you go backwards through hoops of fire .
  6. Quick update, started on some of the models for the other rooms and created some new placeholder textures for the boarding room. Still a long way to go!
  7. Hey all, Learning how to properly 3D model stuff is on my 2016 todo list, and I figured I can kill two birds with one stone an have a stab at recreating some of my favorite UK rides in Nolimits too. Im lucky enough to have a Kickstarter Rift so that's a big motivator, as the rides I want to re-create are old versions or closed attractions rather than rides which are still in operation today. The first ride I'm trying to recreate is Professor Burps Bubbleworks which sort of is still at chessington, but it had a re-theme a while ago and is now in a pretty sorry state where nothing really
  8. My first post, just to join in the ranting a little. I went on passholders weekend and it was one of the rare trips where I'd wished I had just stayed at home instead. The rides constantly breaking down was just the start of it, despite making a healthy profit they really have just let the park go to ruin. Still no facade on the dragon falls, tomb blaster had a lick of paint but also got made far too light and the guns don't make a noise (I thought the last point would be a positive, but I dunno... feels so shallow without it). Vampire queue line was overgrown and falling to bits, and
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