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Disneyland Paris advice

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Hi, on Wednesday me and my family are going to Disneyland Paris.

I haven't been to DLP in about 10 years so don't really remember much. I need some tips on how to make the most of our visit. We have a one day park hopper so can only spend one day at the resort. I want advice on queues, best times to get to the park, which rides to do first and any other advice that might be useful.



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One day? You won't get everything done. Here is IMO the best coasters in the whole resort.


1.) Rock N' Roller Coaster

2.) Big Thunder Mountain

3.) Space Mountain


I was there before Crush's Coaster. Here are the list of rides.


1.) Tower of Terror

2.) The classic Disney rides including Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the C.

3.) Buzz Light Years Astro Blasters


I might be forgetting some rides, but these are the ones I can think of so far.

Just get Fast Passes whenever you can. And go to the back of the park and work your way to the front.


Also bring a squirt gun to prevent cutters. You might also fill a squirt gun with Gasoline just to prevent from people smoking in lines.


But I think two days is a must. Especially with after hours entry for hotel quests. Big Thunder Mountain is FANTASTIC at night. Plus, there are no lines on everything. But that's just my opinion.


Have fun,



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I went in February when the staff said it was "quiet". I suggest starting at the Hollywood Studios, grab a fastpass for Tower of Terror before running to Crush's Coaster. When I did, the queue was already at 90 mins five minutes after opening!!


Queue times are significantly lower if you avoid the parades.


But the best advice is to make full use of the fastpass where ever possible.

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Kinda hard to comment on this, seeing as with one day you'll be rushing as it is... it depends what you want from the day. To me, Disney is much more than just the rides. But if you're doing a crash course in getting all the big rides done and assuming your family is old/tall enough to ride all the 'big' rides, then here's my advice:


If you're only there for one day, I'd skip Crush's Coaster... it always seems to get a big queue as it has low capacity. I'd just cut your losses and avoid doing it - it's not that great anyway. Your time is much better spent on other rides.


Make use of Fastpass.


Tower Of Terror is a must - probs worth FastPassing this. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is another essential, and the queue usually is ok on this - decent capacity. I'd skip some of the Studios shows - such as the Backlot Tour. Might eat up too much time. I'd advise to spend most of your time in the Disneyland Park and pop into the Studios for ToT and RnRC.


In the main park - Space Mountain is pretty unique - really good ride IMO - so hit that. Big Thunder Mountain is also a must-do. Then I'd spend the rest of your time there hitting up the 'classics', and do some proper Disney - go see a parade! (But I guess if you're just hitting the rides, then that's a good time to go do them.)

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Thanks guys for the help

We're probably going to hit all the big attractions and the parade and maybe one show I'm only really interested in TOT and RNRC in the studios


Also what time is it best to get to the park by? And where would you recommend eating.



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Best time to get there is before opening. It gets really busy pretty quick especially being summer and hotel guests being inside an hour earlier.


For food I'd suggest Annette's Diner at the front of the Disney Village, you can't miss it! Great 1950's American theme with great food. Although you may need to walk it off if you're planning a big ride straight after.

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Also what time is it best to get to the park by?)


Come on. Is it really necessary to ask this question? Always get to a park 30 minutes prior to opening. If someone told you to get there an hour after opening would you believe them.


Also, one more tip to maximize time on rides is to try and eat outside of the typical lunch and dinner times.. Any place that serves the Monsieur Croque (sp?) Sandwich is a great place to eat.

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Hi Lingling !


I'm a Parisian with annual pass so I have quite good experience of the resort.


My advices:


Turn your bluetooth ON. There are several bluetooth push areas that send to your phone the actual queue lines at major attractions in both parks.


>>> Start with the WDS park. It closes early at 7PM. DLP / MK Park closes at 11PM.



1a) Take a Fast Pass at the tower first if FP's are open which is not always (usually not) the case at opening.


1b) Run to Crush Coaster. It's a hit or miss attraction, you'll love it or hate it but it's one of my favorites. It really surprised me when I rode it the first time. It's short but quite intense. However, some light hearted might feel a little dizzy after riding it especially if your "turtle car" is unbalanced (two "heavy" persons one side, two light ones other side).

BEWARE: It has the longest lines in the entire resort. Can go as long as more than 2 hours. So if it's 45 or 50 minutes you are lucky and you should take that opportunity as this ride DOES NOT HAVE FP's and is a real success.


2) ToT

The classic Disney hit that is a sure success. Ask to be in an English elevetor (FR or EN depending on the public). The tower processes a lot of visitors so if the 3 shafts and 2 levels are working it shouldn't have too much wait.


3) RnRC

The Paris version is different from the Orlando one in theming. Generally short lines as the output flow is excellent when all the trains are on track.


4) Need some rest ? Try Cinémagique.

A very nice "live effects" poetic overview of History of cinema. The whole thing takes 30 minutes.


Word of advice: During the shows like parades or the stunt show (2 to 4 times a day), there is shorter lines througthout the park.


A word about the "Palissade parade": WDS are receiving an extension with Toy Story Playland (3 heavily themed funfair attractions 2010) and the Ratatouille enormous dark ride (2011-2012). They will be located behing "Toon Studio" and right of the Tram Tour boarding area so there will be a lot of construction panels around this part of the park and Tram Tour.


Now you can head to the main park.



DLP > Closes at 11pm, fantasyland and adventureland close at 10PM.


1) When you arrive through Main Street to Central Plaza, you'll find on your right an information board showing status and wait times at e-tickets.

Go for the shorter by having a "detour" to catch FP to the most crowded attraction.


2) Do what you want but DO NOT waste your time waiting too long for BTM during the day. It will be open late (11PM) and it's so much better by night !


3) Indy coaster is way better at night too when it's lighted by huge fire bowls. Be sure to check at what time this particular attraction closes. Try to do it before closing and you'll have a lovely and catchy dawn or night ride.


4) Space Mountain is a must do BUT it's getting old and bumpy. Avoid front or back cars as they'll wrench your cervicals. Be sure to keep your head stuck to the headrest the whole ride.


Advice: Don't forget to pay a visit to the Dragon's lair under the castle, a masterpiece of theming. Pay also a visit to Adventure Island as it's wonderfully decorated by a great vegetation.

Don't get stuck on the east (right) side (Discoveryland) by the night parade if you want to enjoy the Frontierland night wonders of Phantom Manor and BTM.


And last but not least : ENJOY your time on the resort and in Paris ! You might come across me there as I'll be on the resort tuesday, wednesday or thursday with my partner and his mother.



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Paris' versions of Haunted Mansion (known here as Phantom Manor) and Big Thunder Mountain are (dare I say it...) superior to the ones in my backyard. Be sure to spend lots of time in Frontierland as it has an entirely different feel to it then it's California cousin.


Paris has LOTS of coasters, I have never been to the Studios park but it looks quite nice, and I have heard the Crush Coaster is great, have fun, take lots of photos!

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Thank you all so much for all the helpful advice

I am extremely looking forward to going back as I really only remember a few rides and attractions.


I'm really looking forward to all the big attractions especially TOT as I am a huge fan of the Florida version


I shall try and look out for you Kyril, it would be nice to have someone else to ride the big rides with me as alot of my family are wimps

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Last time I was there in the snow the only rides that had closed was the steam boat around the river and the Skull Island play area (lots of slippery ice), but all the coasters ran!


I haven't been to DSP when it was snowing.



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I'm just back and it was minus 6 and 2 feet of snow and everything was pratically open. On the weekend they super heat the insdie of ToT RnR Crush Space mountain and Pirates of the Carribean if you need to reheat!


Have lots of snowy pics if people wanna see them

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