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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 453 - Bierfest begins July 30th

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LOL at that ad for Griffon on that webpage. Its like the cut and paste the SheiKra ad from before SheiKra's opening except replace it with Griffon, 205 feet, and a satellite image of Virginia.




http://www.bgtguide.com/media/comm.php - Season Pass/SheiKra ad (March 2005)


http://www.griffoncoaster.com/ - The intro.


See, a lot of people are angry over this fact, and even some consider Griffon a lesser ride because of it. But you all have to remember that if Griffon had come first, SheiKra would have been the "lesser" ride and would have used the same type of ads, probably even more so than Griffon is somehow being thought of...

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^Agreed--what's the point of blowing a lot of cash reinventing an ad campaign for a similar ride? Griffon is going to stand on its own quite well, I think--it's looking great.

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I have been going to BGW (E?) for quite a while and never really enjoyed the park. However, I'm hoping Griffon will change my opinion. From everything I've seen, it looks amazing. Sheikra is one of my favorite coasters, and I know this one will be just as good, if not better. May 25 can't get here fast enough.


What I can't figure is why you keep going back when you don't enjoy the park. Well, at least you're keeping an open mind.

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^^Ah, the old "family vacation" scenario, eh? Well, that makes sense. I've been to both parks, and I would give the edge to Tampa overall (even more so, if they put in something along the lines of DarKastle). But BGE is a "seasonal" park that plays to a different audience, whereas BGA has to compete a bit with the big boys in Orlando to get noticed.


Both are excellent parks with plenty to offer--and I think Griffon will be an excellent addition to Euroburg.

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I ambled over to the park for opening day--very pleasant, unlike the freezing passholder preview day (and the ribs from the Smokehouse were awesome). Not much to report, but here are two "detail" shots of Griffon (plus a bonus pic that I think is kinda funny).


As for the sign, very well put.


A lousy shot of the same bridge, taken from the train.


One of the contractors left a gate open in the construction wall, so I took a shot of the bridge (and main entrance, I think). Nice rockwork, eh?

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^Not much to report, eh? Lemme guess...you left before 5:30


Well you'll be kicking yourself for it now


TESTING has been documented. They ran Griffon from around 5:30 until closing. Last ride on Alpengeist we got to see Griffon running through the Immelmann and future watersplash area as we went up the lift. The trains look amazing!!!

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^^I would've assumed that the trains are the birds themselves. Sheikra's trains have some of the bird's colors on them. A griffon is usually darker colors, with greys and maybe blues (like th track), so why would they have a bright red and yellow train on a coaster that is named after a dark and mysterious bird?

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