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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 453 - Bierfest begins July 30th

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It has some really good shots.


It seems to be able to play at will now (about 9 mins long) lots of quick cut pov and offboard shots.


Good video except for the boring life story of the ACE pres. not quite sure what the point of that was.



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OMG!!! That video made it look even better! The screams when the train of general public was caught by the holding brake makes me wan't to ride it really bad, I'm like a sucker to screams or something..lol



The end seat in the front looks like it will be crazy on the holding brake. The lift looks relaxing for some reason, but once you reach the top I bet that changes.

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My Ride Review:


I was lucky enough to go to the VIP party for Griffon last night and what a party it was!


Free Dinner, Desert, Beer and walk on rides on Griffon. I got 15 rides (6 in the front) in just under 3 hours. I didnt bring my camera cause the forecast was for some rain (it held off) and it was at night but they had really cool Ice sculptures out of the rides logo and of the beast diving. I hope somebody got pictures of them.


Well the ride is very fun and Glass smooth. On My first ride I was not too impressed but it got alot better as the night rolled on. My favorite seat is front far left. It is an awesome feeling hanging out so far from the track. The left side has more forces through the Immelmans and airtime coming onto the MCBR. There is some airtime on the bunny hill before the splash pool and a slight pop coming into the final brakes.


I wish the action was more constant on the ride (MCBR brings you to an almost stop) But the Big drop on the outer seats in the front is an experience not to be missed.


Thats another thing there was a sign in the que house saying that "due to high demand for the front, riders may be assigned rows"


The que for the ride is very small, it is easily gonna be spilling out into the midway in no time this year.


It is a great addition to the park and Very different from the other coasters there. and it will be a big hit.


I still like the other B&M's there better but this one is still great.


Other notes: On the left side of the train you do get wet from water dripping from the track above after the splash and if you catch it right it hurts .

I was on the far right seat in the back a couple times and once I had a huge blast of water go up my back in the splash pool.


Any other questions and I will try to answer them. It is definitely worth the trip to BGE



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I totally agree with the front-far-left being the "sweet seat." I had been on it about a dozen times or so and when I got a ride in that seat, it was like a completely new experience.


The queue house is really small, but someone pointed out to me all of these little metal discs embedded in the walkway of that area. Each little disc apparently contains a little pole that pops up and has those retractable straps like on the queue at the bank, so they can add more waiting area as crowds increase, but completely get rid of it later on. Very smart!


Operations on media day were very good. The crew worked very efficiently. The only hold-ups were due to the camera people and stuff.


I haven't done Sheikra, so I can't really compare the two.


I can say that it's a very good-looking ride (and great-riding). That whole area looks good now and will probably just get better as all the new shrubs and stuff fill in a bit more. Excellent addition.

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This thread died.

I went to bge again yesterday, they must of been expecting a small crowd. All the coasters only had 2 trains running so the lines were a little longer than the day before but they weren't too bad. I never realized Lochness and Big bad wolf had 3 trains, until i saw them sitting on the holding track yesterday.Even Griffon only had 2 trains which really sucked cause the single riders lane wasn't that short today.


BGE needs to get strict with the no bags or loose articles beyond the ride entrance like cp does. at bge they'll let some people by even though the rule is to not have any loose articles past the gate...there for the running process was a little slower. but i do notice a decent difference when they do take the rule into effect. loading/dispatch time does seem quicker. it depends on the cast member standing at the front.



also i got a question about the bbw, why do they pull those black bag looking things down and look in them everytime the car comes into the station?i was wondering that.


Griffon broke down once on wednesday and twice yesterday.

on wednesday i think something just happened to the computer, the train wouldn't dispatch.

But yesterday, when the car was approacing the station it would slide 3 or 4 inches too far past the sensors and the floor wouldn't raise up, there for maintnence had to come and push the car back and then they had to cycle.

Maintenance is real quick to getting to the ride and fixing it, it wasn't down for more than 15 min each time


One other thing i forgot to add, the ride opps try to hard not to stack the trains up now. they can be very good at times, but they can be very slow at times as well.

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I was there on wednesday and all I have to say is WOW! This ride past my expectations by a lot. I got 4 rides throughout the day and the wait was only 20 minutes for 2nd and 3rd row and 30 for the front. Griffon has SO much airtime on the 2 drops and the 2 bunny hills. It really is a GREAT ride!

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