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  1. Great Pictures, and just for reference the restaurant is called "Bistro 2-0-5" Just thought you'd wanna know since you put (sp?) by the name. I went to BGE today and it was great.
  2. My Griffon picture! I'm in the Griffon shirt and my friend Shane is on my left.
  3. Photo update from the May 17th VIP party... http://www.bgescape.com/Gallery/thumbnails.php?album=44
  4. Here's you're proof...a BGEscape member scanned and posted his ride pic. online, enjoy:
  5. Which one is Trouble with Yeti Balls? I went through the pages but couldn't find one with that title or caption.
  6. I don't have Photoshop which should explain why mine all SUCK! Ha Ha, how is my last one? I'm not quite sure if it's the worst or the best.
  7. Mine's pretty crappy cause I did it in a hurry but check out "Harry Potter and the Deathly Yetiball" Also for those who didn't know, this is the seventh book cover with yeti on top!
  8. Well you may have to wait until Sunday night but I will without a doubt, get some and post them probably Sunday night, I will probably have them added to BGEscape's Gallery if Ferg is cool with me sending him some! Only 3 days!
  9. Oh man I can't wait! Hope you have fun Ferg! By the way, will the site be back up in time? Because it's still down when I try and get on it...I guess I'll just wait and see. So what time can we look forward to seeing this update? P.S.- Great Graphics on the poster!
  10. Those pictures are great Ferg, thanks! I just watched Coaster World News, and it looks as if we'll see Griffon testing, hear about the opening date, and that special surprise all on this Tuesday from the tour!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!
  11. This is looking awesome!!! This is my first post on this site but not on forums in general...Anyway, If I could get an Admin's permission, I will give a link to a photo-album with like 60-70 photo's from yesterday! Most of them are from a member at Coaster-net named "kevin_hutch"...they haven't been posted online yet but he sent them to me to share if I get permission so let me know. Also some of the pictures are the ones from the previous page which look great! Thanks!
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