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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Christmas Town starts on November 11th

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Here's the press release from the park concerning Howl-o-Scream 2012:



Howl-O-Scream Opens Sept. 14 with a New Maze, Shows and Chills



WILLIAMSBURG, VA (Aug. 15, 2012) – Busch Gardens transforms into the Dark Side of the Gardens beginning Sept. 14. The park’s popular Howl-O-Scream event has been extended to seven weeks this year to accommodate the park guests’ seemingly insatiable need for thrills, scares and startles.


This year, park guests can experience the thrill that only comes from being chased by a horde of monsters when visiting the park. With throngs of roaming minions feeding on the fear of the living, Howl-O-Scream visitors will need to keep a watchful eye for these scary followers. No place is safe in the darkness of the gardens.


The Lady of the Gardens returns this year to show off the Dark Side of the Gardens. Evidence of her decaying green thumb can be seen throughout the park, much to the chagrin of the park’s landscaping team. She had a hand in a special new haunted maze that will debut this year. While she won’t provide details of the new maze just yet, sources say she has been spending a lot of time working in her greenhouse.


Two new shows are debuting at the park this year. Dig It Up, a new show in Italy, promises to raise the dead. A second show is under development at Das Festhaus, but details are still under wraps. Guests eager for all the details can expect more information about the park’s new show and maze in early September. Get the latest information first by visiting http://www.howloscream.com/va, the official source of Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream.


What else can guests can expect this year at Howl-O-Scream? Below is the most up-to-date information available about Howl-O-Scream’s mazes, shows and festivities.




· FIENDS (Abbey Stone Theatre in Ireland)


The wacky doctor and his manic nurses are creating the ultimate Fiend, and there’s not a bad seat in the lab. The voltage is high, and so is the fun as they sing, dance and bring you along on the operation of a lifetime.


· DIG IT UP (Il Teatro di San Marco in Italy)


Relics long forgotten and buried in the vaults of the Muse di San Marco have recently been dug up, dusted off and brought to life through song. Cavemen, Egyptians, Romans, and even an alien encounter make their musical debut in this eclectic energy packed anything goes at Halloween show.


· TBD – A new show in Das Festhaus


Details coming soon.






Through a ruined cemetery filled with statues lies a tunnel that leads to an underground city. Its history is more terrifying than that of France’s worst revolutions. Deep within these tunnels lie mile after mile of bones—the final resting place for those who are buried here. But all is not as quiet as it appears. As guests venture forth into the dank, dripping corridors of rat infested remains, the voices of the dead begin to speak, and some have taken shape.




Deep underground, construction of the newest line of the Pompeii Metro was moving smoothly until an ancient pipe was accidentally struck. At first, it seemed like steam. Then the mist became thicker, more sinister. Now the strange gas is leaking quickly, and everyone trapped inside is infected. The difficult decision was made to cut off all communication to the outside world. The Dead Line is off the grid.




Suspicion, darkness and mind-numbing fear surround the “Bitten” house which is set in Eastern Europe in the late 1800s. Full of legends and lore of vampires and the undead that preyed on the innocent, this manor sits by the road upon which all travelers must pass but few return.




For 13 long years, the dark tower was locked away from the world—existing only in the nightmares of those who had dared to experience Howl-O-Scream’s first and most terrifying maze. But now the seal has been broken. The tower is open once more and on the 13th floor, your darkest phobias and fears lurk in the shadows. Are you brave enough to face them or is your number up?




On the dark outskirts of the Fair Grounds near Festa Italia, a traveling carnival is waiting under a stained and tattered big top. Lift the flaps of the tent and discover the macabre—a fantastic collection of freaks, psychotic clowns and other insane oddities that defy human explanation. Will your sides split with laughter? Or will you turn around and run for your life? Either way, you’ll quickly understand why this evil carnival is doomed to wander the Italian countryside … never stopping in the same village twice.


· TBD – A new haunted maze


Details coming soon.


Howl-O-Scream officially kicks off Friday, Sept. 14 for seven chilling weekends. The park is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 28. For park operating hours visit howloscream.com/va.


I wonder of the new maze will be in the old Drachen Fire barn. They didn't use it last year due to the construction of Verbolten (it was a werewolf maze in the past).

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Want to spend a day at BGW for less than $40? Are you into NASCAR? Do you like Coca-Cola? Then this might be of interest--if you're going to the park on August 23.



Trade any Coca-Cola Product for a $39 Single-Day Ticket Offer


WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (August 16, 2012) – Coca-Cola Racing Family member and NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, is visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Aug. 23 to greet fans and to challenge Verbolten, the park’s automobile-themed roller coaster that opened in May.


Newman, the driver of the No. 39 U.S. Army/Quicken Loans Chevrolet for Stewart-Haas Racing, will visit Busch Gardens for two hours beginning at 5:30 p.m. Fans may see him in the park as he rides Verbolten and enjoys other theme-park attractions. He will sign autographs near Das Festhaus in the park’s Oktoberfest village at 6:30 p.m.


The first 200 fans to pick up a free wristband at Newman’s No. 39 U.S. Army Chevrolet show car in Oktoberfest will have an opportunity to meet Newman. Richmond International Raceway track president, Dennis Bickmeier, will accompany Newman at the meet and greet. In addition to Newman’s No. 39 U.S. Army Chevrolet show car, fans can also browse the RIR display and pace car.


Guests who bring any Coca-Cola product to a Busch Gardens’ ticket window will receive the special $39 single-day ticket offer. This special one-day ticket is valid on Aug. 23 only and is not valid with any other offer.

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^^The park was virtually empty through the early afternoon, so manageable I skipped the Quick Queue Unlimited I'd planned. We didn't hit real lines until after the 4 pm Celtic Fyre show (a great time). A regular QQ saw us through the day. We caught the fireworks while in the Verbolten queue. Right up there with Disney.


In short, loved the park. Verbolten is an ideal fit, a vast upgrade to late-year BBW.

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Well, I went over to the park today to see it there was any significant Howl-o-Scream work going on, but didn't see much before the thunderstorms and the hordes for the Victoria Justice (whoever the hell she is) concert hit. But here are four pictures, for what it's worth (this concert was rescheduled for Monday, thanks to all the storms we've been having). Maybe I'll have more next week.


Yes, HOS is definitely on the way as you enter the parking lot.


Wunderbarn is gone. This is, no doubt, the work of Satan.


This can be either good news or bad news. I'll let you decide which.


This will be the home of "13: Your Number's Up," one of HOS's longest conga lines. That's all for now.

Edited by cfc
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^ Got to love the facebook comments about the canceled show


Even more curious, when we were told at 330-4pm that all seats were "gone" and left the park there were cars as far as the eye could see coming in with their preferred rear view mirror tags...Hmm, as if by magic preferred parking was available all of a sudden...sounds like a little fraud/price fixing ....seriously angry enough to call our attorney!!
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^ Got to love the facebook comments about the canceled show


Even more curious, when we were told at 330-4pm that all seats were "gone" and left the park there were cars as far as the eye could see coming in with their preferred rear view mirror tags...Hmm, as if by magic preferred parking was available all of a sudden...sounds like a little fraud/price fixing ....seriously angry enough to call our attorney!!


And how does "preferred parking" relate to seats for the concert? I hope this nimrod does call his attorney, so he can spend a few grand to get back the price of his park admission.

Edited by cfc
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Hey guys...I have a childs admission to busch gardens and water country that I wasn't able to use thats up for grabs! Since I cant get a refund and im not gonna be in the area before the season is over anyone can have it. Just send me a message if you want it...

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I went to the park this morning to check out any Howl-o-Scream prep that may be going on--and because this will be my last chance before heading out to Beijing for TPR's China Trip. There's a bit more to report than last week, but I imagine things will kick into high gear after Labor Day. No clue as to what this year's new maze will be, but I imagine the park will make an announcement during Passholder Appreciation Weekend next Saturday and Sunday. (I'm thinking something to do with the "Black Forest," but that's just my guess.)


Yes, the creepy flowers with eyeballs are starting to bloom again. You can't kill those things with Round Up--just fire and holy water.


In the England parking lot: They've started on the wall for the "13: Your Number's Up" queue. And, no, I did not spring for valet parking.


You enter 13 via Europe in the Air's backdoor. (Sorry all EITA fans--it's closed for HOS. You have my permission to weep quietly about this.)


Punkins! Evil, disturbing punkins!


Boogie, boogie, boogie!


Just in case you weren't aware that BGW had an official lawnmower. Moving right along . . .


This empty space is where the grape-stomping photo op is usually located. They had a booth selling light-up bling for Illuminights here. I imagine the grape vats will return, with some appropriate HOS theming.


The bridge from Italy to Oktoberfest is getting "Halloweened up," too.


I see you!


You can start humming the creepy little tune now.


If you ask nicely at Lost and Found, they might give it back to you.


This is "Bitten" (aka, the old Drachen Fire station).


No word on what show will be in the Festhaus during HOS (Fiends, which was here last year, will be at the Abbeystone Theatre in Ireland this year). Maybe BGW's old HOS icon, Jack, is moving into the Festhaus? Guess we'll know soon enough.


The gift shop across from DarKastle has started its transformation into the HOS shop. (Look! A hidden Mickey!)


OK, this is something that amused me. Never noticed it before. Note the writing at the bottom of the pedestal.


Was this notice put here for leprechauns or something?


Hmm--something's going on behind the buck nekkid statue in Germany.


Looks like some sort of display up in the old clock. (Probably something to do with vampires, as in years past.)


They're already makin' with the merch.


Germany is getting some BLOOD RED drapes.


We now interrupt this report for a picture sure to terrify Piers.


Now that the Victoria Justice hoo-hah is over . . .


. . . the "Catacombs" can go in.


There's been quite a bit of work over at the "Fear Fair" in Festa Italia.


Shouldn't that be "Paura Fair" in Italian?


Looks like the freaks and evil clowns are setting up shop.


The Drachen Fire barn has played host to werewolves and fiendish fairy tales in the past, but wasn't used last year due to Verbolten construction. Will it be back for HOS 2012? (Word elsewhere is that the new maze will be in the employee parking lot near the Festhaus, but there hasn't been any confirmation yet.)


Looks like the vampires have been doing a little decorating.


HOS starts on September 14 this year. That's all for now.

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Speaking of Howl-O-Scream, the final few new additions for this year have been posted to the site. Included are;


Root of All Evil - Germany

The seeds of evil have been sewn. Venture if you dare into a decrepit greenhouse. Experiments here have not gone as planned and evil has taken control. Botanists, landscapers, and staff all poisoned by the very plants they created. In this maze of foliage, you are ripe for the pickings.


That brings it to 6 houses!


Night Beats - Germany

Things that go bump in the night sing, dance and transport you on a musical journey. From the devilish sounds of the roaring 20s to vamping it up with the music of today, this show is filled with dazzling dance numbers, sizzling singers, and a barely live band that will leave your heart … beating.


And 3 shows...



The dead are alive and so is the fun at the OPEN CASKet bar. Hang around, watch your neck and toss back a specialty libation served by the coolest vampires this side of the Rhine River.


Not to mention a bar...


Inoculation StationNo appointments necessary for the shot of a lifetime with your favorite fiends in pink. Get your prescription filled – the famous test tube shot and photo op are always in stock.


And the nurses move over to Ireland.



And that appears to be it for Howl-O-Scream 2012. Not a bad line-up if you ask me!

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I attended the passholder appreciation event today which was pretty uneventful. They announced everything that was posted a page back about howl-o-scream and gave a little preview of Night Beats which looks like it will be a good show to watch.


They did announce two things announced that I like. First, they are expanding Christmas Town into Festa Italia and now have 8 million lights total. Second and my favorite, they are hosting a Food & Wine festival in the spring. They didn't announce the dates yet though.

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