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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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R.I.P. to Greedy Smith - co-Lead Singer, and main songwriter for Australian pop band, Mental As Anything.


they had lots of international hits, but likely best known to club-goers in the 80's was this one (with Greedy providing vocals in the video)



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They say it comes in threes, and it did on the same day this time:


In addition to Caroll Spinney, we also lost René Auberjonois and Juice Wrld (only 21, death from seizure).


I also realized that a death we haven't acknowledged yet on this thread would be Cameron Boyce, who passed at age 20 from an epileptic seizure.


And a Broadway actress, Laurel Griggs, died at only 13 from a massive asthma attack.

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Pete Frates, a sports guy who ended up with ALS, just passed away.

But he inspired the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE around the world.

A true American Hero, to be sure.



(ALS is commonly known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease". Look it up.)

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Albert Uderzo, co-creator of Astérix, passed today





and more distressing.. we're starting to see impact from CoronaVirus on Celebrities



in the past 24 hours, we've lost:


Famed NY Drag Queen, Mona Foot



veteran Afro-jazz legend Manu Dibango


and late this afternoon, ,


Tony Award winning playwright Terrance McNally

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Terrance McNally was a shock to find out about. His book on the musical "Kiss of The Spider Woman" was amazing, considering the outcome of the piece. It's like the musical "Titanic" .... you know how it'll end, but the live experience is still worth the price of admission, etc. And that musical won the TONY for Best Musical, as did "Spider Woman." Along with a Best Book Win by Terrance.


And before that, he wrote "Love! Valor! Compassion!" one of his best plays, ever. Starring a wonderful Nathan Lane, and equaled pretty good in the film, with Jason Alexander in the same part.


Lots he wrote. Go look him up, those who don't know him.

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Kenny Rogers, 81.


"The Gambler" has folded.


I saw someone post this on Facebook the other day and while a little crude, I have to admit that it made me laugh (which is something that we ALL need):


"Kenny Rogers dippin' out in the middle of an Apocalypse is the most "Know When To Fold Them" shit I've ever seen"

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