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Six Flags Funatics Thread 2009

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If only SF Great America had the rewards. They would owe me sponsorship of Viper.


So that's why I haven't received anything. I occasionally get an email from SFSTL, but I tend to ignore them since I am not heading down that way.....yet.

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Has SFMM started this? Cause they were advertising this all over the park on their queue monitors



ANNNNNNNND for the THIRD time this thread.


Thats just for funatics, which is just their email newsletter. Funatic rewards gives people rewards for visiting and is only at three parks this season.


Funatics Rewards is currently just a pilot program at SFGADV, SFNE, and SFSTL. None of the other parks are participating at this time.
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Not only is it only good at the 3 parks mentioned, but it's also only good at the park you purchased the pass at. My pass was purchased at SFGAd and even though I've visited SFNE and SFStL, I've only gotten rewards for the SFGAd visits.


We just redeemed our Front of the Line passes this past weekend and got the run around. It says to redeem them at the Looney Tunes Shop. We go there and they don't have them. They say to try Guest Relations. We go there and they say the store now has them and to go back there. When we get back there, they still don't have them yet (they got them a couple minutes later). Nice waste of about 20 minutes!

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I NEVER get anything from Six Flags. I've never received that e-mail that season pass holders get and I never get this e-mail either...

Your not the only one. My fiancee, her entire family (4 people) and myself have not gotten a single season pass holder e-mail. But my friend, who lives 4 hours away with a SP for SF Great America, got one about the Food Network event a while back.


However, I do get 5 sets of funantics e-mails every time they send one out. Weird, as I never signed up for the service.

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So I made a quick 2 hour stop at SFGAdv to start the day last Saturday.


Sunday morning an e-mail arrived with the next Funatics Reward. An additional Bring a Friend Free Pass valid through October 12th, 2009.


I believe that is the last of the rewards, as there was no teaser in this e-mail regarding a reward on my next visit.

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