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Photo TR: FANTAWILD, Wuhu, China

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FANTAWILD, wuhu, China


here are pictures of the main views of the park and the four coasters.

appologies as Ive hijacked the thread with pictures of another park in china I was at last week. It is really a top notch park in an abismal city.


after the boat rounds the corner, the crowds soak the boat mercilesly with water cannons they bought from gift shop, park provides dustbin of watre to refill the cannons.


their water splash. very impressivly themed


not originally in RCDB, this looks like a roller skater, with a pair of helixes in the ride.


billed as chinas tallest suspended coaster, i went on another in beijing shigshansen park today, spinning batman,


its a towering coaster and loks great once the mist had burnt off


a view from the top of dwark village overlooking the mine train volcano and river ride


view in the other direction over the lake showing the giant conch under see motion ride , the t 2oasters in the back ground,and the volcanos of to the right


a pirate ship and half a geosphere, this houses another 3d cinema experience


the main entrance to the complex. city walk is the first bit with shops, the entrance and ticket areas are well down this avenue.

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the theming in this park is good, the apple contains a chair swinger. the suspended mouse is like aladelta, touring the spanish fairs, it is fairly smooth with alittle lateral jarring in the corners. the giant conch shell house an underwater cinema experience, where you wear 3 d goggles and walk on the sea bed. its very good. this park has the best 4 D cinema attraction in china, think as good as spiderman in IOA, it involves dinosaurs taking over the world and you fall into an abyss, this explains the upside down building which I first saw in USA. the tree with big orange balls appears inother parks, its in beijing happy velley i think, i saw it yesterday.


Ill dig out my pictures of discoveryladn in dalian and post them next, this is the other must see park ive found in china, apart from the obvious big parks, the chimelong, happy valley ones.


Ive only got Urumqui to visit and ive covered all the provinces with parks with more than 2 coasters. to get anymore is going to require some serious planning on daytripping into and out of an airport with no hotel.


If anyone wants to contact me for information on how to get to the parks im posting about, then please do. Its not difficult but will need a fair bit of preperation with written chinese help cards


The hotel will do these for you on the day for the taxi drivers who cant read english, and even if you say "happy valley" you still wont get there as I found, you have to say the chinese name for the place to get there.


when im speaking to taxi drivers the first thing i say is "le yuen" it means park, if your lucky you get taken to a park, if your unlucky you get taken to an area of night clubs ... or museum. been there.

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its 11pm at night here, still compiling report for the day, but here are a few more pictures of the park.

Ill open another TR on other parks as i get the time over the next few days

thanks for the encouragement, its hard work in china the past 3 weeks and im due a holiday, btw its easter if youve noticed and im working it. even more unhappy.


i dont have the ferris wheel park, its at suzhou.


an finally, it amazes me the chines are not top of my list as obey rules, they overtake on the side of the road, but on a coaster they all hold onto the bar.


tell me im strange, but i collect unusual building shapes, and toilets are sometimes imaginatively hidden. this one is a conch shell. its not as wierd as the sink shot youll find in a toilet on TPR visit to china last year


the parade hapened at 2pm, and was average, i lined the my camera up and the cowboys turned on me to shoot me, didnt notice till i put the camera down. damn, english people stick out.


now why put a huge call with a windmill and a frog in fornt of an oversize fairy castle, the map is in chinese so ill find out one day.


fancy an ice cream, look for the shop shaped like your choice.


as you walk around, you find space mountain, this one has a 3d cinema in it, bit cheesy but passed 20 minutes


... leads you into the conch shell 4d cinema. you can barely see the size of these buildings, they will easily take 800 people.


couple of close ups of the park, this is the upside own house being attacked by dinosaurs, which in the next picture ...


entering shangril land you get asked to pose with the snake, as i was the only one who could reach into its mouth, wish id charged.


atop dwarf tower, i kid you not, there is a good view of the park, this way over the minetrain queue and towards aztec pyramid


plenty of space to squeze another few chinese peolpe in, and one tall english man who got picked on by the clown entertaining the crowd. hmmmm.


the queues are out of this world, 2 hours is not uncommon and its only the early part of the season


and incase you werent wet enough, the park kindly provides dustbins full of water for other guests to refll their soaker guns.


recall the river ride, the water level was at soaking level.


close up of a group enjoying the pulley ride


the hanging pulley station, they are very happy to have their photos taken, as were the japanese. i got a few requests to star in photos with short girls.


no safety nets here, just walk along the track and lift the next carriage off.


the SLC has a few problems with its trains


entrance sign post for SLC, very eleborate.


shows you have better the day gets in the afternoon, and the entrance has hardly anyone in sight, they are all in the 3d shows.


the day started misty and raining, but it soon burnt off. the entrance at the start of the day was packed, notice the queue on the left is groups only, as you bought the VIP ticket you can go in the tiny queue on the right and get the map.


this will give you the layout of the main park, entrance on bottom, it surrounds 2 lakes.

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not everything went to plan, the picture of the park at the start of the day got mixed up, heres the correct picture. if robs clever enough he'll drop this picture in the right place, if not he'll leave it here as testament to its after midnight here, I have an hour left to finish my report and get to bed.

dedication or stupidity,

il put another one together soon :-/


the correct picture for the park at start of day

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flare meteor was down for maintenance, and it isnt going to be back for several weeks. its having a train and station overhaul.

Although it loks like a real Vekoma, it isnt, but its damn convincing

Its a golden Horse XGC 20A suspended type.

The mine train and the suspended hanging pulley are also golden horse, but the roller skater type is not known.

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the worst copy ive ever been on is in discoveryland, dalian.

its a beijing shibaolai hanging coaster.

i dont fit in it. im too tall. but hte ride op had a go and pushed on th eover shoulder restraints and got me in. unfortunately he was of the opinion the restrait must touch your stomach. i treid to breathe out to give the ffect but he wasnt having that, he made run and jumped ont he restraint. it closed another notch and i went round doubled up in pain the whole ride. i had a sore back for the next week. im sure he would disslodge my spine to get me in.

the reason for going to the park is its wonderfully themed and has the lim launch from suzuka crcuit.

that was a great ride.


the fantastic lim launch frm suzuka


the bs clone, evil thing

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That's too bad you had a bad experiance. Now you know why I made the following picture...




Just because you don't fit into a ride doesn't give the ride op the right to hurt you, but in china, theres no regulation on alot of things. I'm not sure if amusement rides are one of them...


Isn't that LIM spaghetti bowl mad cobra?


~ Jess "Launch me up, Jim Seay (as a spoof of Beam me up Scottie)" Chan

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I didn't know that Golden Horse made a fake SLC as well! I thought they were only working on perfecting their crappy spinning mouse ripoff! Those coasters do seem to be made for shorter people. I almost didn't fit in the fake SLC in Beijing Shijingshan. What a sad excuse for a ride that was.


Thanks for the pictures. Now I just have to convince my wife to go back to China so we can hit some of the parks that we missed the first time. Thanks for sharing!

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I've been to 2 happy valleys, beijing and shenzhen, and this year will be at the chengdu and songjang this september, and the fantawild park in wuhu. a place you have to go to just to say "wo-hoo". they have the same feel to them, great theming on the buildings, lots to do, plenty of side shows, theatres. the happy valleys have been around longer and had more time to mature, they have the bigger coasters and are in big cities, Beijing and Shanghai have many international routes, Shenzhen is a stones throw from HongKong, and Chengdu is accessible from Amsterdam on a KLM direct flight.


the fantawild parks, and the second one is in Chongqing where i'm hoping to get to also in september, take a heck of a time to get to them

to get to the Wuhu one, its a train from Shanghai to Nanjing 3 hours, and a train from nanjing to wuhu, another 2 hours, you cant fly there any quicker. Nanjing has other coasters to offer so its worth a making it a 2 day trip.

to get to Chungking, fly into chengdu and then take a 4 hour train to get to Chungking.


for the amount of effort to get there, the parks are not that rewarding, but as i'm working in china and have been to all but 1 park with more than 2 coasters, seriously I have, if you hit the 5 major cities, they are next on my list to visit.

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