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[RCT3] Donau Park Ridge Germany

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I vote something big! By this time in real life, Magnum has been built as the tallest coaster in the world, Viper is being built at SFMM, B&M and Intamin are both building their first coasters...it is time for something big!

Well Yeah, alot of HUGE things were being made in America, but In Europe things weren't as big at the time. But let me tell you that it's just a matter of years til' Donau gets bigger things!



Well I was filming a POV of Schweizer Bob but the thunderstorm cut off the power for a minute... Then I tried again and it doesn't show up any where on my computer. So If anyone would like to volunteer to film POV's of the coasters, I would appreciate it alot and give you some type of 'prize.'


1989 August-

As I said before, Double Looping is getting a paint job.

I was told that the track is done along with the loop supports, but all the rest of the supports still need painted and a second train has yet to arrive.

The bigger building in the back ground is Schweizer-Bob's Station

I like how they added lights to the lift hill and MCBR!

The coaster flies through some of these turns

The coaster almost resembles a water slide from underneath it!

As seen from Conquistador's entrance

I forgot to take pics of this last time, but for 1989 Flusskamm also installed a small Dinosaur Ride for the young ones.

Reptile Rage is tucked in between Donau Mill Falls and Schweizer Bob.

Remember to post PTR's!

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I LOVE Double Looping's new paint job, looks much better. Very Medusa like (I think).


I really like the story and spacing out of when rides are built, it sounds very realistic. Good Job


Can't wait to see more.

Thanks, I got inspired by Laser at Dorney. Thanks again!



1990 April-


Double Looping looks sleek with it's Paint job, It looks like Laser at Dorney Park, Well when it was there!

I love it's station.

I went to ride Riverside Runner and I got an unexpected surprise!

The railings are blue! It looks more appropriate to it's name.

The water was pretty today.

Look how reflective the lake by Conquistador was.

El Latigo doesn't get much love.

And what you were all wandering, Yes there is a new ride for 1990.

Not the best ride, but it's still something, Monster Truck Mayhem.

Oh, yeah.. It replaced Zipper. And used some of Thunderbob's old queue and Zippers exit.

It's entrance.

1990 Aerial.

1990 Was all about the front side of the River.

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I have to admit it, this is better than CD5. No, I mean it. CD5's style is the same, and he repeats a lot, plus some of his rides are short and plain ( no offense) but I like the feel to this park. It has a nice forestry feel to it, and I like it. This wants me to pop out RCT3 and download mass amounts of scenery. Then make a park just as good as yours. Ok now, that I made you seem like the god of RCT3 (which your not, SDK is )



You could add another woodie, that would be cool.



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Thanks for those great comments. I'm not trying to sound rude and selfish, but whens the last time you've seen HHE? I used to love it, but looking back- The buildings were blocks or in game sets. Some of the coasters were unrealistic, especially when it came to braking, layout, and supports. Well I'm guilty too of Supports, I sometimes forget to connect them all the way, use the wrong type of support, or Over/Under Support. CD5 did improve alot on Kingdom de Espana (I think thats what it was called.) His buildings got alot better, his layouts were more realistic, but he still under supported his coasters. CD5- If your reading this, I'm not trying to make you sound horrible and me sound perfect. Cause he is a pro at RCT3 and, every single one of my previous parks SUCKED, and Sadly Donau is my best work...

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Rheine Park Ridge: August 1990

Frohe Ostern, wie geht es Ihnen? Hellow, How are you?


Well I haven't gotten to Donau since opening week, but I was lucky enough to visit the new park, Rheine Park Ridge! The park is under construction, but alot of news stations, media, stuff like that were getting a back stage tour. The park is planned to open by May 1992.

Here is the parks family coaster.

It follows terrain.

In this photo you can see the 'ski lift' which takes riders up to a huge hill where they can ride the parks family coaster, eat some food, or shop in an unfinished themed area.

This is the parks most thrilling coaster, it's a used Schwarzkopf similar to Double Looping at Donau.

Zipper from Donau Park Ridge got relocated to Rheine.

This is the main entrance to the park with some buildings and attractions in the back ground.

Unlike Donau wich sits on a small river outside of the Danube, Rheine is actually on the Rhine River! How beatiful!

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I reckon you should connect both parks together, that would look quite nice I think.


Personally I think you need something new e.g. The green roller coaster is an identicle copy of Double Looping, you should have created a new coaster. It's not that I don't like your parks, it's just that they are too repetative for my liking.

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^There are two of the same coaster, I would hardly call that repetitive.


But I would agree with the fact that something big should be built. If your going off of time, the early 90's were a time where big coasters were being built. ie) heights in the 200 foot range with many inversions.

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themeparkman - True, but I just felt that there should be, as you said, a big coaster.


Srry AEB, I was a bit harsh on you there, the park(s) are looking really good.


But I have to agree with everyone who said the park needs something big, personally it doesn't have to be big, BIG but a floorless or twister would look nice.


Oh, and before I forget, what is the family coaster's name?

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^ Well If you want to be extremely realistic, B&M is a pretty new coaster firm, so their first coaster was built in 1990, and Kumba(twister coaster) was built in 93 or 94, so, I suggest an Arrow mine train such as Excalibur at Valleyfair or Gemini at Cedar Point. They are not kiddie coaster, and although some view them as family coaster, Excalibur has a first drop of more than 100 feet, and has been operating since the 80's.


I really like your Roller Skater, nice work.

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The Ghost: Thanks!

Stoksy: It's okay. B&M Didn't make Floorless coasters til' 1999.

TPM25: Thanks! And yes Donau will continue.

BelgianGuy: It's two different Parks, but they're owned by the same company.



1990- September

Today I finally got to go to Donau.

Monster Truck Mayhem is doing well.

I wander why Schweizer-Bob hasn't been added...

I love that yellow building!

I got to ride the park's nice Wave Swinger!

Even with two trains, Doppelte Looping still has a big queue.

Grass has started to grow along the banks of the stream.

I think it looks lovely!

1990 Aerial

1990 Overview

Lastly, land has been cleared between Doppelte Looping and Superslide. Looks pretty major, wander whats going on...



1989 Rider Results

1. Conquistador

2. Schweizer-Bob

3. Doppelte Looping

4. Observation Tower

5. Riverside Runner

6. Donau Mill Falls

7. Maestrom

8. Waveswinger

9. Alpenblitz

10. Rotor

11. Big Wheel

12. Enchanted Tea Cups

13. Orient Express

14. Scrambler

15. El Latigo

16. Tilt-A-Whirl

17. Carousal

18. Reptile Rampage

19. Zipper

20. German Turnpike

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Donau Park Ridge is one of the biggest parks in Europe. We're home to five incredible coasters. But in 1991 that'll Change with Ge Force! Ge Force will stand 500ft. tall and reach a top speed of 175mph! You'll flip upside down on 8 crazy inversions and be launched by Linear Induction Motors! Ge Force will be built by Gerstlauer! We hope to have our sixth coaster open by Late May 1991!
-Mr. Heiznorg (CEO of Flusskamm Parks)



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Well good job to the people who knew this was an April Fools Joke, You guys all get a Gold Star and Pepsi But to the people who thought it was real... Seriously come on, do you really think I'd ruin this park by making the most unrealistic coaster for this time period? There is not even that tall/fast of coasters in 2009! Well just to let you know, the construction in the last update is in fact real and That should be announced soon...


So remember it's still not to late to post PTR's!

And I'm bored so Here is another quiz for you all!


1. What would you like to see be built in the construction zone?

2. What ride do you think time's up and needs to go for bigger and better things?

3. What is this park lacking?

4. What kind of things do you want to see at Flusskamm's other park under construction in Frankfurt Germany?

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1.) An Arrow suspended...I've never seen it done in RCT3, and after your amazing work with the bobsled coaster, which I also had never seen in RCT3 before, I'm sure you could make it great...


2.) Nothing yet. Let it expand a bit more before rides start leaving.


3.) An Arrow suspended coaster


4.) A new thread for it would be nice. (It will stop confusion, anyway.) Oh, and I would like to see something from Arrow installed there, as well.

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1)A B&M invert maybe, I know they where build around that time I think
You're a bit early for that, although B&M did build its first coaster in 1990.


An Arrow Suspended does sound like a good idea for the park.


I kinda wanna see an Intamin Space Diver though.


Maybe a B&M sitdown or stand up.

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Thanks for the replies, some may happen, but some may not.




Last day of the 1990 Season-

Crowds were high for the last day of the season

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but when Donau Mill Falls was built, they had to shorten the queue for German Turnpike

This building is simple, but I love it!

Conquistador is looking good!

I went to Super Slide and got a surprise. They removed tons of trees and they removed the lights on the slide, is the end near?

Tons of land was cleared here too..

I wander what it'll be...

It's a pretty big space

I love this photo

Aerial view of 1990.


The park made an announcement too!

Donau Park Ridge is a great place, but alot of people say it's lacking something for the little ones... Well new in 1991 is a huge area specifically designed for children. Sadly, we will lose Super Slide which is a classic at Donau. Grand Carosaul will be relocated near Donau Mill Falls and be renamed Riverside Carosaul. The new childrens area will feature many attractions for the kids. The main attraction for them will be a pint sized steel coaster. We're sure it'll be a hit! 1991 Season Passes are now on sale, and the park will now have mid term seasons. That means Donau Park Ridge will be open for two weeks in late January! You don't want to miss seeing the park in the offseason!


-Mr. Heiznorg

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