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[RCT3] Donau Park Ridge Germany

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Well I lost interest in Dubai Entertainment Center, it's not my style of parks so I started Donau Park Ridge (Danube Ridge Park in German.) This park just opened for 1980 near Regensburg Germany.


Here you can see the beautiful entrance plaza.

This is where you get your tickets checked.

This is the Group Sales/Human Resources/Season Pass building.

After entering the park you walk down a small hill to see a nice Bavarian Village.

I'm trying my best to make more realistic buildings.

This building is a small German restaurant.

Here is the main Gift Shop.

My favorite building in the park, it is a cafe.

The Grey building is a winery.

This neat looking yellow building sells Hamburgers and other foods.

Here is the Chair Swing.

This is the main restrooms, looks like a church to me.

The park's steel coaster is Doppelte Schleife (Double Loop in German.) It is made by Schwarzkoph.

Here is it's station.

This is the Grand Carousal.

The tallest thing in the park, Observation Deck.

Here is a preview for the next update! Please reply, No replies, no updates...

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Awww Dubailand looked so good. Oh well - this is promising too, how much work has it taken to this point? You seem so quick at working in-game...


I like the look of the coaster and the village buildings are very realistic.

I thought my Dubai park sucked, and didn't look good. If you play RCT3 and want it, I'll give it to you. And thanks, I actually just started working on it around 9pm. on Wednesday!


Looks nice, but so did Dubai. Keep it up this time. BTW the Schwarzkoph looks really good and realistic!

Thanks you so much!


Update coming later today most likely, so please reply people!

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cincidawg: Thanks!

DBru: Thank you! And yes you do see one!



1980 part II

When you enter the park you can turn left of right, last update I showed you the right side, now it's time to see the left side.

Here is the Enchanted Tea Cups.

This is a Pizzeria.

Here is Zipper, this type of ride is pretty new.

Thunder Bobs is also a pretty unique ride.

This place sells ice cream, I don't like how the building looks though it does not match the rest of the park.

Here is River Runner's station.

This is River Runner's layout, It's a PTC woodie.

It's lift hill is around 90ft. tall and it's about 50 mph.

Over view of Donau Park Ridge.

Above view.

1980 Skyline.

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Welcome back!



Doppelte Schleife is still the park's main attraction.



Do I see something new?



I do, but what is it?



One of a few things new for 1981, Scrambler.



There is also an ice cream shop.



A cafe, that by the way has amazing fries!


There is one more new thing for 1981...



Super Slide, notice the lights at the top?



Observation Tower's queue is always full.



On the other side, this queue is never even filled.



River Runner is so photogenic!



Random photo I like.



1981 Overview.




Please reply if you want to see an update!

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The park looks ral good. I like it. But the fact that theres 2 people im the same lane on the slide makes me wonder about how concerned the park is on safety...

Thank you! I just realized that too, wow, that is pretty dangerous.


Its getting better and better! I like how River Runner is so low to the ground. It looks like a wild ride!

Thanks, and me too, it's highest point beside the lift is the turnaround which is only about 50ft.



Umm are you CF5 in disguise?


Its amazing, I love the apline buildings, the angles of the shots, and the looper.


(best work ever)

CF5? Do you mean CD5? If you do, than thanks! I never though I would be compared to some one that good at RCT3, that means alot! And thanks, Shy Guy's Alpine set is kind of hard to use.



For Maskedbandit.

New for 1982...

Another expansion!

Not my best building, but defiantly not my worst!

Enterprise is new!

Since there is a new area, no one wants to walk across the park to use the bathroom, so I had to make one here. I kind of wish I would of made a custom one instead of using one from Vodhin's Vermont Set.

Here is a new snack bar thing!

With seating.

The main attraction of this area is Maestrom, a huge pirate ship that dominates the area! Notice the lights on the bridge!?

Over view of new area.

1982 aerial view.

1982 Skyline

Please reply, next update won't be until I get a second page.

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Themeparkman: Cool idea, if I do decide to do it, I have to wait til' the early ninety's.


TheGhost: Thanks, and yeah It does need one..


DBru: Thanks, and yeah It does need one..



1982 Mid Season Update

Hmm... whats going on with that ugly building?

A few months later...

Thanks god that ugly building was replaced!

It's a small snack bar type place, that also sells some alcohol. Although it's not the best looking building, It's way better than the building that was there before it. Also It may looks familiar, I got inspired while looking at Kukamonda's Dream World V2!

Look how beautiful Maestrom is!

It seems some trees have been removed and there is a huger empty lot, It must be for 1983...?

I'm in love with that bridge, Although it's so simple I find it so amusing.

I love having reflective water!

Please reply to this park, I'll reply back yours if you reply here!

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hi nice work!!!


A Zipper in Germany... what a wonderful idea! I am curious like itself the park develops Great job!





1983 Opening day

The park built it's third coaster, Orient Express. It's just a Wacky Worm clone.

There is finally some thing for the kids!

Figure Eight.

For a small coaster, It has a pretty big line.

Next to Orient Express and the older Snack Bar by the Restrooms is this fine restaurant that sells Brats.

The new restaurant and the snack bar share the same tables.

Another thing for 1983 is Tilt-A-Whirl. It's across the path from Orient Express and next to Maestrom.

The last thing the park added for 1983 is this ugly looking gift shop. If you ask me, I'd say it looks alot like the cafe by Super Slide and Scrambler.

1983 above View.

Aerial view of new section.

This area is starting to get pretty big, I wander what will come next?

Please reply!

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Thanks for the replies Guys! I'm glad you are liking this park!



1983 Mid Season

I started my day like any other, I went straight for River Runner, But on my way there is noticed something strange. Thunderbobs is closed,and the entrance has a fence over it. It was also taken off the park map.

They need to turn off those extremely bright lights, especially since it's closed.

Tilt-A-Whirl does not get much attention cause it's hidden behind alot of trees. Notice Observation Tower in the back ground?

While on Double Looping, I noticed another strange thing, see it!?

Beautiful over view of Germany's Best amusement park!



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