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[RCT3] Donau Park Ridge Germany

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It can't be another junior coaster can it?


A suspended coaster would look quite nice a think, the only problem is that it would be in a kidz area, maybe a flying coaster I know that they are not very exciting in RCT3.

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netdvn: I already announced it's going to be a kids area, with a small Vekoma Kid Coaster.


Stoksy: Read above. ^



November 1990- Construction Photos from Mr. Heiznorg

Well it's the off season now. Over the past year I have became pretty good friends with Anton Heiznor (CEO Flusskamm Parks) In fact, he sends me photos of the park in the off season sometimes. Just last week a small amount of snow came into town and Anton sent me some photos.

The Carousal is being taken down slowly. It's kind of weird to see what the ride looks like with snow and without a canvas.

The snow quickly melted two days later...

The construction crew put down some dirt...

And then the track arrived...


More soon!

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OMG it is a junior coaster, maybe a Mach?

I already announced it was a Vekoma...



Late January 1991- Midterm Season

Well today was the first day of midterm season. Midterm season is when the park is open for two weekends in Late January and early February. I didn't get to take many photos while here, but Next time I'll take alot more. Only certain rides were open during Midterm Season, all listed were not.

-Riverside Runner


-Monster Truck Mayhem

-Donau Mill Falls


-Germany Turnpike

Double Looping's queue had a fence on one side of it...

The fence bordered the whole construction site.

For a construction site, there is alot of trees.

Where Superslide's entrance used to be, you can see a Vekoma Junior Coaster over the fence, looks fun!

Lastly you can see this, not quite sure what it is, looks like a Frog Hopper.

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I love the supports on the VEKOMA (I hope I can remember that) junior coaster.


In the last picture, I reckon it is a frog hopper, or a miniature drop tower?

Thanks, A few people have said that on the other 6 websites I post this park! And yes it's a Frog Hopper.



February 1991- Midterm season


Well I got to Donau today, next weekend is the last weekend of Midterm Season Weekends. I took about 30 photos, but only Seven showed worked.. My RCT3 is being messed up, and I'm really worried about if this park will even be able to make it to 2000 cause It crashes every time I get on it.


This is weird, Riverside Runner was supposed to be closed for Midterm Season cause of Maintenance.

Another weird thing... Do you know what it is?

Riverside Runner got retracked during the off season, but I guess they finished early and decided to open it.

Only certain parts were retracked, mostly turns and the bottom of the big drop.

They also built some extra supports on the lift and main turnaround.


Lastly, they finished the track for the new kiddy coaster, and the trains arrived. The whole time I was at the park though, the train was stuck on the lift.

Aerial view of the park in 1991... ugh...I mean 1980!

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If you're really worried about losing Donau Ridge Park, you could always post a download, then if you fix RCT3 you could download from the site and start from there. Though I do hope you don't lose the park, it's one of the best parks I've ever seen.

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February 1991- Construction Tour

I was talking to Mr. Heiznorg about the new Kid section and how it's coming along and he took me on a backstage tour.

Here you can see some of the Miniature Train Ride.

The Vekoma Custom Kid Coaster's track work is complete but the station isn't finished. The train is parked on top of the lift hill for now.

Here is the coaster's layout, looks pretty fun!

I like how they set up the new area, looks great!

From Double Looping's Lift Hill you get a nice view of the new area.

There are alot of trees in the area that will provide shade.


I'll try my best to update more often, but My computer is very low on memory and can't run Donau Park Ridge that much and when it does I can only be on it for about 10 Minutes. And When I take photos, very few of them actually show up on my Computer.

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