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[RCT3] Donau Park Ridge Germany

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Thank you guys for those replies!



Thanks everyone else for doing the survey, keep doing it for this update too please! And also I noticed most people think House of Fun is they're least favorite thing here, and I totally Agree! It hasn't been popular at all, not even the kids do not like it. Well 1986 Ride Popularity came in.

Memorial Day Weekend 1987


Double Looping had a huge line as always, It's very popular.

I can see why It's so popular!

You can even see the line from ontop of Observation Tower.

Speaking of Observation Tower, It has a full queue almost every day.

Maestrom is the second most popular flat ride at the park, right behind Observation Tower.

This guy just got off of Orient Express, he needs to chill out it's just a Wacky Worm..

Dead last in 1986

German Turnpike is also very unpopular, I have only actually had to wait in line for it once and that was opening day.

See look how busy the midway is!

Conquistador is the most popular thing in the whole park.

Random cool photo.

Memorial Day Weekend 1987 aerial view. I'll be visiting America soon and won't be back til' Late June so next update will be July 4th. Also I'm not sure if Germany celebrates 4th. of July or Memorial Day but I'll just say they do even if they don't.


Now for 1986 Ride times


2.Double Looping

3.Observation Tower


5.Riverside Runner


7.El Latigo



10.Enchanted Tea Cups




14.Orient Express

15.Chair Swings


17.German Turnpike



Remember to keep answering the Quiz!

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Thanks for the replies.



July 1987- Mystery Construction!

The park has added these small decorative shader things over the river that runs through the park.

There is a new path.

I got on Riverside Runner to go see what was going on in the construction site but I couldn't see much.

I got on Germany Turnpike and saw a small lake.

In other news, House of Fun is closed... I hope it gets removed!

1987 Aerial View!

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From the view from Riverside Runner I'd say a water slide


Looking really good, I really like the random cool photos, keep the updates coming





March 1988: Park Opening day!


Well I ended up staying in America til' August and the park closed early this season for some weird reason. Well ALOT of things have happened!


I look across the river and see this...

I think this building came out good, but I forgot to add some over hangs on the front, Next update they'll be fixed!

On the left of that building is this...

A cool deck with water cannons to spray at riders and some tables! Errr Dumb Graphics Card keeps doing that when I take pics!

And 1988's main attraction... Donau Mill Falls! A very awesome Used Arrow Hydro Flume that came from a park in the UK. It was made by rideopsjon, it was going into his park but his game stopped working so he gave it to me, and I added some rocks too it!

Sadly, Donau Mill Falls is the most themed ride I've ever done but Donau has some big plans in the future for themed rides!

This is the first drop, very small. Also, the ride isn't opening til' May once it gets warmer.

This is the main drop! Notice the skyline in the background!!??

I ♥ How the splash down came out!

Here is the not so great Station.


A new Eli Ferris Wheel opened in House of Fun's spot.

1988 Overview

1988 Aerial View.


I want to thank rideopsjon for making such an amazing logflume, I think he did an outstanding job!

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I love the log flume, definitely one of the best I've ever seen!


You did a great job with the theming. What exactly did you do to the ride? (You mentioned it wasn't originally yours...?)

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1988 May- Donau Mill Falls just opened last week.


I think this is the most beautiful thing at Donau.

You see that little white pole? Well that sprays riders along with the cannons on the other side.

I went to Conquistador and got a walk on but on my way back to Maestrom I saw the huge crowd on their way to Conquistador, so I barley missed the evening crowd!

Maestrom is popular!

I think Double Looping may be more popular than Conquistador this year!

Riverside Runner isn't as popular as it was back in the day, but it still usually has a half full queue.

Wow, Thunderbob's old Queue is still there!?

As seen from Zipper.

Ass seen from Riverside Runner.

Also from Zipper.

The park's lovely entrance with Conquistador dominating the back side of Donau!

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1988 August- Unpopular Rides.

Today I felt like going to go ride some of the less popular rides to increase it's ridership so they will stay in the park longer (I know, I'm a huge geek!)

Poor old Scrambler...

El Latigo is actually a fun ride, I wander why no one rides it...

Not sure why, But I love how Orient Express looks even though it's just the average Wacky Worm with a crappy station!

Rotor was popular in it's opening year, but since then it's been becoming un-noticed.

German Turnpike... Soon to be used to be?

Tilt-A-Whirl was never popular!

Superslide isn't so super is it..?

Such a lovely ride, this PTC Carousal is over 80 years old (It came from an American Park.)

For a ride being on the very front of the park this doesn't get the attention you would think.

Enchanted Tea Cups is hidden behind trees so not many people see it.

Random picture I felt like sharing.

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1988 End of the season!


I wander when the next picture will be added here...

The general public loves Donau Mill Falls!

Here is some of it's queue, it was kind of cold so there wasn't a line.

Double Looping has horrible capacity, it needs a second train.

While I was walking by Tilt-A-Whirl, it had some problems...

Random picture!

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Thx for the update


Srry for not commenting more, I was just at camp and got back today.


Looking really good, the next coaster should be another woodie, I don't know why, I just think it would cool among the other steel coasters

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November 1988- Donau Park Ridge Bought out

Donau Park Ridge, a popular amusement park 2 Miles north of the Danube River outside of Regensburg Germany was bought out by a new company "Flusskamm Parks." Fluskamm Parks is a new German Amusement Company that has been wanting to buy Donau for a few years and finally got enough money. Fluskamm also plans to build a new amusement park very similar to Donau outside of Frankfurt Germany along the Rhine River. Flusskamm invested over 10 Million dollars for the park's 10 Year Anniversry by making a new "Bobsleigh Coaster" built by Intamin of Switzerland, the new colussus coaster is named "Schweizer Bob." The park also opened a small childs ride across from Schweizer Bob.


1989 Opening day- 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

The park epansion is behing Donau Mill Falls.

It's not that big.

A new restroom facility was built.

The On Ride Photo shop and entrance.

Schweizer-Bob looks amazing!

It's queue line has fake snow piles around it.

From ontop of the lift you can see Conquistador!

Germany Turnpike isn't so hidden now.

Most of the layout minus the station, brake run, and transfer track.

Nice overview!

A beautiful aerial view of Germany's Best Amusement Park in 1989!

1989 Overview, MASSIVE!

Flusskamm's official Logo, I guess they're making a new park too!



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This park is awesome is the downoad for the end of the park and are you going to start on the new one?


Either way I am looking forward for the download.

Thanks, and they will both be going on at the same time. For example, if I post a 1997 update on Donau, the next update on Rheine will be that same year.






•Required Sets•

ATH Catwalks

Moki Tangram Gardens

MYR Box Supports

Old Spices Corkscrew Supports

J-Cats Steelworkx

Shyguy's Alpine 1-3

Shyguy's Mainstreet 1-4

Shyguy's Catfish Cove

Shyguy's Circus Center 1

Shyguy's Waterworld 1

Spankey's Hedges & Topiarys

Vodhin's Vermont Scenery

Vodhin's Strip Lights

LG Harbour Set

Aceana's ACCENTS

Old Spices Tree Set

Belgabor's Asian Walls 1

Vodhin's Lighting Kit v2

Imagine Log Flume Covers

Marnetmar's Leftovers1


Iceact's Timberframe


JohnyEars Pirate Ship CFL


Please feel free to post a Photo Trip Report, I would much preciate it! Also, you can take videos if you want! Lastly, you are allowed to edit it such as add new things or remove things, but don't include those in the Photo Trip Report or video!


-Thank you for having interest in my park!

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The park looks AMAZING in its 10th year! The Bob coaster looks great and fits in very well---I don't think I've ever seen one done in RCT3 before, and now, all the future ones have a lot to live up to!

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^Thank you soooo much!




I went to Donau today, but my camera was being repaired so I couldn't take any pictures. I'm a local there so I know alot of employees. One of my friends who is a ride operator is good friends with Anton Heiznorg who is the CEO of Flusskamm Parks. I asked Mr. Heiznorg a few questions, one being if they have started construction on the new park. He answered yes and showed me this picture!

He said that the park will have a Schwarzkoph Looper similar to Double Looping at Donau. He also said the park is planned to open in 1993.


But anyways, While I was at Donau I noticed some changes. Double Looping is closed and getting a paint job, The track is yellow and the supports will remain purple. Donau Mill Falls, Conquistador, and Orient Express all received colored spot lights, they looks amazing! My camera should be fixed soon so I'll be sure to get to Donau and take some pictures!

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1989- Late season


Well only about two more weeks left til' Donau is closed for the season. I wander what they're going to make for 1990... Well my camera broke again so it's in the shoppe, I think I may just go ahead and buy a new one. I did manage to get one picture though.

Not really the best, but You can see that Orient Express got some pink lights. I'm really mad that I didn't get to take more pictures! Double Looping looks great, but it's closed. They are done painting the track, but the supports are being painted a darker shade of purple, and a second train is being put on to increase capacity.


Remember to post you PTR's please!

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