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[RCT3] Donau Park Ridge Germany

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Thank you so much for all those replies!





Well before I get to the pictures I'd like to say a few things! First of all, thanks for making this park become pretty popular (3 pages in 1 week!) I really appreciate it! I love this park, and I think it's my best work yet! But I think I'm going to fast... A little over a week ago this park didn't exist at all, it wasn't even in my head yet. Since Friday Feb. 6th. the park has went through five years, that is alot for such a short amount of time! For now on, I am only going to update every other day and not every update will be another year. So please please please reply so I can get more pages so the pictures won't take ages to load for you!



1984: Fifth Year Anniversary!

I see something new!

This building complex is one of a few new things for 1984. The park is running low on money so they hired a different (Cheaper, not as good) architect to build some buildings.

Thunder Bobs was relocated near Orient Express and renamed Alpenblitz.

Where Alpenblitz used to be, the park built a bridge to make the park be a full circuit.

Rotor, was planned on being named "Thrill Cycle" but the park thought it sounded too fair like. Rotor used to be Rotor at Kings Island, the ride was removed from KI a few years ago but put into storage until we bought it.

Here is another some what ugly building built by that not so good architect.

The last new thing for the park's 5th. year celebration is "German Turnpike." Here you can see the field.

Here is the beautiful covered bridge.

And this is a fake restaurant I believe.

Over view of German Turnpike.

Above view of 5th. year addition.

Aerial view of park.

1984 Whole Park Overview.

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^ What


Your park looks awesome, but I agree with DBru. I really would like to see more of your flats. Also, although your park is moving fast, it does not feel rushed, which means you either spend WAY to much time playing RCT, or you are an awesome designer. This is probably one of the nicest RCT3 parks I have ever seen since the rise(and fall for being stupid) of Kracken's awesome parks.

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^ What I mean is this: obviously he is giving us lots of photo updates as the park updates year-to-year. I'm wondering at what point is he going to make his release for us to download. And, will that be the only one or will he continue to develop it and give us the updated versions from time-to-time...

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Wow, thanks for that awesome reply ghost! And Pointebreak: I might actually post a download today for year 5. If I don't than there will for sure be one for 1990, 2000, and 2010.



1984 Random Update!

The entrance area is a little dull, I think it needs something to make it more original and unique.

From Double Looping's queue you can get pretty cool views! From here it looks almost like interlocking loops!

The Observation Tower provides some pretty cool views of the park. Here is the newest area.

On Maestrom you feel like you are over the river, while you are really just pretty close to it!

I still don't know what this building is, It's not for the public, You can't see into the windows, and on the park map it doesn't have any information about it. I'm guessing it's just a place where the park stores things at night and in the off season, but I'm not sure.


Well Thats all for this update, I love to hear criticism and people's opinion so please reply!

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1984 Late Season Update

The last few visits here, the fountains haven't been working. I wander why?

Notice anything new?

The park removed the ugly trees from these planters cause the roots were getting too big. I like the new Palm Trees, they add a new feel to the midway!

Remember that building I was talking about in the last update? Well I saw some important looking park employees talking infront of it. hmm...

I wander why Thunder Bob's (now Alpenblitz) old queue is still here?

I may update tomorrow, just depends how many post I get

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^ I know, I said they didn't have many.



Yeah they don't have them growing in the wild I think. Idk though cause Ive never been to Germany.




1984 Last day of season- Night


The entrance area looks pretty nice at night, could use more lighting though.

Double Looping looks almost deserted in this picture. It could use some lights!

This midway has some nice trees.

Enterprise looks awesome at night.

Rotor has some okay lighting.

This river is so beautiful at night, and day!

River Runner also looks deserted, and is in need for some lights.

Over view of park at night.

Another aerial view.


Sorry the pictures are kind of hard too see.

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Please don't add any light to the woodie...it looks so cool as it is! (And we all know that night rides should be better anyway, right? )

Ha! Thanks! I may add them, I may not, I haven't decided yet.




1985 Early Season-

I like those little lights on top of Super Slide.

The darkest area of the park is Germany Turnpike.

View from Zipper.

The only thing I saw at the park that wasn't here in 1984 is these pictures of random rides at the park. Nothing new opened for 1985, but the park announced whats new for 1986.


Donau Park Ridge is Germany's number one amusement park. We just celebrated our fifth year of operation last year. As you already know, the park did not receive anything for 1985. In 1986 the park will receive the biggest investment yet. A new Spain themed area will make it's debut. Land Spanien will feature a massive steel looping roller coaster known as Conquistador. Conquistador will stand over ninety feet tall and reach speeds of up to 50mph. making it the fastest coaster in Germany! Riders will go upside down three times on a vertical loop, and two corkscrews! The second new attraction for 1986 is El Latigo, a classic Whip Ride.


Pictures should come tomorrow!

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Hmm...very interesting move for the park. I'm not a big fan, though. lol


While it is great they are getting a new coaster, there will hardly be any variety between it and the pre-existing looper. Especially considering that just last year, Arrow perfecting one of the coolest types of coaster ever made...the SUSPENDED coaster!


While I support the park's decision, I don't think this is the right move. Maybe the project will be canceled in favor of something else?


Nevertheless, the park still looks amazing, and I'm sure it will just get better, nomatter what 1986 brings!

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Well I promise I'll start slowing down on updates, but I'm just really excited to show this new area! I'm also sorry that I only had one 1985 update and it sucked, I was just trying to move onto 1986!


1986 Opening Evening!


Well Today was the parks opening day, well evening. Last night a cold front moved in and then it started raining. Early this morning that rain turned into a pretty big storm, but the park did open, just not the rides. So I waited and waited for hours! Finally around 6:45pm. the storm finally went away and they opened everything up! There wasn't many people there, probably cause the park was still pretty wet all day. Conquistador was awesome! It was pretty smooth, and had some negative vertical G's! The Loop wasn't nearly as forceful as Double Loopings, but the corkscrews made up for that! The tunnel was a neat affect, but the banked S-Bend kinda hurt.... Overall it's the best coaster at the park! El Latigo was neat too, You don't see Whip Rides too much now days!

The park's new skyline!

When I first got to Conquistador, it was sprinkling so some people had umbrellas.

One corkscrew goes right over the midway!

And the other gets very close to it! I ♥ This picture by the way!

This place has pretty good drinks!

I was not impressed with El Latigo's building.

Here is Conquistador's neat looking entrance!

And this is it's station.

There is a little seating area by it's loop.

Which provides awesome photo opportunities!

By the snack bar near Orient Express, Conquistador flies right over some buildings!

After that turnaround, you dive into a tunnel.

And then go through the banked S-Bend right before entering the brakes!

Aerial view of Conquistador and Land Spanien.

Above view...

The park has doubled in size the last seven years!

A beautiful pic showing an awesome park!

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Though I'm not big on the color scheme, Conquistador looks GREAT!


The layout is well thought-out, the station looks nice, and I really like the way it interacts with its surroundings.


Keep up the good work.

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Though I'm not big on the color scheme, Conquistador looks GREAT!


The layout is well thought-out, the station looks nice, and I really like the way it interacts with its surroundings.


Keep up the good work.

Thanks! I kinda like the colors, It was inspired off of a coaster called Grape Vine at Conifer Slopes which is a RCT3 park on atari.

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Thanks guys!




July 1986


Welcome back the one of the best parks in western Europe!

The park put up a picture of Conquistador, on the "Coaster Wall!" And they also got a newer, better picture of Double Looping!

Speaking of Double Looping, It's still great as usual! I can't get enough of those forceful Schwarzkopf loops!

Conquistador looks nice along that small pond.

Random, somewhat good view of the lift.

Loads of airtime right there!

Your only about three feet from the track on that path, although there is a fence, I don't think it's enough.

Here is the second corkscrew, which goes over the path.

RCT2 View!

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March 1987-

Although Conquistador was a huge success for the park and earned the park alot of money; they decided to not spend alot of money for 1987 and just get a small addition. The park said that another attraction will most likely open in April, and that the park will began construction on 1988's new attraction in late season.

The park is now selling Season Passes, so of course I bought one!

I decided to get some Pizza at this restaurant, I haven't eaten here since 1980!

I hate to say it, but I'm really surprised Zipper has lasted this long! It's now at alot of Carnivals and isn't that unique. Plus it's down alot and really painful.

This river is NOT Danube, it's a small branch off of it. Danube is very close though, 2 miles to be exact. And do I see something new!?

It's House of Fun, a very Cheap attraction that fits in very well with the surround area.

I know it's Blocky, but it's supposed to.. What do you expect for a House of Fun?

It consists of many small obstacle courses and slides. Nice addition for the kids in my opinion!

Conquistador still remains the most popular ride in the park, right behind it is Observation Tower, Double Looping, Rotor, and Riverside Runner.

1987 Park Overview, as you can tell it hasn't grown since last year, except for House of Fun.



1.Whats your favorite thing about this park?

2.What is your favorite Ride here?

3.What do you want to see in the next few years?

4.What do you not like about this park?

5.What do you rate this park out of 10?

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