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The "Preview" Thread

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Hmm.. I don't know about the beige. The architecture is very nice. Very very nice. European rct2 is what we needed on TPR.


But I think beige is a very odd choice for the checkered path pattern. I mean it should be fine if used with restraint but it's everywhere.


Maybe use the beige checker pattern in a big diamond shape circling the entrance building and another one towards the top left of the screen. And leave the lest Grey.

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K&M: As that screen is in its preview form, I may and give it my critique. It is a bit of stuff to say, but its what I have to say.

~Custom supports on a coaster the size of that look bad (prefrence)

~The colors on the water ride compared to the colors on the kiddie coaster. It just doesn't match up.

~The large grey walls to make a water fence. Just use the stepple chase track or something. It looks too tall

~The random placement of fire. You could grab a better effect by having it where it is more noticiabloe, either by the splash down ( ) or by the station.



These are just my points, I'll say something nice tho. The layout for that little kiddie coaster isn't that bad.

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^ I really like that theming Brandon! It kinda feels like Jurassic Park.


Seeing as this is the preview thread, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my park 30 years in the future! (Yes, It'll be sticking around a while, don't worry! )




Open in a new tab for higher resolution.

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"Please stand clear of the doors."

"Por favor, mantengase alejado de las puertas."


For my protection, this attachment has been removed.

Edited by A.J.
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