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Trip Report Time w/Pics! PLEASE HELP me get to Disneyland!

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Awesome report! It's so good to see you two had a great time there. A few things to point out thus far:


1. How many points did Andrew lose by again?

2. Chip and Dale got a pimped out Hummer for Christmas?

3. There is one unarguable point in college football year after year....USC cheerleaders > all others.

4. I'm anxious for the rest of the report.

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Glad you guys had a great time. Your pics are great. Tortilla Jo's does have some good mexican food for a chain. We ate there almost every night when we were in Downtown Disney back in 2006. I would love to get back to Disneyland again. It seems like every time I go there, I don't get enough time to enjoy it and we have to run around to see the main attractions. It might be awhile before I head out west again, but I will make it back some day.

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PART 3!!!!!


Happy New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s Eve started as a foggy morning and we started seeing the crowds on the way to Disneyland. We pulled into the parking structure and the lines were CRAZY long. You know it’s going be a busy day when they’re handing out flyers telling you how to handle the big crowds. Despite the crowds, we vowed to have a great day


To start the day we went to It’s A Small World so we could go again without the long line. It was wonderful and we had a great 10 minute wait as opposed to the hour or so it got up to later that night. That afternoon, we went to the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough and surprisingly there was no wait! I was quite impressed by the dioramas, it’s really amazing what can be done with some projectors and glass. The dioramas were stunning and thankfully we had Andrew’s camera along to get some great pictures!


We heard about this time that they shut the gates at about 11 am and we found out later that they didn’t reopen until at least 5:30 or 6. Talk about busy!!! We decided at this point to head over to Pirate’s Lair (well, Tom Sawyer Island ) Mom had never seen the new pirate’s stuff there and it was a good way to beat the crowds. We got some beautiful views of the ships and were laughing at the people freezing on Splash Mountain. Overall, the island’s fun for the little it has and that’s about it. I do like the pirate’s stuff in the caves but I miss having Captain Jack there too.


Andrew wanted to go see the House of the Future (technology nerd ) so we went over there. Another sign of how busy it was: Innoventions had a 20 minute wait. Innoventions has NEVER had a 20 minute wait, I don’t even think when they opened they did It was amusing to go see, the technology is awesome! Andrew made his birthday and Christmas list already, pretty much everything from in there.


The rest of the day went by and was great fun! We got to go on Space Mountain with fastpasses so it saved us the 80 minute wait. That evening before we sat down for fireworks we headed to Haunted Mansion again. They somehow stopped the line when we went downstairs so I was able to stand incredibly still and get some good pictures of the changing portraits The ride was again awesome and when we were in the attic, THE RIDE STOPPED!!!!! This let me get some great pictures of the presents since I won’t use my flash. I just can’t stop saying how great this ride was, I really was impressed beyond belief.


We picked up our party hats and horns from Big Thunder Ranch, it was hilarious to hear EVERYONE in the park who had these. It sounded like there were crazy ducks running around the parks squawking all night. Andrew and I treated Mom to us playing different Disney songs on our horns, no matter how terrible they sounded.


We also got to go on Indy with fastpasses, saving us another crazy wait. When we got to the projector room, we asked the CM if we could step aside to see the Eeyore parking lot sign. We remembered our flashlight this time unlike when we went in June. He used our flashlight and WE FINALLY SAW IT!!! Everyone in the room was wondering what was going on when they saw the three of us cheering It really was cool to see this, it’s one of those hidden treasures that’s so much fun to discover.


We sat down for fireworks and New Year’s festivities and were all bundled up trying to stay warm. The fog started rolling in early and again there was NO wind so most of the Believe fireworks were lost behind the smoke. The New Year’s party was awesome, they turned Main Street into a huge dance party! The fog got really thick and for most of the night it looked like there was no Matterhorn, no Space Mountain and sometimes no castle. Since it was so foggy, we didn’t see the New Year’s fireworks. They would have been amazing, there were bangs and pops constantly throughout the show. It was great to spend New Year’s Eve at Disneyland again, no matter if we could see the fireworks or not.


We spent the last two hours riding Pirates and Haunted Mansion (the first ride of the New Year), there weren’t waits on either so it was great! The night was great and we wandered to the car and back to the hotel by about 2:30 or 3. Overall, the trip was AWESOME and we can’t wait to go back in May. Thanks everyone for reading (and voting!!) and I’ll have another TR for you in May! Have a wonderful New Year!


I look absolutely terrible lol. We were freezing cold, had been run over multiple times by strollers, and were frozen to the ground waiting for midnight. Happy New Year's, one and all! :)


Almost to the New Year!


They had an awesome light show going when we could actually see it through the fog (which was not very thick at this point)


New Year's Party!!!


So would it technically be better to be naughty or nice in a Halloweentown Christmas?


Happiness :)


Merry Christmas to me, I get all the pictures I want!!!


OH MY GOD DID WE SERIOUSLY JUST STOP!!!!! :) :) :) I think I yelled so loud I made Andrew deaf


Ok, it's blurry, but considering the fact that we were moving it's not bad




Or Sandy Claws...


The Pumpkin King...


It was kinda neat to be stopped in this hallway


The pocket camera strikes again! :) I swear, to get these following pictures I did not even breathe I had to stand so still


Points to Andrew for the awesome picture


:) this is halloween, this is halloween


I love how the lanterns light up at night


Snow in southern California :)


Love it


So pretty at night


Fog already rolling in, check!


:) happiness


I was pretty excited to see this mural up close :) Obviously the tarp version but it's still good for me :)


A not to common look at Splash Mountain


Race, Race, Race!!! Unfortunately the canoe lost :(


Water :)


Peaceful :)


Pretty :)


Yep, it was that busy. Canoes, Mark Twain and Columbia


Pirate picture! Rrrrrrr


And they lived happily ever after :)


Or evil lurking within? You decide :)


Just light through a window?


THIS WAS REALLY COOL! She even bats her eyes when she wakes up!


No more Maleficent.... or is there?


You gotta give my little pocket camera credit, this picture came out better than the one on Andrew's expensive camera did


And another book


These were fun too!


Even the light sparkled :) This was beautiful


More books


This was neat how they put out the candles


This will be us at about 2am


Time to sleep :)


This was pretty cool! I love how Maleficent just looms over her... she's so evil she's awesome




This was cool and a taste of what was to come. I didn't smell burning wood like I heard you did... Maybe whoever I heard it from just imagined it


Neato :) Poor spinning wheels


Book :) I wonder if these are the originals that were in there...


It's finally open again!!!


Christmas :)


Gotta love the NOS decorations!


Look how lovely :)


:) Happy almost New Year!

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Awesome photo TR. I dont know how I did not notice this before. I am still kind of sad I missed all the Christmas stuff, but I am a pass holder and will continue to be one for next Christmas. I am going on Friday and cant wait to check out sleeping beauty. The last time I went through that the dragon made me cry( pictures, I cant remember that far back) So I would have been between 2 and 4. I cant wait to see what my memories cant remember.

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Looks like you guys had fun.


However, I have a question...didn't the Sleeping Beauty’s dioramas used to be molded 3-D figures (like the ones that are displayed on Main Street)?? They look like little projection screens now.


They changed it back to it's original style. In the first walkthrough, they used the "pepper's ghost" (haunted mansion ballroom) effect to make part of the scenes. They went back to that same style now It's quite cool to see because most of the projections/pepper's ghost stuff is moving

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hello my beautiful couin, katie. i love the pic of you and sndrew by the tree. OMG, i didn't realize he's so TALL. you two look well suited to one another. compatible, happy, comfortable. it's a nice place to be when you find someone who will add stability to your life. looks like you've found one another and i'm so pleased. tell your mom and dad i said hi. i'm busy couponing, grounding ben when he won't listen to me, being in awe over faith's caring nature, vacuuming up doghair, and watching the pounds pack on. so i'll head over to the fridge and get another beer. oh, welcome to the 21 club, my friend!

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Great TR! I love all the pictures! I love Disneyland during Christmas and was really glad to be able to make it there this year!


Oh! And great Mark Twain pictures! It always amazes me that you can find that sight in the middle of Anaheim.

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