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Trip Report Time w/Pics! PLEASE HELP me get to Disneyland!

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Hey there Mouseketeers (and TPR members )! Mouseketeer Yeti is checking in on this wonderful Saturday to let everyone know that there are 5 more days to vote for us in the costume contest! I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend, thanks again for voting!!


p.s.: I was a little tired when I took the picture of Yeti Ball so please forgive the misspelling of Mouseketeer on his sign


M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!

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That's so cool! I thought about fixing it on the computer but it probably would have looked terrible lol. You can't even tell the picture was fixed it looks so good! Thanks


I'm excited and nervous at the same time... I really really want to win and I think we will, but it's not over till it's over in 5 days, so that's 5 more days of me being a nervous wreck till we find out lol


Thanks again for voting everyone!!


(Yeti says thanks for fixing his sign too )

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If you do win, this will be an awesome show of TPR Support! We've been a really nice community lately, between everyone voting for you here, and sending Sammi postcards for her school project...I'm just so darn proud of all of you!

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Yeti Ball strikes again! This time he's got his fastpasses in hand and is ready to go ride! Now the only question is... which ride first?


Thanks to everyone for continuing to vote and hopefully on Halloween I'll get a call saying we won!


Here's the URL again http://www.mix969.com/pages/disney-photo/vote.html



p.s.: I have more Yeti Ball pictures for each of the days until voting is over, so keep checking back to see them!


So which ride first? :)

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I think this has become one of my favorite threads of recent times on TPR. I just love it when everyone gets together to help each other out!


Between this and Sammi's post card thread there is a lot of member love going on at TPR right now!


--Robb "If you guys win do we get to meet you at Disneyland?" Alvey


ps. Yeti Ball pics rock!

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Thanks Hey, it's because of you guys that I fell in love with Yeti Ball and had to have my own!


And I think you read my mind there a little... I was gonna see if some TPR people wanted to meet and go on some rides together if we win! After reading many many trip reports with all the TPR people I'd love to actually meet everyone in person! I'd be honored to get to know in person some of the wonderful members of the TPR family!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..............


There lived...




Yeti Ball is here today to wish everyone a wonderful week and to remind everyone that there are only 3 more days after today to vote for us in the contest!


Thanks again to everyone for their votes so far and hopefully at the end of this week TPR will have lead the way to victory!!!


Use the Yeti Force

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