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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Just got back from the first night of Fright Fest at SFNE.  A bit too tired after driving back for a long report, but...Given how difficult a year 2021 has been all around, I was pretty impressed with them.  It was basically the same event as 2019; same haunts and events, but I don't blame them for not having time to rework the event entirely; I was just grateful to be able to go at all this year.  The only significant rides not running were Fireball (still down from storm damage, I guess) and Houdini, which gets turned into a haunt for the season.  The actual haunts were staffed well enough (I know people always comment on their being few actors in them, but I really didn't get that sense at all...no worse than any other haunts I've been through), and maybe just because it's the first night, or maybe people are just eager to be able to do these things again, but the actors seemed to be getting pretty into their roles.  Ops were good; all the coasters were running with minimal stacking, apart from the occasional troublesome guest, even on WC, which is an impressive feat.  Wicked Cylone , Superman (red train) and Batman were all running great; Riddler's Revenge was...well...Riddler's Revenge.  Brisket at JB's was pretty great for Six Flags food.  The Hell's Belles show (cheesy, but I have a soft spot for it) was definitely better than 2019; new ending makes a bit more sense, and the performers were definitely better than I remember.  Crowds were very low, too; I had my skip the line passes from the VIP membership, but didn't need them for anything except Harley Quinn; every other ride was a walk-on all night; same for the haunts  I still wish they were open more than 5 hours; I could have used more time just to enjoy the atmosphere, after missing Halloween almost entirely last year, but...great start to the season.  SFNE is still doing an impressive job of keeping things mostly normal this year.

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