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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Went to the park yesterday, crowds were very light but probably had the best expiernece I've had at the park. 2 trains on all rides, all the staff was very friendly, operations were great except on flashback surprisingly which somehow had the longest line in the park. Even my food service was pleasant and that says a lot. I think this is the season they got everything together.

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The ride sounds great, basically an updated Cyclone Sam’s (at Worlds of Fun) to me...more importantly, how did GRID sound?



In all seriousness, please don't kill yourself when this turns out to be nothing more than a ride in a box with some strobe lights.

Come on, stop letting yourself down. There will be screen projections and Grid will be in it. It's not my fault I'm attracted to some skull robot thing just because his voice is hot and I consider what he does to Cyborg pretty... let's not go there.


Anyway, sign went up. And commence my Grid fangirling in 3... 2... 1! OMG GRID GRID GRID GRID...

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They have hinted at expanding HITP possibly next year but we shall see.


You would need to open and decorate the entire park to get to that ride and it's a Trabant.


Yup basically they would outside of what’s closed in the north end already. Also tough if there is any ice with the stairs or ramps to get down there but it really was hinted at as a possibility.

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^Man it would be great to ride supe in December....would they ever close the stair access and just use the ramps over the Superman tunnel? Kind of a PITA to get to Cyborg but could be done....not sure if they’d be required to maintain double access points using this stairs by CW....the ramps would be easy enough to clear snow and salt for ice....they really need to do this

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Went today in the morning for a few hours....rode Superman on blue train and man - is it me or does that train really scream....I mean it’s loud....especially in the spaghetti bowl section and then through the tunnel it’s deafening....I don’t recall the red train doing that much...IDK....

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Went today in the morning for a few hours....rode Superman on blue train and man - is it me or does that train really scream....I mean it’s loud....especially in the spaghetti bowl section and then through the tunnel it’s deafening....I don’t recall the red train doing that much...IDK....

Both trains have always been pretty loud but they’ve also been squeaking a lot more this year.

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Rode cyborg again today and I gotta say I enjoyed it way more the second time around....that little speed kick at the end is tremendous.....and the vertical phase seemed better....I paid attention to cyborg more also....tried to take in the story....I like the ride

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  • 2 weeks later...

Stopped in for a bit today and got 3 absolutely ridiculous rain rides on Superman today. They put new wheels on this thing this year that have already caused it to run much faster than it normally does. Add in some slick track from the rain and forget about it, this is still one of the best coasters ever built.


Also rode Cyborg and it’s ok. The cycle is pretty lame, it only reaches its max height once, maybe twice.

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Stopped in again today for a few hours and since it’s been a while since I’ve written a trip report, I figured I would do a quick little one to kinda warm up for writing a couple big ones over the coming weeks with some trips to Dorney, Great Adventure, SFGam,Cedar Point, Holiday World, and Hershey coming up.


Anyways arrived a little after 1 and made it through security with relative ease since the park was fairly light for crowds. I normally start my day at SFNE with Superman but of course as I walked through entrance it decided to throw it’s normal Intamin shit fit so they closed the line and in turn I turned around and made my way toward Wicked Cyclone.


Wicked Cyclone is a really really weird ride for me. Some days I adore the thing, other days I think it’s the worst of the 3 RMCs I’ve ridden. Had a quick 15 minute wait for the back seat and then we were strapped in. I somehow got huge amounts of room which is a rarity for SFNE, their ops can be a little crazy with the stapling.


This ride was absolutely nuts, the ride felt like it was running a bit under speed but thanks to the room I got between the lap bar and my legs the thing delivered crazy ejector air in droves. The outward banked hill and the pop of air after the 1st zero-g roll are just absurd. I go back and forth between this and Storm Chaser (one of the other of the 3 RMCs I’ve ridden) a lot but after this ride I think Wicked Cyclone is definitely the better of the two.D508F5FC-1C11-469D-BDE7-AEDBC97773D2.thumb.jpeg.efec0f1fb067309cb0ba23c02b2f6a9c.jpeg

This double down kicks ass


After this I checked the app to see if Superman had opened back up, which it had but took a quick stop at SFNEs resident torture device


What the hell am I doing to myself?


I ride this piece of crap once a year to see if the park found a way to make it suck a little less, and this was my first ride of the year because as is an SFNE tradition it didn’t open until about 2 weeks ago. The ride had about a 10 minute wait so I figured to take advantage of it now since the crowds are about to start to pick up at the park in the coming weeks and this thing attracts people like flies on a piece of turd. Because of assigned seating I got assigned to the back row and honestly I should’ve just walked through the exit right then and there. Strapped and in and hoisted up the tower and OWWWWWWWWW! WHAT THE F**K! GET ME OFF THIS TORTURE DEVICE. Goliath is just a jack hammering shit storm with a couple good knocks to the head in and out of the cobra roll.


I’m frankly amazed how badly SFNE ruined this ride. Anyone who rode it with the old train can tell you how awesome this ride was then. I also don’t think this ride is going to be around much longer to be quite honest and it’s plot of land could be a prime spot for an RMC Raptor.


Anyway now that we got that pile of junk out of the way let’s move on to the greatest steel coaster in the history of planet earth (bite me)


Hello Intamin hotness


This is the ride that got me into this hobby, I’ve ridden this ride far more than any other coaster and I will still never get tired of this thing. It was a station wait so I waited 2 cycles for the second to last row and pulled down the bulky UBricks.

Now I do agree with the complaints about these lap bars, they’re too much but I’ve seen much worse (ahem... SKYRUSH).


Off we go with the amazing view of the river and all of the New England green on your left and no time you’re ripped down an absolutely amazing drop with a big pop of ejector air and 77 mph all up in your face as it flies through a tunnel. Barreling up into the airtime hill after that, this hill used to be some strong floater air. With the way this thing has been running this season, this hill is absolutely sustained ejector. Through the overbank with some nice whip in the back seat and the ride comes screaming towards the best part of the ride.


. These two back to back Hills are one of the best sequences of airtime on any coaster anywhere. The first hill is some strong sustained ejector airtime but it is absolutely nothing compared to the next hill. All of the sudden Superman decides to do its best El Toro impression and unleashes some of the strongest sustained ejector air on any coaster anywhere. My god this hill is pure bliss ALL HAIL INTAMIN!!


Hold on to your ass


The rest of the ride is just a tangled mess of ejector air and strong positive G’s. My god this ride is absolute perfection, I don’t care that the trains suck, I don’t care the restraints are ridiculous, I don’t care that the ride has developed a bit of a rattle, this ride is an utter masterpiece and it is still one of the best coasters ever built. It also SLAUGHTERS Wicked Cyclone if you couldn’t tell by my gushing over this ride. If this thing still had TBars I’m almost positive it’d still be my #1 over Toro.


This coaster is my crack


After that Intamin goodness I opted for a ride on Riddler. I’ve been really warming up to this thing recently. I’ve found that the back seats are the smoothest spot on the coaster and obviously it’s the most intense spot. The layout is compact, whippy, and quite intense but it’s an SLC so you already know that.


Hopped over to Batman for a back seat ride on that. This is a solid floorless although not as good as the other 2 I’ve ridden (Bizarro, Rougarou) but it does have my favorite element of the 3 in that zero-g roll. This ride is fun but it’s gotten a bit rough for a B&M. Took a couple good clocks to the head through the corkscrews at the end.


I was running short on time so went back over to Superman for one more ride on absolute perfection. This is still the best steel coaster on the planet, I know I’m in the minority with that one but I really don’t care, it’s the best!


Solid day at the park. I live so close that when I come here I only pop in for a few rides on Superman and Wicked Cyclone most of the time and then mix in whatever I feel and then bounce. Sorry it’s not the greatest trip report ever, it’s been a while since I’ve written one so I’m just trying to get the hang of writing them again.

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Great report! I go back and forth whether or not I prefer Superman or Wicked Cyclone. Superman front row versus any row on Wicked Cyclone is a toss up on a cooler day, but on a warm day Superman in the front can compete with almost any coaster.

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Tried Cyborg today. I enjoyed it. It's definitely among the park's better flats, but there were some things I hope can be tweaked in the coming weeks.


- As others have said, the cycle is super short. I'm hoping it'll be lengthened once the queues die down.


- The audio is very hard to hear over the ride. I'd love to see that cranked up since I actually want to hear the story the park is trying to tell.


- Even though they have an indoor queue with several switchbacks, they're having the standby queue form on the main midway outside the building. This is a bummer since the inside queue has some theming, is air-conditioned, and the midway got pretty congested. I think it would really help to either find a way to let the Flash Pass riders enter through the exit or remove Flash Pass entirely from this ride.

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