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  1. I'm surprised that nobody has said Lake Compounce. Been lots of rumblings about it.
  2. Wildcat does have a transfer track, it’s after the station, and before the lift.
  3. As a Superman operator, I love to hear this positivity about our ops! We’re honestly all working as hard as possible to send trains out quick, and it’s awesome to hear that you guys are noticing!
  4. They considered it but decided against it because they did not want an overflow of people in the gift shop.
  5. It’s for grouping purposes. It allows us to group Flashpass and ADA Passes into the queue before we send general riders inside.
  6. Grid doesn’t have a voice though. It’s a small skull on a screen, that’s it.
  7. Did you just diss Grid? I don’t know why you’re really expecting more than a Freestyle in a box. Nobody really cares about Grid, and your posts are adding nothing to our conversation.
  8. Actually, we implemented a new policy this year! If your row is empty, you can reride! Holy krap!!! For real? Is this on all rides? So many times we’ve been there and rolled up after riding and nobody in the row and we ask tonreride and they’re like “sorry bro - gotta go around”.....not sure what the reasoning was there but was maddening....I always ask anyway and it’s not like it goes down like that all the time....it’s like 50/50....HITP 2017 I got four rides on Batman by asking.....but it was 22 degrees and nobody was in line lol....man my face froze after that It’s *supposed* to be parkwide.
  9. Actually, we implemented a new policy this year! If your row is empty, you can reride!
  10. Well at least on Saturday we got bumped out of row 1 three times in a row and the people were hardly having medical issues or disabled....it was so annoying....did hear from daughters friend that at least on Supe theory’s not supposed to let those folks board row 1 or back row but who knows....seems a good portion of ride ops aren’t real strict....case in point how they’ll let through say 2 people on a flash pass good for only 1.....seen that a lot Your comment is a little insensitive and ignorant. Disabilities are not always physical nor are medical needs. But, it is still the beginning of the season. All policies will become more consitent as we move into full time operations. And as always, if your dissatisfied with something during your visit, don’t hesitate to visit guest relations, or leave a comment on the parks “Contact Us” page!
  11. “Priority Boarding” is the term we use for our access pass, which is used for medical reasons and/or disabilities. Not sure why they’re using them every train on the front row. They’re not supposed to be filling them in row 1, and should be alternating which train is being filled with the Acess Pass. Sorry about that everyone! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying Superman! That’s usually where I’m operating.
  12. @Canobie Coaster, I think that was me who recognized your shirt! Not a supervisor though, just simply a team member. Thanks so much for mentioning our operations. It's still early in the season, so no crew is going to be perfect, but we're trying our best, and the announcements to when the train will be leaving are definitely helping speed thing up. As for the park being pack, I was shocked at how busy it was, as one week before, Superman barely had a line! Thanks again for the nice words about the Superman crew!
  13. Yup, back to two trains, and the ops are moving very quickly. Great job to the hardworking maitnence team!
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