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Worlds of Fun (WOF) Discussion Thread

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^Behemoth has hills and drops. Leviathan has hills and drops. Tell me what the general public would find so unique between the two that makes them any different, aside from height.


At the end of the day, it is a new coaster, and a tall one at that. The general public will see it when they are in (or even outside of the park) and be compelled to ride it. I don't think unique elements drives general attendance, at least not at that park.

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I agree that it would be an awkward choice for WoF to get a B&M hyper. Much more awkward than the Behemoth/Leviathan thing. Firstly, Leviathan is a whole 100 feet taller than Behemoth. I think it seems kind of obvious that CF wouldn't sink the same $30 million into WoF that they were willing to invest in CW, because WoF doesn't have anywhere near the 3 million annual visitors that CW has. And secondly, I feel like if WoF were to get a B&M hyper, while the GP would eat it up, it might have the effect of making Mamba (what the local gp currently views as an awesome ride and a major draw for going to WoF) seem crappy and outdated by comparison. I think it would be a weird move for WoF to make one of their premiere attractions somewhat irrelevant.


I think some kind of launched coaster would be a good future addition at WoF. It would seem exciting and new to the GP without making Mamba seem lame by comprison as it would be a totally different experience. And it could probably come at a signigicantly lower price tag. I don't know, just my thoughts.

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Honestly, I think Worlds of Fun needs something like a launched coaster. They have a great variety so far. Amazing woodie (Prowler), Patriot, which is my favorite invert, and Mamba. I think a Maverick-like coaster would be excellent for them! I don't EVER see them having a record breaking coaster, but big things can come in small packages, right? I also think a Screamin Swing would be nice to see! But I'm all for Worlds of Fun making little improvements in the park here and there if it benefits them.


EDIT: jzoole, I was typing this post saying they need a launched coaster and while I was doing that, you posted before me saying the same thing. Maybe they really SHOULD get a launched coaster... Lol.

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Only coaster enthusiasts would think it would be funny to get a B&M hyper when WoF already has a Morgan. The GP will eat it up anyways, and all they know is that "It's a new roller coaster". Not that they're going to get one, it's just that they always could, and the GP wouldn't care about the fact it's "similar".

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I'm getting in a pissy mood about the park. Seriously Cedar Fair, you can't do something with it?


Seriously, Cedar Fair will, in all likelihood, be spending millions of dollars at WOF next season. The Department of Justice has revised ADA regulations applicable to height of counters, width of pathways, and most notably, grade of sloped pathways.


Instead of buying a new ride, the park is rumored to be spending the bulk of its cap ex budget on reprofiling its several hills. Money doesn't grow on trees.


Be glad Cedar Fair is willing to spend the money to bring the park into compliance rather than just close it and redistribute the rides. Your "pissy mood" is unwarranted.


As a handicapped person (Pediplegic) I'm very happy to see these changes coming to parks across the USA- but not necessarily the loss of a new ride/attraction. I'm very fortunate that I still can walk, but I can see the need for changes to a few parks- a unpowered wheelchair for some would be -impossible- to negotiate in a hilly area. Even the best parks have issues with accessibility on ramps, etc. (Goliath at SFoG for me was like climbing Mt. Everest...) and while I see a need for some parks to change things, it's not always easy to do.


For the most part (with a -small- handful of exceptions) parks tend to do a great job at handicapped accessibility. The exceptions are far and few, but when they are bad, they're horrid: Stairs for me are a near impossibility- and ARE impossible to negotiate in a chair. It's these things that need changing.


Having been to many parks both before and after I lost the full use of my legs, I can see some need for rebuilding ramps, etc. but I cannot see any changes to terrain and grading of hills within a park for access. HersheyPark as well as Busch Gardens do an exceptional job of telling you where you should- and should NOT- go within the park due to steep grades, elevation changes, etc. Those parks do it right. If a park feels the need to change pathways and terrain without planning out alternatives, that's their choice- but there are better ways to spend a park's money.

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I hate double posting.


Worlds of Fun got a new site, out of nowhere I'd say. They didn't give any mention of it, but I guess it was to go along with all the other Cedar Fair sites' changes. Here's a link: Click me please.


Personally I like it. Very easy to move around and has a fresh, clean design.


Plus, click here for an update.

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Thrill ratings aren't given in comparison to other rides. They're evaluated individually against established criteria.


For Level 4

Rides that generally have medium to high speeds and/or heights with moderate to rapid

braking. Riders may encounter unexpected changes in speed, direction and/or elevation.


For Level 5 (I added the bold emphasis)


Rides that generally have one or more of the following: high speeds and/or heights,

aggressive and unexpected forces, and rapid directional or elevation change. Riders will

encounter many unexpected rapid changes in speed, direction and/or elevation.

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And here we have the World's of Fun Pricing Schedule and Rides list for FastLane


10 Rides:

Octopus, Prowler, Boomerang, Fury of the Nile, Mamba, Detonator, Timberwolf, ThunderHawk, Le Taxi Tour, and Patriot.



$50 - for 1

$45ea for 2

$40ea for 3

$35ea for 4

$30ea for 5+


*Select Saturdays may be $5 higher, check their calendar for details.


Other new items include:


NEW Live Entertainment

New shows debuting in 2012 include the outdoor country celebration "Made in America" and the rhythmic "Grease Monkeys" steel drum performance in front of Coasters Drive-In. Plus, Hoof-N-Woof Roundup adds a little surprise to their dog and pony show, and Charlie Brown takes the little ones on a jungle adventure! Don't forget all of our other Live Entertainment, including two shows in the Moulin Rouge theater and the dazzling Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights. Plus, you never know who you might run into on the midways in 2012!


NEW Dining Options

Come hungry in 2012! This season we're introducing a feast of new food options, including Lemon Tree frozen yogurt, Caribou Coffee, and too many new menu items to list. We're using the freshest ingredients and offering more choices than ever before!


Fresh Looks

The park is going to look better than ever in 2012! The new Cosmic Coaster will greet guests as they enter Planet Snoopy, fresh paint and pathways give the park a fresh look, renovated restrooms offer more comfort that before! Plus, this fall, Halloween Haunt is ready to 'take you to school' with more gore than ever before!



I know the park has been working hard to provide better food and honestly of all the Cedar Fair parks I've been to (which is all except MA and VF) I can say they seem to have the best food. I can only imagine what the new choices will bring.

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I think for this time of season fastlane at WoF is not worth it, lines are typically less than 20 minutes and in many cases walk on. Once Mid June hits it will be worth it on the weekends for sure.

Lines on opening day at times got up to probably about 45 minutes. It should only get worse on the weekends from now on.

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