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  1. I like this idea. I can remember suggesting something similar when GL was still in full operation. If you kept traditional hours for the waterpark you could really extend length of stay. Spend a full day at the waterpark and then a full night at the theme park (rather than half at each).
  2. Thrill ratings aren't given in comparison to other rides. They're evaluated individually against established criteria. For Level 4 For Level 5 (I added the bold emphasis)
  3. I believe that CF bought GL to prevent another company from successfully developing it to the point it competed with Cedar Point. The story I've always heard was that Busch originally offered to buy SFO before SFI counter-offered to buy Seaworld Ohio. In 2000, Busch obviously believed that they could successfully run both properties with the Seaworld brand name and consolidated overhead. I suspect that CF didn't want a competent operator like Busch (or even Kennywood) to buy and improve SFWOA. Hear me clearly, I do not think CF bought GL with the intention of downsizing it to just a wat
  4. Hindsight is 20/20. With that said, I think CF should have kept the animals but returned it to a separate gate zoo. There isn’t a lot of overlap between the demographics of a zoo and an amusement park. By combining them into the same (more expensive) ticket, SF alienated customers for both products. If CF still wasn’t comfortable with the zoo’s performance after a few seasons they could have then sold that portion of the property. I think CF made the right decision in making the waterpark their central focus. But I think they should have expanded and rebranded the existing waterpark
  5. ^ Let's pretend an idiot rider thinks it would be fun to maneuver his way out of a lap and stand on top of his seat during the ride. He is consequently ejected and killed. His family then sues claiming that the lap bar was defective. If the ride had a seat belt he would need to unbuckle it in order to stand up and ultimately be injured. A park can use an unbuckled seatbelt as evidence that the rider deliberately broke the rules and was attempting to work his way out of the restraints.
  6. While not from Facebook, I did find a pretty humorous error on an ebay listing.
  7. Seriously, Cedar Fair will, in all likelihood, be spending millions of dollars at WOF next season. The Department of Justice has revised ADA regulations applicable to height of counters, width of pathways, and most notably, grade of sloped pathways. Instead of buying a new ride, the park is rumored to be spending the bulk of its cap ex budget on reprofiling its several hills. Money doesn't grow on trees. Be glad Cedar Fair is willing to spend the money to bring the park into compliance rather than just close it and redistribute the rides. Your "pissy mood" is unwarranted.
  8. From the Worlds of Fun Facebook page: All three are courtesy from Lisa Another person who is furious that their dirt cheap season pass doesn't include all of their hearts desires. What is with the sense of entitlement?
  9. It is common knowledge that Michigan's Adventure has the lowest attendance and revenue in the chain. But don't overlook the probability that it also has the lowest operating expenses. With a short operating season and small sized full time staff I wouldn't be surprised if MIA brought in a very decent profit. I don't believe a smaller company would be more successful with the park. Cedar Fair is able to order all kinds of things in bulk and a smaller owner would likely have to pay more for all kinds of goods and services since they would be buying on a smaller scale. The park's new m
  10. I remember back in August of 2008 Jeff Pike from GCI was speaking at ACE's Preservation Con at Lake Compounce. Rumors about CGA were floating around so Pike was asked about the CGA woodie. He said that at that time the project was scheduled to continue. He also said that GCI was working on a second coaster project for another Cedar Fair park. Later that month it was revealed to be WOF. Mr. Pike's statement combined with the fact that early work for Prowler was visible in March of 2008 leaves me to belive that they were two seperate projects and Prowler would have been built regardless
  11. I would have to agree with this. One idea that has been running through my head is shared staffing. The stadium probably needs a few educated/qualified managers to oversee the masses of low skilled labor needed for game day operations. But, if the 49ers owned CGA think how many stadium and park operatioins could be consolidated: food service, retail, admissions, janitorial, security, and perhaps maybe even more "white collar" gigs like marketing and IT. I doubt it is very cost effective to recruit people to work only 8 days a year. In essence what I'm getting at is that CGA's Food &
  12. I think this is a brilliant consideration. Most chains choose to own their own lockers from American Locker (including Al Weber's former Paramount Parks). I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if SF corporate chose to invest in their own lockers and ditch Smart Locke. And with such a move it would be very difficult and costly to continue the present "no loose articles" policy while only offering key and lock lockers.
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