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Great TR, left me wanting more as all great season finale's do. Now I've just got to put aside some cash to buy season one when it comes out on DVD .

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^^It seems we have our first demand in queue for Season 2! Looks like I'll have to start my list earlier than I thought!


Remember everyone, as part of our interactivity with our viewers, your demands/requests can be met by the Show's own Bryan Stoll. Almost all demands will be met (provided they don't include a club called Parliament or require the injury [emotionally or physically] of Adam), so send them in!


I figured I'd check out The Bryan and Adam Show: The Game again to make sure it was still working, and it is! That being said, I'm not sure how much longer it will be online, so get your fix while you can!




We should have some information about the offseason content soon...

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The Bryan and Adam Show Announce Plans To Go Deep




Orlando, Florida--June 29, 2009--Bryan Stoll and Adam Roth, of The Bryan and Adam Show, announce plans today for them to go deep, on the Deep South Tour from Theme Park Review from July 11th through the 17th.


They will be doing live updating throughout the trip using TheBryanAndAdamShow.com. Yes, they will be doing honest to goodness live updates! There will also be traditional trip reports after the trip.


Make sure to check back often for any updates. Please see the teaser trailer included in your press materials.



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The Bryan and Adam Show Announce Plans To Go Deep


[Teaser trailer coming in a few minutes]


What kind of PR guy do you have by making the demanding media wait for video?

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I feel like giving away a Bryan and Adam Show box of goodies. Post a video to Coastertube of something related to the Bryan and Adam Show and you get a box of "goodies"! Simple as that. Make sure to post in here.

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To make up for lost time, The Bryan and Adam Show (also known as the Adam and Bryan Show) has dug into its archives to give you this small outtake from our Season 1 finale...


Enjoy... Or else you'll have a crying Bryan on your conscience forever.



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Season 2? What? That'll be the day...


Adam and I went to DHS and Epcot and took a camera crew. This is what they found.


We decided to call it quits after all the fastpasses for HISTA were gone. Come visit us as we wait for The Sum of all Thrills, okay? Thanks for reading!


Oh, did you want some privacy when changing into your tracksuit?




Um, trying to practice my drumming here, dude.


You guys know what time it is, right?


Little-known fact: trees are scared of escalators. They could be in front of one for years and never step a foot on it.




Ratzenberger, you'll be missed. You're in a better place now. In hog heaven.


Goodbye, sweet prince.


I'm so sorry, Ratzenberger. It was never supposed to be like this.


For once, Oops Malpractice was right. Ratzenberger was dead.


"It's very dangerous to stop in the middle of such a complex chili removal!" said Dr. Malpractice, pictured above.


No! Adam, what are you doing with Ratzenberger?!


Goodbye, Ratzenberger. Best of luck during the surgery.


You're right, Dr. Malpractice. It is up to us to decide. We decided to go ahead with the surgery.


Dr. Oops Malpractice showed us what he very well could be like if the operation would be a success.


So they took him in for his CAT scan. I should probably mention Ratzenberger has a terrible disorder where his brain made out of chili. It's rare, but it happens all too often.


So Adam dropped Ratzenberger off on the CAT scan place. He had a hard time letting go.


Adam hates topical humor, so we named him Ratzenberger.


It worked! We got our very own baby! We named him H1N1.


Then it coached us on how to deliver a baby.


Yeah, we actually chose retirement. Because we care about the future, which I hear is alive today.


Then it got all deep on us.


No more puns, Bryan. You're above that.


How cute! Porktuguese!


This is honestly my favorite picture of me and Adam ever. Just look at it for a while then come back to the TR.


The next million pictures are from this. You think I'm kidding, but it's trip report gold. You'll see.


This would be in the textbook of Trip Report 101: the pose of a pose.


Here's the story behind this picture. We all thought the world was going to end in 2007 because the Epcot calendar doesn't go past it, much like the Mayans in 2012. Adam is pointing outside of the time line, being happy he predicted the world still existing.


We're not above making poop jokes here.


DO NOT DO THIS. Now, go into Innoventions and save us our spot. We'll be there later.




See, you take a cup, and fill it with Mezzo Mix. Then you think about how delicious and refreshing a genuine Coca-Cola Classic would taste.


Of course, we had to train him on where to find the Mezzo Mix. It's right next to Adam's armpit hair.


This is where me and Adam will be setting up camp for The Sum of all Thrills. That's what the cans of soup are for. The orphan is for going to get us Mezzo Mix.


So we ended up kinda following these guys. They led us to Epcot. They were also kinda mean to us. They told Adam to "go Jew off".




They closed down the old entrance very shortly after the infamous Bryan and Adam audition.


See, what we did in this shot was have it nice and low to the ground to make it look like our hero car is going faster than it is.


I'm sorry about that last caption. Here, take this gift that isn't a bomb.


BEEP BEEP. BOP BOP. I'm a black robot, m***********.


Then we went on Discovery Mountain.


Adam hoped that touching two references to The Bryan and Adam Show would complete some sort of electrical current. He was wrong.


Adam Malpracticestein, MD. Mickey-approved.


Mickey hates Oops Malpractice. Because he's Chinese. The people would've gotten that joke IF MY ORPHAN WOULDN'T TALK OVER ME.


You remember Coca-Cola Bandstand, right? They opened up for Dr. Pepper and the Pepperonis on the Delicious and Refreshing Tour back in '24.


The workers are going hoooome. The workers are going hoooooooome. The workers are going hooooooooooome yeah yeah yeah.


Mickey Mouse hates Chinese people, especially their theaters. ALSO, IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE ORPHAN WOULD STOP TALKING OVER ME.


CONTENTS OF BAG: One (1) hoagie, Five (5) cans of soup, One (1) orphan, One (1) large plastic bag to keep orphan away from food.


For the purpose of continuity, Bryan Stoll (who plays "Bryan") wore the same outfit as last time.

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I couldn't keep reading after the picture of Adam's armpit hair.


It greatly disturbed me.


Although I was somehow strangely surprised that he had some manly hair.


Good for you jew boy!!!!

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Interesting report Bryan Adams.


I see you have finally hit puberty Adam, congratulations!


Oh and stay from those pigs, you want to stay nice and ceromonially clean for when you perform TPDave's circumcision as mandated on the 2008 East Coast trip.


I so want to be in LA and/or Orlando for HHN, if I could ditch work, I'd be on the first plane over.

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It always amazes me that anyone would want Fast Passes for Honey, I Bored the Audience. I mean, what is there to "Fast Pass"? You hang around in the same big room as the "standby" people, sit through the same annoying pre-show, then sit in the same freakin' theatre a bit earlier than anyone else.


It's like getting a Fast Pass to walk down the street or hang out in front of a convenience store.

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