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What song are you listening to?


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"I Want It That Way"

from the Broadway Musical "& Juliet"

It's one of those "jukebox musicals" (think "Mama Mia") all based on the premise of .... "What if Juliet took the 'sleeping potion'. Then woke up to find her Romeo is (supposedly) dead. But he too, has faked his death. unbeknownst to her. BUT instead of taking the real death potion (to be with her Romeo in heaven, she thinks),  Juliet takes off and" .......... 😉


Both the Broadway and the London Cast recordings, are great!

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14 hours ago, CaptainUnknown said:

So the radio station I was listening to played a soundbite that said, "sorry about your penis." They immediately played Blink-182's All the Small Things.


lol that's awesome..... sounds like someone was trying to send a message after a breakup!

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I have quite a rare taste of music, I listen to Technobase.fm at the moment and they are playing "Another world" from DJ Shog.
The style is Handsup, its like some turbo techno-trance like haha, anyone also listening to Handsup music? 

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