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What song are you listening to?


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6 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

"Heart of Stone"

......from the Studio Cast CD of SIX.


The Broadway SIX.

YES. My husband and I were lucky enough to see this in Chicago in 2019 WAY before it even made it to Broadway. Great show! Can't wait to see it again on tour!

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^ True, and before Chicago they were apparently in Edmonton, Alberta, of all places, before (or after) Chicago!

Totally missed that. It's the "next province over" for us, here. Kool you got to see it pre-Broadway!

We're hoping a tour comes by in a year or so, since we're still 'hanging on' to the 2019-2020 tour schedule that got halted back in we all know when. And finally we get HAMILTON in May! The rest got pushed back to this fall AND next spring!!! Timing, huh?

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So my sister's in a production of Steel Magnolias as Shelby. During the Christmas scene, most of the cast was wearing Christmas-style sweaters. Except the character Ouiser. So after the show, I went up to her actress and asked if they considered putting her in a Sweater during the scene or if they worried about it coming undone. She had never heard Weezer's Sweater Song before. So this is for you, Christina Zimpfer,


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"All Of You" The final song in ENCANTO's onscreen soundtrack. Has a happy nod in the lyrics to a special 'Frozen' kind of song.

And Track #5 (after that "we don't talk about" number) also has that familiar sisters' song phrase, fighting adversity, with a nod to that same movie.

Fun to discover, just now.



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