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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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^^1. Lines won't be bad at all in the middle of the week. Avoid Intimidator and Nighthawk early in the day, as those two rides get the absolute worst lines in the morning. Afterburn and Thunder Road are your best bets early in the morning because it takes the crowd a while to get back there while they're stuck up riding Intimidator and Nighthawk. After 12, you can have almost virtual walk-ons on both of those rides.


2. Yes, especially if you've never been there.


3. You have the brand new Nascar Hall of Fame, Discovery Place, Lake Wylie, etc. Just do a quick google search on tourist attractions in the city.

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Ok, so I may be going on a trip to Wilmington, NC sometime next week and I need some info:


1. Will it be packed, say, on July 14th? How are the lines this time of year.

2. I'm from Cleveland, so will it be worth an extra three hours in addition to the 10 hour drive? Especially in the case of my mom?

3. I know it's near Charlotte, so how could I plan a day with Carowinds and sightseeing?


If you want to check out Downtown, I'd recommend riding LYNX in (our light rail). There's a station at South Blvd & I-485, which is like 10 minutes from Carowinds. You can buy a day pass for $4 I think, or just do a round trip pass for maybe $3. But with the day pass you can get on and off and check out different stops and such. That's cheaper than regular parking and such downtown. Plus no hassle with our one way streets, etc.



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I've really appreciated living about 20 minutes of Carowinds. I've had a season pass almost every single year of my life. It's a good park, but it does need something new in the way of a coaster. I can't really see a hyper here though as it would stick out too much from the rest of the skyline. I can mostly see an Intamin rocket much like Rita. Really we also need more flats.


This from the Intimidator coaster crew member.


This was on the first page of the thread.

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The July 4th holiday (and its notable absence in Canada) probably explains the lower Behemoth numbers, but great job on the accomplishment!


We beat Behemoth on the July 1st (Canada Day) as well! I don't know the official numbers other than we won. I know it was a great time, I hope the other ride crews had as much fun with it as we did, I am looking forward to next years competition already!


And to Pingu1651, if you are a nascar fan at all, you can make Charlotte a week long trip so there will be lots to do if you are in town for only a day or two. Besides the park there is the National White Water center, all the race teams, and lots of awesome disc golf courses. A little advice when you do come to charlotte, stay off the highways between 7-9am and 330-6pm, they don't really work to well around here. Post some hobbies and there are plenty of people that can tell you what to make sure you check out when you are in town.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Saturdays are the only really busy days.


Monday will be pretty dead except the waterpark, and Sunday will be a little busier than that..


Just to let you know, you can easily do the entire park on a Monday in one day. They are open till 8:00 during the week now.

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Had a chance to catch some spectacular pictures at the park tonight. We had one of the prettiest sunsets I've seen in a very long time, and I couldn't let the opportunity pass!


Hurler as seen from the Sky Flyer flightline.


What used to be an airtime hill.




Drop Tower.






Sunset. Amazing.


Cyclone again.


Can you spot the flyers?




Drop Tower dropping.


Screamweaver. Just about my favorite picture I've ever taken.

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I have to post and say what an INCREDIBLE day we had at Coater Stock. Even with a heat advisory, we headed to the park for a PACKED 16 hour day. Morning ERT, Dark Ride Competition, Lunch with Mr. Kinzel (Uncle Jerry) and one of the B&M guys (stateside), Dark Ride Competition, Dinner, Q&A with Marketing, Backstage tour of Intimidator, Snoopy Rocks on Ice, Park Jeopardy, ERT for an hour and a half on Intimidator. AWESOME!


It was also great to have Skycoastin Steve and Pufferfish running ERT on Intimidator, and even greater to get to ride a few times with them.


Awesome Day. Just awesome.


P.S. - Thanks to the Ride-op during morning FLYER ERT for finally explaining how to snap a flyer and encouraging it. I can now "snap."

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^Glad you had a great day, and it was awesome to meet you and other TPR members and share a few trimless rides with you!


Steve... It was FABULOUS to meet you. Thanks for teachin' me how to get the BEST ride out of Intimidator. I am ABSOLUTELY going to test this on Goliath at SFOG! Looking forward to seeing you and Andrew really soon.

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I had David all talked into going... Had already called Robb to make the arrangements. We even looked where we could scrape together the funds... BUT I mad the mistake of looking at the calendar.


David won't even be really freshly in the door from MidAmerica

Jay will in New Jersey visiting family

I am attending the ordination of a close friend of mine to priesthood on Saturday August, 21


SO... Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be there.


We have committed to doing two things now that we realized that Carowinds is actually a closer drive than our home park

(And this might make KerryB happy)


We collectively decided that SFOG can STFU on Easter. We'll be at Carowinds.

Next summer... Seasons Passes to Carowinds


Hmmmm... Season pass list... SFOG, Wild Adventures, Alabama Adventure, Universal Florida, AND Carowinds...


I might need to ask for a raise.

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Steve it was nice to meet you finally.


How big of a geek am I that I was 1 of only 2 people in that huge crowd that knew the final trivia answer? (Which Carowinds attraction was purchased for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch?) The answer: One of the trains, Melodia was the name.


Anyway, I got 16 rides on Intimidator that night, and only one time I actually got off the train just to get a front row ride, then moved back to the back for the rest of the time. Most ERT rides I can remember ever getting on any coaster. Afterburn is so intense that I can usually last at most about 5 rides in a row on it.


Thanks for turning off the trims, whoever made that decision!

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What kind of crowds can I expect on a Saturday in late August, August the 28th to be exact? Does Carowinds do any type of qbot/express pass/ early access for club members or hotel guests, or will they let me ride Intimadator on roller skates naked since its my birthday?

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^That late in August, there's no telling what the crowds will be like, but expect at least some waiting in line. Carowinds doesn't have any kind of fast pass system (typically the only day you would even need them is Saturday, and the only rides you would need them at are Nighthawk, Intimidator, and maybe Afterburn). Nighthawk is currently down and may not even be up by that time, and it's a ride that really keeps lines down elsewhere because of its low capacity.


The only kind of "early entrance" they do is sometimes for season pass holders they'll let you get in line for Intimidator 10 or 15 minutes early (but you still can't ride until after the national anthem). On a Saturday, they should do the early entry, so I would say get there before 9:30.

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Even on saturdays right now if you can take the heat Intimidator has around a 20 minute wait mid day. And when I say take the heat, the heat index was almost 120 this last saturday. The mister fans are nice but they don't help too much if your not used to the heat.


My game plan for a saturday right now would be this; Make sure your at the gate at 10am, go ride everything besides intimidator, then enjoy the reason you are here. Intimidator does get a 1hr wait the first few hours as thats what everybody wants to ride, I don't know for sure as I can't really see any other rides queue, but I have to imagine the other rides are walk on when our queue is that full at opening.


Roller skates maybe(depending on color), naked, no. Steve does let people fly naked now thou, ask him.

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^Naked flying will NOT happen on my Skycoaster, thank you very much!


And to further what you were saying about the beginning of the day, I've been there at opening before, and the lines everywhere but Intimidator are practically walk-ons until well after 11. It would be until about noon before the crowds made it to the back of the park when Nighthawk was still open, but for now it's down so people are making it back there a little more quickly these days.

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