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Brett Favre

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Why did he retire, who knows why he did, but I can speculate that this last season was a good one and he could continue, if he wanted too. I did hear that physically, he was okay. But mentally, he was tired. Plus it is not like he has to worry about money. As for the broadcasting, not long, even the bad ones get contracts a year or two out of retirement.

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No one's mentioned the Oscar-worthy acting career he has ahead of him?


In all seriousness, although this certainly didn't deserve its own thread, my hat's off to Brett. He may be the most perfect example of an "all American" NFL player the league has ever seen. I had the utmost respect for his competitiveness, grit, character, and talent on the field. He was one of the few players these days that I actually willingly paid to see play.

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^ haha that would be pretty awesome if he came back before the season starts, as I am a huge packer fan. But, not goin to happen as much as i'd like it to,


Definatly was a very sad day yesterday seeing one of my heros retire that I had watched play and been a fan of since I was 5.

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I am not a Brett Favre fan, but his record for most consecutive games at QB is impressive.


Lets not forget that no one has thrown more interceptions in NFL history than Brett Favre.


Yeah, but no one has thrown more attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, had as many three touchdown games, won more games as starting quarterback, won more NFL MVP awards, etc. He was a gunslinger and risk taker and made a lot of plays out of nothing, which did lead to a bunch of interceptions. If he had had a stable of wide receivers like Manning or Brady has, I doubt he would set that record. He averaged only 17 (Peyton Manning is currently avg 15.3 per year) interceptions per year (Tony Romo, Drew Brees, and Eli Manning all threw more than 17 this year.) and he played for 17 seasons, so of course he had the chance to break the record.

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^ All excellent points. A look at the top 50 all-time MLB strikeout leaders would back this up. You miss 100% of the shots you never take. Look at how many Hall of Famers, MVPs, and All-Stars are on that list.


Reggie Jackson 2,597 1

Sammy Sosa 2,306 2

Jim Thome 2,043 3

Andres Galarraga 2,003 4

Jose Canseco 1,942 5

Willie Stargell 1,936 6

Mike Schmidt 1,883 7

Fred McGriff 1,882 8

Tony Perez 1,867 9

Dave Kingman 1,816 10

Bobby Bonds 1,757 11

Craig Biggio 1,753 12

Dale Murphy 1,748 13

Lou Brock 1,730 14

Mickey Mantle 1,710 15

Harmon Killebrew 1,699 16

Chili Davis 1,698 17

Dwight Evans 1,697 18

Rickey Henderson 1,694 19

Dave Winfield 1,686 20

Reggie Sanders 1,614 21

Gary Gaetti 1,602 22

Carlos Delgado 1,601 23

Mark McGwire 1,596 24

Ken Griffey, Jr. 1,593 25

Jim Edmonds 1,587 26

Lee May 1,570 27

Jeff Bagwell 1,558 28

Dick Allen 1,556 29

Ray Lankford 1,550 30

Willie McCovey 1,550

Manny Ramirez 1,543 32

Barry Bonds 1,539 33

Dave Parker 1,537 34

Frank Robinson 1,532 35

Lance Parrish 1,527 36

Willie Mays 1,526 37

Devon White 1,526

Alex Rodriguez 1,524 39

Eddie Murray 1,516 40

Rick Monday 1,513 41

Greg Vaughn 1,513

Andre Dawson 1,509 43

Mike Cameron 1,500 44

Tony Phillips 1,499 45

Greg Luzinski 1,495 46

Eddie Mathews 1,487 47

Jeff Kent 1,470 48

Frank Howard 1,460 49

Jay Bell 1,443 50

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but I can speculate that this last season was a good one and he could continue, if he wanted too.


That's not speculation. It's a fact.


As for retirement, it's long been known the Brett FaVRe needs to be the center of attention, and is a bit of records whore. He got his records this past year, now he's done.


I wouldn't be surprised if he's back before the end of the year.

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