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Spongebob to Space?

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As you might know now, SFOT old Spongebob 4D motion simulater is being replaced with a new film called "Fly Me to The Moon" ( Also at Bellewaerde in Ypres, Belgium). Anyways I looks like a good addition to me. Its a oxymoron to me because the last space simulater ride lasted only one season! Anyway do you think this is a good addition to the park?

And if you have ridden "Fly Me to the Moon" is it fun?



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I think this is a good move. I don't think the new film will be better than Spongebob, but the little yellow dude was probably getting a little old...


Send Spongebob to SFKK!



*Edit: What ever happened to that Meteor Attack film that was at every park for like, 1 season?

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i rode fly me to the moon 3D yesterday at sfot (witch reached maximum capacity) i thought it was rubbish, the story was all there but it just cut at the end, it never was made for the moving seats( i cant call them moving seats because they onely moved once or twice!) what do you think about it.


Admin Translation:

While I was at SFOT yesterday, which happened to reach full capacity, I had the chance to ride, Fly Me To the Moon 3D. I thought the ride was rubbish. While the attraction did have a complete story, I thought the ending was over to quickly. I also think that this movie really was not made for a theatre with moving seats in mind, because the seats felt like they only moved once or twice during the entire ride. What are your opinions about this ride?

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I think all these cheap 3-D simulators suck. I mean Star tours( it my be old) is a real simulator, not these cheap things.



I don't see how "Fly me to the Moon" is any less of a simulator than Star Tours. It may be a crappy simulator with crappy seat movement and a crappy story, but it still simulates an experience. And that is what a simulator is supposed to do.

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I kind of liked Fly Me to The Moon. It was too short and the flag-waving ending was a bit much, but I thought it was fun. The best part is when you're flying through the computer, avoiding cables and other stuff sitting around. It's not an amazing attraction, but it does its job fine enough.

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I don't think I ever got the chance to see Dino Island. The Right Stuff was the best one, at least to me. I just loved the theming with the life size jet and the engines. Space Shuttle America had to be the worst. Oh so CoRnY!!! IMO, I think the theater is the biggest waste of space. It has just gotten old. SF could do alot with the space. I would love to see them put a nice flat in its spot. How about a MaxAir or a SkyHawk, or two smaller carnival type flats. Carnival style flats would play nice in the area as once you walk a little farther you would have Tony Hawk and the midway games. Just a thought!!


Hey just ship us SFMM's Tilt a Whirl!!

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Personally I really enjoyed The Right Stuff over any of the films they have run in the theater. I left SFOT (ex-employee) the year before The Right Stuff was opened, but I went to a private party before it opened with a friend of mine. The music, the atmosphere and everything about it was great at the time. Over the years the seats have worn out and not nearly as smooth as they were the first time I rode...


Dino Island was cool and Sponge Bob had it's moments, but Fly me to the Moon is a bit disappointing. The first thing that I noticed when immediately walking into the theater is that the screen has FINALLY been re-stretched. The past couple years the lower right corner of the screen was looking really bad and was annoying every time I went to ride with the kids. By the end of last season it had become a major distraction for me. The animation on the new film is great, almost Pixar quality, but not quite. I don't think the movie lends its self very well to a ride though, would probably be better as a feature length film... Some of the parts the 3D animation looks really great and the motion of the seats fit perfectly. How are we supposed to view this film? Are we supposed to be a human astronaut or are we one of the bugs? Sometimes the camera and seats moved as a bug and others as a human... Overall the ride is OK, nothing spectacular... The ending is really anti-climatic and leaves you up there. When the film went dark I was left wanting more... I was really looking forward to some kind of cool re-entry/landing sequence (like Right Stuff), but nothing ever come... In the end we were left on the moon.

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Canadas Wonderland had a very good selection of movies that would change each season.


From what I can recall, they have had the following:



Space Themed One

Sponge Bob


And I think some kinda war one???


They also played 2 different videos, because of the 2 theaters in the same complex up untill Sponge Bob came around.

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Back on topic: Fly Me To the Moon was weak.


The story made sense but it was too short and anticlimatic. The motion effects peaked in the middle of the movie. When the film ended everyone just sat there waiting for a "real" ending but the house lights came on and the audience was told to exit.


Of all the SF simulator movies I have seen:


Dino Island>Right Stuff>Spongebob>Days of Thunder>Fly Me to the Moon

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