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Hi Dave!


The Chick Magnet Shirt will make another appearance later in the year in France.


I bet the French women will drool over me there


Otherwise, it has to warm up a bit until I get to wear the Chick Magnet Shirt around here!



I can't wait to take part in Coaster Palooza 2008! It will be fun to see how a good trip report is done compared to my junk I put out there



Hmmmm, maybe if my Big Mike Road Show 2008 shirts don't come back in time, I may have to break out the Chick Magnet Shirt in Atlanta!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey TPR people!!


The Big Mike Road Show rolled on to park #2 right after Storybook Land!


The Steel Pier in Atlantic City.


My mission - Coaster #555 - The Little Leaper.


Enjoy my friends



Peace, Big Mike


The Big Mike Road Show departs and heads to it's next destination, Dollywood on March 28th. See ya there!


There it is!! Hello Ladies, The Big Mike Road Show needs some groupies! Who wants the Big Man?


I was on my way to something better on the boardwalk, but took this last picture.


There must be something in the ocean air affecting all the dinosaurs. I decided to bolt.


Here is the whole pier from a view at the end of it.


The lift is right at the edge of the pier, so you get a good view of the ocean.


Here is the Mad Mouse, the other coaster at Steel Pier. I already had that credit.


DAMN!!!! People overboard!!!! We lost everyone on the bunny hop! Instant ERT for me.


Then you come to this bunny hop and it feels like you will be thrown in the ocean!!!


Look how close you are to the water when you are riding!


The dinosaur is the least of your worries! Notice how many people started on the ride.


I am a dead man! I thought he was dead. Do you see him eyeing me up like I am dinner??


After watching the ladies and kids ride, Big Mike got enough guts to try it out.


I was very excited to ride and get credit #555 until I saw the dead dinosaur as theming?? Second thoughts now.


Here it is, The Little Leaper! It will cost you 5 tickets or $3.75 if you just buy single tickets.


Here are all your ticket price options to choose from.


There are a lot of rules you must follow to enter this place.


Big Mike knows how to get those money shots.


I like how it is out on a pier like the ones in California.


A quick 20 minute ride from Storybook Land!

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I know Bob.


Don't worry everyone, These were my first two trip reports ever, I am a little rusty.


Come summer time, Big Mike will have these reports filled with hot babes in bikinis, sexy dress, and compromising positions!!!


You can take that to the bank!



Peace, Big Mike

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Great TR! I about laughed out loud here at work, about your pic and comment on the "dead" dinosaur! :0) Oh and then the other one with that S.T.D.? LOL.... Too funny!


Hey when you head to Chattanooga... I might need to join you at Sir Gooney's... I need the credit, but I am too embarassed to ride it alone and Bubba wouldn't be caught dead on a kiddie coaster!

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Congrats on the big win Teacups! I get sick on those teacups rides too lol.

I was at the Pier this past Saturday, around 2 to 3 pm.

I would have forked over the $7 to ride with you though



Coastercrazed, I think it is steep too. But that mouse ride was almost $7 by itself. Good for catching a few credits, but $35 is a little high in my opinion.

Last I heard, it was closing after this year for sure. The other pier at the other end of the boardwalk has all these high priced stores and restaurants, so I can see that making tons more money than this pier.



Nincub, I will ring you up for sure. Maybe Bubba can take some pictures for us riding together.

Uncool Rich (SFNE2005) will be tagging along too, so we will let him ride alone lol.



**** There is a possibility that I may hit Coney Island tomorrow, along with Adventurers Park for a credit, Deno's, and maybe swing by Kids N Action to see their kiddie coaster.

I called and they said I cannot ride, but even RCDB does not have any pictures of it yet.

Plus, with Big Mike's persuasive ways and puppy dog eyes, maybe I can find my way onto that coaster. Works with the ladies, why not with coasters


I will update soon on the plans!



Peace, Big Mike

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It is now OFFICIAL.


Coney Island tomorrow (Saturday)


I will hit opening day at Adventurers Park in Brooklyn around Noon to hopefully get credit number 556! (The TL3 Coaster)


I will hunt down Kids N Play and check out their Miner Mike and see if somehow I can use the Big Mike charm to get a ride If not, at least some photos!


Then Coney Island, a ride on the Cyclone even though I don't need to.


Photos of the other coasters there, a trip to Nathans, and then hunt down some hot babes in bikinis on the beach.


It is not even going to hit 50 degrees, so the bikini hunt may turn into another round of Nathan Hot Dogs instead


The Big Mike Road Show shirts have still not come in yet, so the TPR Hoodie once again will be worn, but it will be washed Joe.



This will be a gutsy trip as I have to travel through the mean streets of Staten Island to get there and hope to make it out alive!!



Come out and say hello on the boardwalk of Coney Island or on the legendary Cyclone!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Everybody!


The Big Mike Road Show went to Kids N Action and Adventurers Park in Brooklyn this past Saturday, both a few minutes from each other.


I was looking to ride coaster #556 and maybe #557, then head over to Coney Island.


Things did not go exactly according to plan


Here is the first half of the trip to Kids N Action and Adventurers Park, with Astroland and Deno's coming tomorrow!


Hope you enjoy!


Peace, Big Mike


I conclude with either ground for a new coaster or this is where I buried that guys body. You choose the ending. Next stop - Coney Island!


Next thing I know is that the guy that told me to come back in a few weeks does not have a head anymore!


I see this cool dark walk through! Big Mike loves these! CLOSED! Argggg!! Big Mike starts going into a fog and blacking out.


I take pictures of the kiddie rides for you while I still have "come back in a few weeks" ringing in my head. Sure, I live right across the street, that will be easy jerkoff.


As I stew by the coaster and think that the coaster is laughing at me, a park rep tells me come back in a few weeks.


This is not a good thing. I am informed that the kiddie rides will open, the bigger rides will not.


There it is, the TL3 Coaster!! Credit #556! I am excited but there is no sign on how many tickets it is. I walk to the front of the ride next.


Here are the prices for this season.


After finding a worker and telling him I am a VIP, suddenly the park is open for business.


I walk around to try and voice my displeasure. Find the old Nellie Bly sign from last year still around.


Park opens at 11am, here it is 1:30. Gates locked. Not happy now.


No credit. No pictures. No sense in hanging around. Big Mike gets in the hot rod towards Adventurers.


The place is open everyday at 10am EXCEPT SATURDAYS! Saturdays hours are not posted. Love the sign above it.


Not a good sign. All closed up with metal fences. Saturday at 1pm and its closed??


The Big Mike Road Show arrives at Kids N Action in Brooklyn New York looking for Miner Mike!

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March 22nd 2008 - The Big Mike Road Show 2008 stops at Park #4 Astroland and Park #5 Denos Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.


This was a fun day with lots to do in Coney Island.


I hope you enjoy!



Next stop in the Big Mike Road Show is this Friday, March 28th at Dollywood in Tennessee. Approximate park visiting time 1pm to 7pm.


Also Nascar Speed Park after Dollywood and then Zuma's after that. Hopefully we can hit Sir Gooneys before it close at 10pm.


Then Saturday March 28th, The Big Mike Road Show spends the day at Six Flags Over Georgia with a side trip to Dixieland during midday.


Hope to catch you at one of these parks! Big Mike


I am not sure what the future holds for Coney Island, but it was an enjoyable stop on Big Mike's Road Show 2008!


FINALLY! Well it is not a hot babe this time, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances :)


Damn, 2 hours of looking, no sunbathers at all! I won't let you down. I am staying until I find a sunbather.


Now it was time to go find some hot babes in bikinis! I have been taking lots of grief so far this year for no bikinis.


If you did want to ride again though, it would only be $4.


Big Mike to cheap to buy an actual picture.


Big Mike in the back seat with lots of room to spare. Bathroom break was a smart idea.


The legendary Cyclone, now part of the Road Show.


Once you pay, they make sure you can't escape until you ride.


After you buy your ticket, you have to make your way through the wire fencing corridor.


Saved enough with my Nathans coupons to afford a ticket on the Cyclone.


TPR's CycloneMan gave me a tip before I got on to sit in the back as there is less cushion/more room. Thanks!


You have to be 54 inches tall to ride, sorry little guy at the Freak Show.


The price was the same as the Wonder Wheel, $6.


Here is a full view of The Cyclone.


They have added a new photo booth and gift stand since I last visited.


Finally, time to ride the big jewel of roller coasters, The Cyclone!


By now, those hotdogs were ready to exit. Pay Toilets?? I wanted to know why the no pay toilet law is not in effect here?


I wanted to see the entertainment, but I was not part of the Hole family reunion.


I guess if you get fired from the freak show, you could always get a job here.


I don't think this guy is even tall enough for the Sea Serpent.


In the middle of the boardwalk is the Sideshows by the Seashore.


At the other end of the boardwalk is the New York Aquarium. You could make a day out of everything here.


At one end of the boardwalk there is a minor league baseball stadium.


After falling short with only 22 hot dogs, I needed to walk off that meal on the boardwalk.


My system was to eat two at a time.


Since I wanted to try for the record, I brought lots of coupons so it wouldn't cost a lot.


You can't help but get caught up in the excitement of the hot dog eating contest.


Time to eat at the World's famous Nathans.


This is a very fun ride when you are on it and it swings.


Info on The Wonder Wheel.


There is no doubt that you want to ride in the red and blue!


The main draw is The Wonder Wheel.


A larger view of Denos Amusement Park.


All 3 coasters in Coney Island in one shot, courtesy of Big Mike.


I already had this credit too, so just taking some pictures for all of you to see.


How tall do you have to be to ride? They decided as tall as whatever they stuck the sign on.


Deno's only coaster, The Sea Serpent.


Ticket prices for Denos, with the Wonder Wheel coming in at $6.


My two reasons to visit Denos, the Wonder Wheel and the Sea Serpent.


Denos claims to be the greatest amusement park in NYC.


Here is what you can find at Denos.


I moved on to the 5th stop on the Big Mike Road Show, Denos Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.


They can load one train while the other is running, then when it pulls in the station, the table turns.


I already had this credit but couldn't help thinking he was related to his laughing brother from Adventurers Park.


The highlight of the ride is actually going through the apple.


Astroland has 2 coasters, The Cyclone and this coaster, The Big Apple.


Astroland is about the same size as a pier, just not over the water.


If you want to ride any of the big rides, they will set you back $5 a pop.


Here are the prices, but notice, these prices are only for the kiddie rides.


Stop #4 on the Big Mike Road Show 2008, Astroland Amusement Park in Coney Island NY.


I don't want to shoot my load so early, so I will save this for last.


I got to park the hot rod in the VIP parking spot right in front of the Cyclone!


The Big Mike Road Show arrives in Coney Island for stops number 4 and 5.

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Great TR Mike.... I have wanted to go there since I saw the movie "Uptown Girls!" SERIOUSLY! I love Brittany Murphy and those scenes at Coney Island were pretty cool. Of course they ate a hot dog at Nathan's too!


Anyway... very cool! Maybe one day I can get up there!



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The Big Mike Road Show travels to Dollywood tomorrow (Friday March 28th) and will roll in around 1pm and partake in the festivities until closing at 7pm.


The Road Show then moves on to the Nascar Speed Park at 7:30pm and then to Zuma's Fun Center after that.


Sir Gooneys is still up in the air as to if we will be able to visit there when it is open. The plans have us passing it too early in the morning or too late in the evening.



Saturday March 29th, The Big Mike Road Show will set camp at Six Flags over Georgia for the whole day, with a side trip to Dixieland in the late afternoon.


We will combine with The Coaster Palooza Tour for a big get together!



Hope to see everyone this weekend



Peace, Big Mike

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If I wasn't using all my vacation time for the East Coast Trip, I would be tempted to skip work tomorrow and head to Dollywood myself. They are calling for a high of 72 tomorrow!


I really had no clue that Zuma's had a coaster. That thing looks like it would fit in my cubicle!


Have fun.

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I am waiting for the new coaster at Kings Dominion to open, then I will hit it pretty early in the spring as most parks up by me are still not open.


Ocean City sounds like a summer trip!



Peace, Big Mike

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