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How long will you be doing trips?


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Yeah, I hope the trips will be going on at least four to six years from now... my parents aren't exactly what you would call "coaster enthusiasts" or "GP who are mildly interested in something about coasters" or even "people who can tolerate coasters." So even though we probably have the money, adult accompaniment would be impractical, to say the least.

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I wonder if there will be more trips in the states for 6 years or over?

I'm wondering if Kidtums and school might be a challenge.


Aren't most of these trips during the summer? School isn't much of a problem for anyone at that time.


Its not school thats a problem its that my parents say that they don't want to pay for something they don't want to do. So I will have to go alone and I am to young to go alone on a trip right now.

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Elissa, do you think Beth,Dallas, and Kristen will oneday take over the site and continue the legacy that is Theme Park Review? I can see Robb and Elissa when their senior citziens still riding coasters and traveling around the world.




Over thinking this a bit aren't we! So lets see Robb is pushing 40, (I believe he's in his late 30's but lets round) and the average male life span in the United States is around 75 (again some rounding has been done). That means Robb has about 35 years left... So Robb, any plans for what happens with the site in 2043?


Yeah I could have figured out Elissa as well, but I feel as though I've been lame enough for one post.

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