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Most rides in a day?

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So yesterday, I went down to Kemah and rode the Boardwalk Bullet 88 times (bringing me up to 376 total... I think I actually passed up Guru).


Yeah, I'm REALLY sore today.


Anyway, I was thinking about other coasters that I've ridden a bunch of times in a day.


I rode Viper at SFAW 89 times on 7/10/89 (they gave me a t-shirt with the coaster logo and the date/rides airbrushed on the back). That was specifically to try to break the record for that ride, which was a measly 40-something at the time. Word got out, and even the park GM came over to take a ride with me. It was fun.


I rode TxCyclone 50 or more times per day on numerous occasions. Their "no single rider" policy helped, in that they would tell me to wait by the exit and fill in the empty seat next to a single rider. It kept them from having to find a single, and it kept me from waiting in line! Everyone was happy.


I rode Screechin Eagle at Americana more than 40 times in the pouring rain once. The bottom of the train had nearly 3 inches of water sloshing around. DAMN, that was fun.


MegaZeph hooked me in its opening season. I had planned to stop in, ride each coaster once, then head home. I had to work the next day, and Jazzland was the last stop on a 2-week, 70-coaster tour. I got on MZ at noon for my "one ride". At 5pm I finally had to convince myself that I *REALLY* needed to make the 7-hour drive back home. Not sure how many rides it was, but that was pretty much all I did for those 5 hours.


There have been lots of other times on different rides during ERT sessions, but I really don't even think about those.


What coasters have you ridden a bunch of times in one day (non ERT)?

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I've never ridden a coaster that many times in a row. But I do recall riding Tidal Wave at Great America about ten times in a row. It was a blast, seeing as I was about 9 years old. And recently, I was able to ride the park's Vekoma Invertigo about 5-6 times. I'd have ridden it more, but those things really pack a punch! I was too lightheaded at that point. Why, you may ask?

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I rode the Texas Cyclone back in the 70's 40 times one day and that was due to the no single riders policy also.


I rode the Bullet 21 times in one night


That doesnt sound like a lot but I do enjoy coasters but i tire of them easily if I stay on them too long. I am very much into the initial thrill but the more i ride the more that becomes diluted and i loose interest. That is why I havent been to the Bullet in a while. I will tire of it if I go anytime soon.


I have been on a lot of coasters but I probably wont ride them more than 5 times n one visit.

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10 on Drop Zone and 15 on Top Gun both on the same day. We ended up riding in each row of Top Gun at least once (we never went back through the line so we stayed on the same train). On Drop Zone we played "spot the people" because the park was empty and we saw every single visitor like 5 times during the day.

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37 rides on Apollo is my max for a day. I know I also have over 15 on Cornball Express, Kentucky Rumbler, and 12 on Boulder Dash in a day as well. I have 9 on Avalanche, 9 on Cyclops, 8 on Grizzly at PKD, 7 on Legend, Voyage and Twisted Twins, and 6 on Raven, Greezed Lightning and Hoosier Hurricane. Thats about all I can think of off the top of my head.

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When I was younger, I used to spend all afternoons in Sirocco (Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop in Walibi Belgium, my home park, now, it's called Turbine as the enclosed version) I believe I also had something like 40 rides on Tornado (Vekoma Corkscrew, which was still smooth at that time) but the one I'm the most proud of, is probably Dragon Khan, which I rode 22 times on a single day. I could have managed more, but I "only" did it 22 times because this would bring me to 100 rides on this specific coaster, which is still my all time favourite. On the same day, I probably broke my back with 7 rides on Furious Baco and 2 rides on Stampida. I still feel pain today, and probably will have to see a chiropractor before East Coast 2008, if I want to enjoy it to the max.

I alos remember riding Raptor 15 times in 98, on a quiet day

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I had picked up well over a dozen rides on Goliath (SFMM) opening day, it was raining so there were no lines.


The Flashback one I mentioned eariler, I should note that it was not 60 (60ish, I don't remember how many I actually got) rides stright. I actually did that in two or three different chunks.


I got 10-15 stright rides on Ninja when I was doing a filming for the Discover channel... Everything was good after a few rides, and then their machine decded to break so we had to retape the segment.

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