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Halloween Costumes Photos!!

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Hi In my High School we celebrate Halloween today so I have many pictures of Halloween Customs we make like a red carpet and like a party!! So here are the pics. Hope ypu Like it. I was "The Riddler".



Fairy, Bella, The Riddler, Cindirella



The riddler & Catwoman



Sexyndirella, Sexy Hearts Queen, Sexy Bella, Sexi snowys, The Riddler



Beisbol Team, Sexyndirella who was scared lol and The Riddler

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Here's my halloween costume. This shot took multiple tries to get it right. I have no idea how I was able to jump that high, or knew I could even get that high to begin with. We all have a tradition at work to dress up and spend half the day shooting photos. Really great day to be at work, I must say.



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I am a tool!


I have no idea what a search function is . Thank you to Wes for pointing out that a costume thread already existed. OK! As I am a complete F-tard I will now re-post my familys Halloween pictures.


It even impresses me how I fail sometimes.


Fred & Daphne were gettin' busy in the back of the Mystery Machine! And you thought we were just out looking for clues. If the Van's a rockin', don't bother knockin'!


Here I am as the pensive, strapping Fred. Sorry ladies, the rumors are true!


And now my brilliant uber-hot wife Alana as Daphne! I've had a crush on Daphne since I was 7 years old. My fantasy has finaly become a reality!


This is my awesome son Jarett as Shaggy. That's right ladies, he is a handsome young man. Get in line!


Here is my adorable daughter January as Velma. I know, she is so cute! And I'm sitting on the porch with a shotgun for all you horny 2nd graders out there.


Here we are as the Scooby Gang.

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Here are my boyfriend (the 80's punk rock zombie) and my (Buzz light year that i sewed myself) costumes.


You sew? What a surprise (a queen with a sewing machine, who'd a thunk it)! Nice costumes, and that's a great hair cut on you! Looks like you had fun.


There was NO Halloween in the Castro this year, so I didn't bother getting dressed up.

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And of course i sew. Did you not know my real name is Jon Vila-Stewart, the illegitimate love child of Bob Vila and Martha Stewart.




That sucks about the Castro. I had heard that they canceled it . Did no one have parties or was that against the law too?

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^ No, It's not a mask. It is a professional rubber latex prosthetic. It only covered my forehead, nose bridge, and upper cheeks.


I purchased it from Cinema Secrets, a major Halloween make-up and mask supplier. They provide some of the masks and things for movies.


Here's a link to their website. Check it out! http://store.cinemasecretsonline.com/index.html



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Here are some shots of me w/ a coworkers camera phone! This year I wanted to be original so I went as the son of "wicked"! I wanted to take the "what if elphaba (the wicked witch) had a son" approach to halloween this year! I had to initially make a sign saying I was the son of the wicked witch of the west and "I ain't no Shrek or no Hulk!"




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This is a Latex mask I had commissioned from someone in an art trade at a website I go on. I made a con-badge of his character for a role play and he made me a latex prosthetic mask. Normally costing $80+. You actually must apply "spirit gum" to seal it to your face also.


I have been dabbling in theatrical arts alot recently so I stocked up on fake blood. my friends Collin and Andrew can vouch for me on this one having witnessed everything.




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