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TPR 2008 Trips Chat Transcript AKA 2008 Trips FAQ!

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NOTE - This thread and chat Q&A is from 2007 and relates to the 2008 trips. We will host a new chat the first week of November 2008 regarding the 2009 Trips. There is still some good info in here though, so feel free to read through!


Here is the Q&A from the "2008 TPR Trips Chat" on Sunday, September 30th. If you have a question about our trips, please read through this ENTIRE post before asking a question. Chances are your question may have already been answered! You can download the official flyers for our trips here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/events/events.htm


Q: How many people are signed up for Europe and East Coast?

A: 77 are currently signed up for Europe. 57 are signed up for East Coast. Now keep in mind, that the number of spots available will depend on how many sign up. There are different size buses, one or two buses, etc. We need to know how many people are interested before we committ to a number. Also several people always drop out throughout the year so we have to take that into account as well Please DO NOT WAIT for the deadline to send in your deposit. The earlier we know how many people are interested, the sooner we can determine if we are doing 1 or 2 busses. Or at worst case, if you are like 99.9% in for a trip, but can't send in your deposit until the final date, please EMAIL elissa@themeparkreview.com and let us know "I'm 99% in for the trip, but can't send in my deposit until later" and that gives us a good idea on how many spots we will have.


Q: How many have to sign up for 2 busses to europe?

A: 100 need to sign up for Europe for there to be two buses. We will NEVER put more than 50 on a 55 passenger bus. And I know there will be drops throughout the year, and a few people will add into the trip so it seems like a good idea to basically FILL the trip at first, then let everything settle throughotu the year. That being said, we will investigate other bus options. Such as two smaller, 1 larger, etc.


Q: Does having 100 people on a trip make it "less personal"? Or is there not much of a difference from having 50 people?

A: Really good question! I'd like to give everyone two perspectives on this, so I'm going to type my thoughts as Elissa and as Elissa 'the tour organizer', and I'd also like to ask CaseyFish to answer as he was a paying customer on the UK trip with 50 and the Midwest Trip with 100. For me, I felt like I got to see all 100 people. Robb and I would take turns rotating and riding on both buses, we would see the entire group every night at the hotel, and at organized group meals at parks. I might not have gotten to know every single person as well as I did on the UK trip, but I think that's also okay. Also, as an organizer a lot of times the parks will give you more and respect your group better if you have 100 people.


Casey: There really wasn't a difference...We recieved as much personal attention as we did on the midwest trip with 100 people. The only problem I really found was trying to meet everyone. Robb and Elissa made sure everyone had what they needed and no one was left out whether it was 50 or 100.


Q: The price for the trips seem pretty steep. Is it money well spent?

A: Oh, I am HAPPY to address this question! First off, I do not believe the price is steep. It is only steep if you compare it with doing the trip with you and three friends all piling into someones car, sleeping 4 to a room at a motel 6 and eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches, oh and you have season passes for every park. Our trips are very different than that. We stay at Holiday Inn's or better every night, you get at least one meal a day (usually two), you get ERT and perks that would not be available to you during a normal visit, you get to sit back and relax while the luxury coach does all the driving and someone else does all the planning and organizing. If you've ever planned your own coaster trip, you'll know that alone is quite a good value! And you get a kick ass experience with tons of like-minded people! Oh, you also get goodies, snacks, shirts, dvd's, group photos, and much more, but that's just the icing on the cake! I don't think I've heard people (even behind our back) every say they didn't get what they paid for!


Q: If I live local to some parks, can I join you guys for just one park during a TPR trip?

A: This is a tough question. Of course you are allowed to come and meet up with us for a day here or there...BUT... Something we've noticed is that a lot of times this causes problems or awkwardness. Remember that these trips are a lot like "Summer Camp". Everyone has their friends, new and old, many people are already in their little groups, etc.


Then if you show up all of a sudden, it's hard to fit in with the group. Especially if you're meeting up with us once the park is open, after we've had some ERT and the group has already split into tons of tiny groups.


Keep in mind, unless we open an event day to other TPR members, you cannot join us for group meals or ERT or any other perks.


Also, if you think that meeting up with us for a few hours means you'll spend all that time with Robb and Elissa, remember we're doing stuff with the parks, helping our participants with stuff, and going at Baby speed with Kristen so it's not always possible for the two of us to hang out with people.


Another thing to remember, is that when we are on a TPR trip, it's "our vacation" also. And as much as we enjoy meeting members from the site, we have our group of friends and family that we are hanging out with too.


I think the only way we really reccomend meeting up with the group for a day is if you are already friends with someone on the trip and you want to hang out with them or if you bring a friend with you. Trying to join the group for a TPR trip day, unless it's an official TPR Meet, is not something we really encourage anymore.


Q: Do we exchange cell phone numbers and all that good stuff just in case someone misses the bus, etc.?

A: Yes, everyone always gets our cell phone numbers...but keep in mind if you're late for the bus and call and tell us you're late we'll say "ok, sorry, bye." Once again, people were left behind on all trips this year, and I'm sure it will happen next year. Don't be late, that simple!!! Remember,

The only person's fault it is for missing the bus is your own.


Q: I'm assuming the small Korea trip & Tokyo trip will be around the China trip. Is one before & after China or are they together?

A: Good Question! We have a lot more info on the whole Asia Trips for 2008 and will be annoucing them soon! China will be first and will be 14 days (including travel days) then Mini-Korea is next and will be 2 days plus travel days, then Tokyo which will be 10 days (including travel days) I did not include travel days in Korea because it will depend on whether you are coming from China with us, coming from somewhere else, and/or heading to Japan with us! You would need to arrive into Beijing on Saturday, August 30, 2008. Depart China Thursday, September 11, 2008. Arrive Korea Thursday, September 11, 2008. Depart Korea Sunday, September 14. Arrive Tokyo Sunday, September 14. Depart Tokyo Monday, September 22


Q: China question - which cities are you planning to base in?

A: For China, 5 nights in Beijing, 2 in Guangzhou, 1 in Zhuhai, 1 in Shenzhen, 3 or 4 in Hong Kong. We will NOT be going to the Shanghai area. We will be visiting 16 parks in total on the China trip.


Q: How much chance the dates are going to change?

A: Europe and East Coast Dates are set (keep in mind there may be addons before and/or after.) China, Korea, and Japan are nearly confirmed. As always though, do not buy airfare or plan arrival details till we give the okay on the trip specific forum


Q: The East Coast trip flyer says that the trip will officialy start at 4pm from the first hotel, but there is a bonus park for those that arrive early. How will this be arranged for those that arrive early? I am curious because I will be dirving to Philly.

A: We will discuss arrival details once everyone is signed up for the trip. There will probably be some sort of bonus park, or even an 'addon' before the trip starts! As always, we tell people NOT to buy airfare or plan arrival details until we give the okay on the trip board


Q: Are you guys planning on picking up Gold Flash/Q bots for the Six Flags parks on the East Coast Trip?

A: HELL YES! The TPR Trips started because so many people asked us "how do we do trips like you guys?" "How did you get on all the Cedar Point coasters in less than a day?", "How did you manage 6 rides on El Toro in 5 hours?", etc. Stick with us. We know what we're doing! Robb and Elissa would not go to a Six Flags park in the summertime without Gold Flashpass and neither will YOU!


Q: How "English friendly" are the Europe parks? Being that all parks will be in non-English speaking countries. Any suggetsions on how to prepare before the trip? And What languages will be common on the Europe trip? French and German mostly?

A: The Europe parks are NOT as English friendly as you may think, or want to think. Very few people at restaurants, drink stands, shops, etc. spoke English. If they did speak English, they did not want to use it!

Learn a few basic phrases and your numbers in French and German and it will help your trip out a lot!


Q: What are the hotels in Europe like? Will they have AC and/or [free] WiFi?

A: Good Question! We will TRY to stay at places with AC in Europe, but this can be quite difficult. For example at Europa Park out of their 4 hotels, only one has AC. And when a European Hotel 'claims' to have AC a lot of times once you get there they either have it off, or just have a fan. We run into the same problem at Disneyland Paris. Only the deluxe hotels offer AC. Internet is also much more 'few and far between' but when internet IS available, it will be at a cost 99% of the time. But to summerize, obviously we will try to stay at hotels with A/C and internet (we want it too!) but it can't be always guaranteed in Europe.


Q: Is it even remotely possible that we will be hitting a fair in Germany with olympia looping?

A: We have two Germans working on fair schedules for us, and will let us know where and when everything will be and we will try our best to get to at least ONE fair...I don't know about Olympia, but you know we want it too!


Q: I received an email confirming my deposit for East Coast. I'm the guy who couldn't use E-check on Paypal (otpion not available, i'll send you a screenshot) Am I allowed to pay the balance through Paypal, despite I don't have "E--check" ? Of course I'm ready to pay additional fees!

A: Ok, the always terrible PayPal issues! Please please please IF YOU CAN use the eCheck option...if not, don't freak, there are other options available. Check, Money Order, Bank Transfer, or yes, you can use normal paypal but you must cover the extra fees. Just email me for details on the amount and it's not a problem!


Q: It sounds like some people have received emails that the deposit was received, should I be concerned if I never received any kind of confirmation?

A: I sent out the emails last night if I received your deposit. Email me if you sent a deposit but did not receive an email. Keep in mind if you sent it through paypal, and only included your paypal email address I responded to that one.


Q: Do you have an approximate guess of how many minors will be participating on the East trip?

A: I believe we have 3 minors signed up at this time for the East Coast Trip. I'd like to stick to no more than about 6 or 7 total which is what we had on the Midwest Trip. As an FYI to anyone interested, our minors were much better behaved and mature than some of our 18-20 year olds!


Q:When will the trip board be opened?

A: Trip boards will open about 1-2 weeks after the signup deadline of October 28th


Q: How much spending money should i bring for each day of the east coast trip?

A: Spending money questions are very hard to answer, as it really depends on your individual habits... Most of hte parks on the East Coast Trip are corporate and expensive. Expect to pay $3-$5 for one soda! $3 for a bottle of water, etc. If you buy souvenirs, keep that in mind also. One T-shirt at each park will end up costing you over $200 for the entire trip! At LEAST one meal will be included per day, but for example if you want that mythical "better than you can get at home" Papa Johns pizza fix at a Six Flags park that may cost you an extra $10 - $15! (We personally think Papa John is pretty mediocre at the parks too!) I hope this helps. We'll chat more about spending money in the individual trip boards and guides


Q: Other than Disney, will any other parks from this year's Japan trip be repeated on the Tokyo trip next year? I think you said you were heading North on next year's trip, but didn't know if there would be any crossovers or none at all.

A: The North Japan parks will be covered in the next 'BIG' Japan trip possibily in 2009. On the 2008 Tokyo trip the following parks will be covered: La Qua, Galaxy Express, Toshimaen, Yomiuriland, Hanayashiki, Nasu Highland, Tobu Zoo, Seibuen, Joypolis, Sea Paradise, Cosmoworld, Disney...oh, and Fuji Q =(


Q: Do you still need to get a special travel/tourist visa when you visit China? AND To the best of your knowledge how far in advance do you need to submit your passport for China visa.

A: Yes you still need a special visa for China. We will be arranging this with the tour company. You will need to submit your passport within a specific time frame to get it. The time frame depends on sevearl factors. What country you're from, time of year you're visiting, etc. We are working on getting this exact information at this time (I have sevearl emails going back and forth!)


Q: What kind of 'quality' (amount of stars) accomadation do you usually stay at?

A: One of the things that sets our trips apart is that we do stay in NICE places most of the time. We stay at Park Resort Hotels, we stay at hotels with tons of amenities, etc. Check out some of the updates and you'll see us at Hotel Phantasia, nice Airport hotels, Sofitels next to train stations, etc. In the US the lowest quality we will do is a Holiday Inn Express. If we do stay at anything less, it's either because of location, or because we need to balance the hotel budget and save up to put you guys up at the Hotel Phantasia, and Europa Park Hotels, and Disney Hotels!


Q: For the east coast trip, what are the chances of staying at Hotel Hershey?

A: We will NOT be staying at Hotel Hershey. We are instead looking to stay at a 'base camp' hotel near Dorney for a few nights while we hit some area parks.


Q: Will there ever be a west coast trip?

A: Ha! Funny you should mention a West Coast Trip! Easy answer YES! We are considering doing a Bay Area Weekend in May. there would be two options, the standard TPR Trip where we take care of transport, lodging, meals, admissions, ert, etc. or an 'event only' so people that live nearby could meet up. It would be our first test of a small weekend event! So stay tuned! Other than that, a SoCal trip and a full California Trip is also in the works for future years trips.


Q: Will we have a full day at Knoebels on the East Coast trip?

A: HELL YEA!!!!! We may have a 'field trip' from Knoebels, but it would be optional and NOT involve a coaster credit.


Q: During our stay at Knoebels, will some of the extra upcharge attractions, such as the Haunted House or ski lift, be included in the price of the trip?

A: We'll be going to Knoebels on a Non-Wristband day (these days usually have shorter lines for the rides!) so you will get tickets that you can use on any of the Knoebels attractions.


Q: Any chance for Texas in 2009 or will it be delayed again?

A: Ok..Texas...here we go... We want to do Texas...but when we heard about the new credits opening Memorial Day just didn't seem like a good option anymore since we can't trust the parks to actually open attractions in May! Even though we know these are smaller or re-located coasters, think about how many rides did NOT make a Memorial Day 2007 opening. There is a SMALL chance Texas MAY be offered October of 2008. It would include SFoT, SFFT, SW, and Kemah and be a shorter trip. It is very tentative and may not even be announced till summer!


Q: How far in advance would it be wise to arrive at the start point in advance?

A: Good question...this really depends on a lot of factors. How far away are you coming from? What are the airport conditions usually like? Weather conditions? how much extra time do you have? extra money? etc. We usually recommend coming in one day early for an international flight, and as early as possible on the same day for a domestic flight. We can chat about arrival details more when the trip boards are open.


Q: Can Fuji-Q be optional on the Tokyo trip?

A: Fuji-Q will be included, and Robb and I will be there with a smile on our face...however, people that don't want to go are welcome to stay back in Tokyo and do something else and the money for their admission will be given to them!


Q: Will Tripsdrill be included on the Europe trip?

A: We are waiting to see if Tripsdrill announces a new coaster for 2008. If they get a new credit, we will go, if not, we may visit a different park.


Q: Apart from the odd internal flight as mentioned in China, will we be travelling "Adventure" style or is it bus all the way?

A: Good China Question! Do your research on China Trains, and you will see we've opted for Buses and Planes instead! Adventure style in China involves a little too much adventure (bugs, train diapers, overcrowding, trains not on time, etc.) I have a feeling the one internal flight to the CAN airport will be adventurous enough!


Q: Anything on the add-ons for europe and east-coaster already?

A: Another good question! We have nearly confirmed the Europe Add-on. It will most likely be to Austria and Hungary. 3-4 days. Haven't decided if it's before or after the trip yet. It will also be opened up to people NOT on the Main Europe Tour. We will visit Prater, Vidámpark, and Erlebnispark Strasswalchen. East Coast Add-on's are also being considered. We're looking at 3 different options at this time: Western Pennsylvania, Jersey Shore, or Toronto/Buffalo Area. The east coast add on will be BEFORE the East Coast trip. It will also be made available to people NOT on the actual tour


Q: Why has Austria been picked for the Europe Add-on?

Because Elissa wanted some damn credits!!! Seriously though, when looking at other areas to hit: UK (did it on 06 and will most likely do it in 09), Scandinavia (Will do in 09), Italy (did in 05, expensive, and hot), Spain (did in 07 and will most likely repeat in 10 or 11). Austria was an area we hadn't been to recently and aren't in any near future plans and it seemed like an interesting place to visit. So it made sense.


Q: When, roughly can we expect announcements about add-ons for the trips?

A: Once we have all the deposits in, open the boards, chat about it, get all the details it's usually December or January. Then we usually need a commitment from you if you're in or not by February or March.


Q: Is there even a ballpark price on the Europe Trip add on yet?

A: Ballpark...as in could change by $200 in either direction (I sound like I'm on a game show here!!!) is $800. This would include flighs from CDG-VIE and back, accomodations, transportation, one meal a day, park admissions, etc. Please do not hold me to this ballpark in case anything freaky happens though!!!!


Q: How are the buses organised on the europe trip? Is it arranged seating or every man for themselves?

A: Once everyone is signed up for the trip, we send out a big Questionnaire. We have always asked what people prefer for seating on the bus. (Open, Rotation, or Assigned) It has always been voted for Open seating. We do open seating WITH rules though. (No saving, no 'dibs', certain seats for tour organizers and helpers are assigned, taller people get first choice, etc.


Q: China; 3-4 days in Hong Kong noted. It's likely that I may need to bail out of the last day or two for reasons of holiday time. Will it be possible to not pay for the hotel nights I won't need?

A: Unfortunetly we've never offered this option, because it would just get too complicated, especially when we do our trips double occupancy. Come on, it's less than 2 weeks, push for it!


Q: About how much do Add-on's normally add to the total cost?

A: There's not a norm when it comes to add on's. We've had addon's as cheap as $450, and Korea started as an addon and ended up being $1550! It just depends on where, how long, etc.


Q: Will the Korea tour company you used be handling China also as you mentioned potentially on the trip?

A: We have asked for quotes from that company, and two others. (Want ot make sure we get the best trip at the best price!) As of right now, we have been talking with a different company (one my parents have used in the past and said they were very good) is in the lead!


Q: Will there be any credit whoring options avaliable on the Europe trip?

A: It depends on how crazy of a whore you are! There are ALWAYS credit whore opportunities. We will help you with these if you are interested. In Europe, it would be mostly little kiddie credits, and would involve you taking a taxi to/from the location and probably missing out at time during the parks on the official itinerary.


Q: Will the hotels we are staying at during the east coast trip have bars?

A: If they don't have bars, there will be a makeshift 'Hotel Bar Casey' setup. Seriously though, so far I believe at least half of them do.


Q: What is your limit on how much luggage you can bring? One handbag, and one suitcase?

A: Good Question! One medium sized rolling duffel, and one backpack or 'carryon' bag is all you should take! There will be times when you have to bring your luggage up a flight of stairs, and you'll have to deal with it at the airport, and frankly if I can pack 3 weeks worth of clothes for Korea and Japan in one medium sized rolling duffel so can you!


Q: I'm planning on doing two trips. If for some reason I cant get the time off before the second deadline, can I request to have my second deposit to be icluded as payment for the first trip?

A: Really, unless we have a wait list and people interested in taking your spot, I can't refund or transfer the money from one trip to another. If it's after that 'non refundable deadline' I just can't, sorry.


Q: I believe I read on the flyer somewhere that you could help us plan our travels...Does this mean you can recommend cheaper flights/ things of that nature?

A: YES YES & YES! One of the things we really try to do is help you, make you feel comfortable and answer all of your questions and concerns! Once the trip boards open up, we have all sorts of threads where we help with airfare, pre and post trip stuff, details, packing, you get a big guide book from us, etc.


Q: Is there any expected waterparks on the East Coast trip?

A: First off, you'll find me on the Dorney Day at Wildwater Kingdom! Several parks on the trip have included waterparks that you are welcome to hit.


Q: When trying to get ERT, does the park just give you what it will, or do you specifically ask to try and get certain rides?

A: First off, keep in mind that, contrary to what you may believe, most of the time ERT is not free! We pay for what we get! When we're paying, we sure as hell ask and tell them what we want! Sometimes it's just not possible though. (For maintenance reasons, new ride reasons, random other crappy reasons, etc.) Another example, we might want ERT on a low capacity ride that breaks down a lot...the park will say no! (cause they know it's unreliable!) Also sometimes if a park has a new ride, they'll want us to have ERT on that even if maybe we want something else. We always work with you guys and the parks though to try and get what makes sense and what we want!


Q: What are current airpot security measures for China/ Europe so we know what/ what not to bring?

A: It would be silly for me to address this now, as I'm sure the airports will change their policies 3 or 4 times between now and then! This will be addressed closer to the trips on the boards and the guides


Q: how much as an estimate would trans-atlantic, trans-pacific aifare be?

A: Um, I would need to know where you're flying from! Summer time, from East Coast USA to Europe would be $700-$1000, from West Coast USA it would be $900-$1200 (USUALLY) Our trip time for Asia West Coast USA to Asia around $850 (more if you're doing a dogleg) $1100 from East Coast


Q: Will meals be included on the China/mini-Korea trip?

A: For the China/Korea trip it will be at least one meal per day, most of the days it will be two meals per day, Korea should be three meals per day included.


Q: It sounds like "bar time" on the trips is pretty popular, minors are allowed with the group as long as there is no underage drinking right?

A: This is a hard subject...keep in mind at some of the 'bars' minors are not allowed. Also, soemtimes it's groups of friends at the bar, but as long as there are no age restrictions and you're not near alcohol, of course you are welcome. Don't think that everyone on the trips though is boozing it up every night. It's pretty much just Casey!


Q: Does being a minor take away from the expeirence of the trip?

Good question! No being a minor does not at all detract from the trips! Ask our minors! They love the trips, they've almost all come back and done more trips! There are plenty of 16-20 year olds so you'll have fun with people your age, and the rest of us aren't any older maturitry wise!


Q: How do you guys handle the whole minor thing...DO we need to stay in your sight at all times, etc? My parents would really like to know.

A: Let me copy and paste some of what I have sent two recent 'parents of minors': Minors are given a stern speech at the start of the trip. First off, we of course do not allow any underage drinking, or any sort of other illegal activities. All of the minors are pointed out to the other tour participants and they are all warned not to give minors alcohol. Any minor caught drinking or normal participant giving alcohol to a minor is immediately sent off of the trip. Minors are only roomed with other minors (or in some cases an 18 or 19 year old if there is no other minor to room them with) and have one set roommate the entire trip. That all being said, we do give them a long leash, and they (and you) must be okay with that. They are given their room key to the hotel, but do not have a curfew or a bed check. At parks there are designated meeting times and spots, but during the day they are on their own to explore the park by themselves, or with new friends they've met. Please note that if for any reason a minor is asked the leave the trip the parents are responsible to come pick them up at their own cost. So far, this has never happend. Let's hope it never does!


Q: Do you have a problem with us requesting a specific person as our roomate?

A: Not at all!!! After the 2nd (1st nonrefundable) deposit is received, we send out a big questionnaire. On this questionnaire you will tell us if you want a roommate assigned to you (based on some questions, age, etc.) or if you have someone in mind already. By this point you will know who is on the trip, and will have gotten to know some people on the trip board if you didn't know anyone to start. Please make sure though, if you CHOOSE YOUR OWN ROOMMATE, that you're okay with them! We've had some issues with people requesting each other, then it not working out and we have to deal with the drama because of it. Choose a roommate you KNOW you can room with for the entire trip, or let us choose one for you!


Q: What hours do we usually arrive at the hotels, and when do we usually depart to hop aboard some rides?

A: Good Question! The hours really change on a daily basis! For example I know that some nights we'll be at a hotel by 6pm...other nights it could be midnight! As for mornings...we try not to do too many early mornings, and when we do have an early morning, we try to make sure it was an early night beforehand, or if we have a late night, we try not to make it an early morning...it really depends on which trip we're talking about.


Q: With me taking my two kids, is it still possible for you guys to room me with my buddy on the Europe trip?

A: I can room you and your buddy in one room and your kids in their own room if everyone pays the double occupancy price! I cannot put all four of you in the same room though. The majority of Europe hotels are barely two person friendly! (example Hotel Phantasia is one normal bed and a set of bunk beds!) We just can't get four in a room. Especially if the two adults are not 'sharing a bed' (if you know what I mean!) It would be one thing if it was you and your wife and your two kids, but it's just not fair to other adults who would be willing to 'room an extra buddy' in their room for a discount. Remember, TPR trips are not about "cramming 4 people in a room to save money."


Q: Will a side trip to Amsterdam be possible during the Europe trip?

A: As of right now we are planning to spend a night in a hotel in Amsterdam! Don't miss the bus the next morning though as it's our longest drive of the trip!


Q: If we arent going on a TPR trip can we still buy a TPR bag? If so how much?

SharkTums [7:37pm]: We've discussed this before as a lot of people have shown interest in the bags...at this time they are not available to anyone other than trip participants. Some day though...someday!


Q: Will we be free to wander the city at night, with our friends and relaties, as long as we don't miss the busses?

A: We normally lock everyone inside their rooms at night and if you try to leave we set up an electoshock grid outside your door. If you do manage to get past that, we send wolves after you. Seriously, though, uou can wander aimlessly all you want! Just make sure to make all the meeting times and bus departure times or you WILL be left behind. We ended up leaving SEVERAL people this year on multiple trips!


Q: For the East Coast Trip what is the weather like in this area of the country? I'm from Florida, so anything under 80 is cold!

A: It will most likely be hot and humid, but not to the extreme of Florida. Weather is such a variable though so I hate saying anything about it!


Q: For the East Coast trip, travelling for England, how early is it recommended to be in Phili by? My Father has said 2 days- Is this a bit too extreme?

A: I think getting into PHL two days early is a bit extreme from England. There are at least 2-3 flights a day, I would plan to get in the day before the trip starts.


Q: Will Steel Dragon 2000 be covered in your Tokyo trip?

A: It's not included on the official Tokyo since it's pretty far away from Tokyo (about 3 hours), but if you're interested in visiting Nagahima Spaland on your own before our after the official trip, we can help you plan and arrange that.


Q: Would Hard Rock Park (if it's open in time) be adding to the trip or as an add-on?

A: It is not being considered as part of the trip or as an add-on right now. It's just too far way from our starting/ending point on the East Coast trip and there are other, closer destinations with "new for 2008" rides being built that we are considering.


Q: What is the REAL story about the buses in Europe. Somebody mentioned a super-stretch, and a double decker was mentioned.

A: Double Decker is out. We would have to also hire a luggage truck, and I worry about fitting under all those low overpasses on the way to some of hte smaller parks. europe now has a larger 65 passenger bus that we will consider if we can't fill two buses.


Q: Off hand do you know of any strange height

restrictions on the east coast?

A: Yes, they all have this weird "No Casey's Allowed" rule. Seriously though, all of the flat rides will have that standard height restriction I believe it's 6'4'' Ka has the "your neck can't extend over this area" rule. Storm Runner will also have the neck rule. Like you're used to the kiddies and some of the mice will be a tight squeeze. Superman at SFNE has a height restriction of 76'' I've been told.


Q: Will there ever be a Florida trip?

A: Yes there will be a Florida Trip...don't know what year, or what time of year...so for now let's focus more on announced or To Be Announced trips!

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We haven't done the credit list for the East Coast Trip yet. Heck, we're still figuring out what parks to 'throw in'! Take the parks that are on the flyer and figure out those credits then add in some more and that's a good ballpark figure.


What sort of disability? The parks all have standard policies on how they deal with different disabilities and you should check those out for each park. I would be more concerned with letting us know what your disability is and if/how we can accommodate you.

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If you have a question about our trips, please read through this ENTIRE post before asking a question. Chances are your question may have already been answered! You can download the official flyers for our trips here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/events/events.htm

specifically, from the flyer


Participants aged 15 and under as of August 7, 2008 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
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What sort of disability? The parks all have standard policies on how they deal with different disabilities and you should check those out for each park. I would be more concerned with letting us know what your disability is and if/how we can accommodate you.


I have FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) it doesn't effect me any way it's just I can't drink a drop of alcohol if I do I either will break out in a rash or I'll get dependant on it with one sip and eventually kill myself trying to find more alcohol I don't know exactly which one but I don't want to chance it but the disability that pertains to me waiting in lines at theme/amusement parks is I had an operation on my legs 14 years ago and a side effect was if I stand in one place for more than 10 minutes my legs will collapse underneath me so if I stand in the Kingda Ka or El Toro line chances are that I'll probably collapse if the line doesn't keep moving continually. But an upside to it is whenever I go to a park I pretty much get ERT on every coaster I want to go onto with an extra 1-3 people with me.

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^yes, in the Netherlands and in France and Germany you can drink beer and wine already when you're 16 ( spirits or " stronger things" when you're 18 ). Belgium's drinking age is 16. Also for the add-on, Austria's, Switzerland's and Hungary's drinking age is 18.

So yes, basically if your 18 you can drink any alcholic beverages.


Cell phone reception: sorry, can't respond to that because of USA having different phone frequency-line, network things than we here.

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Q: Other than Disney, will any other parks from this year's Japan trip be repeated on the Tokyo trip next year? I think you said you were heading North on next year's trip, but didn't know if there would be any crossovers or none at all.

A: The North Japan parks will be covered in the next 'BIG' Japan trip possibily in 2009. On the 2008 Tokyo trip the following parks will be covered: La Qua, Galaxy Express, Toshimaen, Yomiuriland, Hanayashiki, Nasu Highland, Tobu Zoo, Seibuen, Joypolis, Sea Paradise, Cosmoworld, Disney...oh, and Fuji Q =(


Am I reading this answer right? Or are the years wrong? Or are you actually repeating most of the 2007 Japan Tour... next year, 2008?


Just an observe.

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^It's really far from 'most' Bill. Remember that Toshimaen and Hanayashiki were optional on your own parks, so the only repeats are:


Parks that were on 2007 Trip also on 2008 Trip:



Galaxy Express

La Qua


Sea Paradise


Fuji Q


Parks not on 2007 Trip but on 2008 Trip:

Tobu Zoo

Nasu Highland

Seibuen Yuenchi




So not counting Disney and the places with one credit, it's pretty much half repeat half new. This trip is more for people who want to do Japan but can't get a lot of time off. Also it will be cheaper since it's shorter and we won't be traveling outside of Tokyo. Plus we'll be in Asia so how can we not go to Japan!

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Yeah, the Tokyo 2008 trip is really not intended to appeal to people who went on the Japan 2007 trip. Tokyo 2008 is really the response to all those people who told me "I really want to do Japan 2007, but I can't take that much time off work."



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