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  1. It does NOT, and I repeat DOES NOT say "marked all you have ever ridden in 2010 or prior". So therefore, all my 2011 coasters, I will absolutely mark "Y" if I have ever ridden them. Per the instructions, I would be lying if I marked "N" It also is supposed to come out in January, not May. Having maintained the steel coaster list for 5 years or so, I filled out my list based on what I had ridden by the end of 2010.
  2. That would seem inappropriate for any rides which opened in early 2011 to be on the 2010 poll. And for the steel supports question, there's a reason the Coney Cyclone isn't on the steel list and Gemini is.
  3. I see the new owner is continuing to do his best to drive Indiana Beach into the ground...
  4. A bunch of the duelers have a staggered 1st drop. NoLimits seems to not be able to model a dispatch offset very well. The one train has about a half-second lead on the other.
  5. No. Most forms of radiation cannot penetrate paper. Gamma can, but gamma rays tend to be emitted only by aggressively radioactive substances, which due to their density, don't tend to travel well in air. Gamma works sort of like a lightbulb -- if you can see it, it can get to you, but it doesn't really travel as fallout. If you want to avoid additional exposure because of material traveling from Japan, skip the banana for breakfast. You're going to receive less than a Banana Equivalent Dose.
  6. It's a tough call, especially if an entire coaster was re-tracked with that system. I think I'd want to still call it a wooden coaster just to piss off the wood coaster aficionados who will claim it's no longer a wood coaster, you know, the same people who want to make the claim that El Toro isn't a wood coaster either. These people clearly have issues! I've never understood the pre-fab wooden track claim. You can argue if you want that it's not wood, but I don't understand at all the argument that it's steel.
  7. That shuffle is a bug, not a feature. The original Miller trailered car patent didn't shuffle.
  8. Define hybrid. TGG builds a lot of wooden-tracked rides that have steel support structures. The Coney Cyclone has both. I think Psyclone has entirely steel-railed track now. Arrow Mine Trains (fundamentally the same trains as their hyper coasters) have wooden supports for tubular steel rails. There was that... thing in Ohio that had PVC track supported by steel rails.
  9. I used to be quite the Raven fanboy, though I admit to preferring Legend when it was running at its best. But I've been kind of disappointed in Raven on my last two visits. And I didn't get many rides on it on my previous visit to those, given the situation.... Has Raven been running slower since the incident, or have I just hit it when it hasn't been running well? All woodies have their up and down days. Legend seems to be see-sawing on my visits. This year it was ok; on my previous visit it was great! I think Raven just suffers in comparison to Voyage. Legend as well, really. Voyage has better air and a wilder layout than Raven and better laterals than Legend, and both seem like one-trick ponies in comparison. (And for my tastes, Raven always seemed on the short side) Similarly, Gemini seemed fast until Magnum showed up until MF showed up until TTD showed up.
  10. I'm not sure PPP is really optimal for Phoenix -- Phoenix is noticeably more sluggish during the day at PPP than it is in the height of summer.
  11. Check the early years of the poll. Texas Giant was once a top-10 ride.
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