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Getting away with a POV...


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I have never even tried to sneak a camera onto a ride. I learnt my lesson when I was young and attempted to jump a line. I "quite rightly" was removed from the line and was lucky not to be removed from the park. I wouldn't recommend breaking any rules as you could easily get thrown out of the park and it would achieve nothing.

I was on a giant-swing flat ride and there was a kid filming on his phone. They stopped the ride and removed him from the ride and luckily, they started the ride again so I didn't miss out on the ride. But anyway, that shows you that a lot of the time, you will get caught and removed form the ride/park.

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^ It's hit or miss. Cedar Point is always flaky on their rules.


But typically no loose articles are allowed in any line. So bags,purses, loose articles all have to be placed in a locker.


If you have a camera,etc you have to be able to put it in a cargo pocket or zippered pocket. They even made me get a locker once for my camera case that was physically attached to my belt.


Basically as far as Cedar Point goes you can't have anything in your hands in any line other then like the train. It's really a pain in the ass.

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o.k., this is getting off-topic from Cedar Point, but Knoebel's. What about them? What's your guys' recommendation on getting POVs there, like should you e-mail them first, call them before you go, or just ask at the park? I'm going in May, along with Cedar Point, and from the posts above, Robb said you cannot bring cameras on-ride at Cedar Point. Well, on YouTube, there's videos of Gemini, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and more, but back to Knoebel's, what should I do?



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That is only true for TTD and MF. Every other ride is fine, they even have storage bins in the station to put loose articles.


It should be only true for TTD and MF, but it is not.


Cedar Point is extremely inconsistent in their lose articles policies. It can vary during the year how strict they are.


But I have been to the park when loose articles were not allowed in ANY line. I was told to get a locker for my bag before getting in line for Power Tower. They would not let me put it in the article bins provided.


Not only that, but that weekend they would make you get a locker for any small stuffed animal that they sucker you into winning. I kept seeing people just throw these articles onto the ground in disgust at the entrances of lines.


Now that was at the start of the season, which would explain why they were being super anal about it.


But if you go to Cedar Point I would highly suggest not having any loose articles. Or if you do, make sure to have cargo pockets. Because otherwise you might end up getting very frustrated.[/i]

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